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  1. I voted Yes, I don't spend a lot of time on Reddit but if there was a TPR sub, then, I would probably visit and post.
  2. Is it just me or this coaster was actually pretty smooth when I rode it (in 2012)? I might have missed something but I wouldn't classify it as "rough".
  3. 1. Le Monstre usually runs both sides, but not always with two trains each even on some more packed days. Recently it has runned 4 trains a lot so you might be lucky and be able to ride both sides fairly easily. However Flash Pass is only available on track 2, as, unlike Lightning Racer for example, you board the coaster on the outer sides of the station instead of inside (this would force the coaster to have two FP lanes, and of course they didn't make two). 2. Check for the crowds it will depend, but usually a Flash Pass is a pretty good investment. However since August 25th will be pretty close to school beginning it is not impossible that the park might be less packed than usual. Hope this can help! Also have a look at a precedent post I made for someone else, I recently posted a few additional tips one post before yours.
  4. Sadly I've never been to Cal parks, so I can't give you any tip, but congratulation in joining the coaster fans club!
  5. Personally, I would be surprised if it was the announcement for next year's ride, Six Flags usually unveils all of its new rides at once (sept. 3 this year). Although I have no idea what this announcement would be if it wasn't a new ride.
  6. ^What comes to my mind : -Depending on the amount of peoples at the park at the beginning of the day, you might want to get a Flash Pass as La Ronde can get very crowded on summer days. -If you've never been to La Ronde, you might want to take a ride on the Minirail early in the day, as it circles the park and would allow you to see most rides and find what you will want to go on. -As for pretty much any park you visit, start at the back of the park with Goliath, or start on the other side of the park with Vampire. If you follow my previous tip, the Minirail has one of its two stations right next to Goliath (the other beeing next to the main entrance), so you could ride it first thing in the morning and go to Goliath right after, this would save you the walk around the park. Also, if you want the credit make sure to ride Toboggan Nordique (Wild Mouse) early in the day as well, just like most Wild Mouses it has a very low capacity. -Don't miss the Dragon, it's hidden near the Catapult at the complete end of the park, and even though it's not a "thrilling ride" it's a fairly well themed and fun indoor coaster. -I think the best fast-foods in the park are BBQ Laflamme (near Ednör) and Lafleur (near Vampire/Cobra). I don't know if you're going with a group, but you might then want to eat at Fort Edmonton as there are about 8-10 restaurants next to each other, so there's variety if not everyone wants to eat the same thing. There's also two Subways, one McDonald's, and a few Pizza restaurants if you're more into "common" food. -Unless you really want the credit, don't ride the Cobra, it's a POS. Hopes this will help you at least a little bit!
  7. Let's try : 1 Giga : Intimidator 305* 1 Hyper : Nitro or Bizarro 1 Hybrid : NTAG* 1 Invert : A Batman clone 2 Woodies : El Toro, Phoenix 1 Launched : Maverick 3 Anything : Fahrenheit, Piraten*, Lightning Racer * = not ridden, but I do believe I'd like to have them in my dream lineup.
  8. A bit late perhaps, but I went and it was open indeed, although almost every ride closed down as a precaution for the upcoming thunderstorm later in the day (I'm not sure, but I'd say around 17:00... I don't have a cell phone or a watch so when I'm at a park I have no way to monitor time ) So yeah, hopefully this answers your question.
  9. Oups, sorry, the way the video was presented it looked like a promo But your park really looks great, and the amount of details in the scenery is amazing!
  10. There's a thread about Theme Park Studio right here : http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1255753#p1255753
  11. Amazing park, you will have a great time for sure. It really has a great variety of slides, I think the only thing missing is a rocket slide. The mat racers are a lot of fun and had little wait all the times I've been at the waterpark (they have a great capacity, obviously). Try to hit all the thrilling-single-rider slides early to skip the wait, like Vertigo, Adrenaline and Aqualoops. Also, the Accelerator slides usually open at noon, so be in the line about 15 minutes before they open, you will once again skip a lot of waiting time.
  12. ^You are not even elligible to a custom title yet and you already ask for a terrible one?
  13. ^It wasn't, they just covered the big field of grass around the waterpark area with concrete and added/relocated rides there.
  14. ^^Look at the back of the park on this picture. Do you recognize anything? (Source : http://xtremelaronde.forumactif.com/t768-parc-aquatique-de-la-ronde) La Ronde had one in the 90's, and there's a good reason why it's now gone. Having a waterpark at La Ronde wouldn't be profitable because there's several others not too far away, like Super Aqua Club, Bromont, Mont Saint-Sauveur, and both Granby Zoo and Parc Safari have one (rather small, but they got one).
  15. It's about time, after all these years of expecting it to leave! As much as I like the bobsled, I think that the low capacity and the downtimes make it worth to be replaced with a better coaster.
  16. Thanks for the articles. Also, I know it's a very small part of your post, but the old-rusted-disgusting wooden coaster trains sitting in the middle of Le Monstre's helix have been there for several years, I'd say almost 7-8. They were most likely used for spare parts when Le Monstre still used Morgan trains. And yeah, the access to the park from the Jacques Cartier bridge is very stange, even for locals they changed the way it was configured two years ago I think and it is pretty confusing.
  17. Yeah but we don't know if it's going to be an RMC because it could also be a Premier rides launch coaster because six flags has been working a lot with those two companies but I would prefer to see an RMC there. Holy poo-poo that's pretty cool. That post sure looks cool, but from where does it comes? There's no source on it, and I'd be curious to know it's origin.
  18. It might just be me, but even though it wasn't perfect this year, I found that the customer service had actually improved last season, the employees were more friendly, the operators were still fairly slow but the others were more polite and dynamic than in previous years.
  19. This summer, Predator at Darien Lake was surprisingly pleasant to me. According to reviews I had read and the fact that it's a Dinn coaster, I found it had a nice out and back layout, quite a lot of airtime, and it wasn't as rough as I expected - it wasn't glass smooth, but very decent. I rode it a few times
  20. 1. How do you most often watch videos? (DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Download, Streaming.) Blu-Rays or streaming, I never digital-downloaded any film except for Roller Coasters in the Raw , and "normal" DVD is so 2004. 2. What streaming services do you use the most? I don't use popular services like Netflix, I rent movies from the service my cable distributor offers me. 3. How many DVDs or Blu-Rays do you buy a year on average? 1-2, rarely more. 4. Do you use a device like Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast? I have a Roku, but it's only to play Angry Birds on my TV. 5. How much do you watch videos on YouTube versus all the mediums listed in the poll? I watch a lot more videos from Youtube than any of these other mediums, YT is my main source for videos in my everyday life and all the other services are for the rare movie I watch once in about 3 months.
  21. ^Wicked Cyclone ! Every picture posted by the park or SFNE online makes the ride look better and better! Definitely going to SFNE next year to ride this beauty !
  22. It was scrapped and they gave a piece of track and one or two car to the National Coaster Museum. KD couldn't have used it for spare parts, Avalanche is a Mack and DT was an Intamin bobsled.
  23. When I was there in May, they were turned forward again. The signs still said they were backwards, which really confused me. I really need to get back up here next year because Alpine Bobsled was closed during my last visit. Yeah, get one last ride next season before it meets the wrecking ball!
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