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  1. Was at the park today for the last day of the season, Fright Fest was great! Nice theming all over the park! Also, I'm not sure if it has been discussed before but the park started to re-paint Canyon Blaster during September and October. The new flashy-red looks great! <--The part that was repainted is the one on my profile picture.
  2. Mine is 1997 (I was born just two weeks before 1998, but still...), so I'd say... -Alpengeist -Steel Force -Superman : Escape from Krypton (Superman The Escape before I believe) I've never been on any of these coasters, but they are probable the best of my year. Oh, yes, I was also born the year they built Windjammer
  3. I live 15 minutes away from La Ronde... Talk about bad luck.
  4. I second this, Mean Streak was actually half-decent last time I rode it. If it was to get RMC'd it would sure make it a lot better. Also, if it wasn't already getting done, I used to think Cyclone at SFNE was awful, but when I rode it last summer I actually liked it! But of course, the iron... mmh, Wicked Cyclone conversion is going to make it the best coaster of the park for sure.
  5. I really hope the parks gets a new coaster (like everyone else) instead of a Super Loop in 2016, but if the park still has to wait for a new coaster, a Superloop wouldn't be a bad addition. Anyway, it can't be worst than Bucanner Beach; it sure is a nice "addition" for families but it's a pretty cheap new attraction.
  6. I agree, GCI's look amazing! The S drop in your picture is especially cool!
  7. Maverick, it's pretty long, has a great diversity of elements, and overall it's just FREAKING EPIC!!
  8. ^Wow, looks like it's not the best day for you to buy a lottery ticket
  9. Comet at The Great Escape, during the Supernova Media day. It was EPIC!
  10. I got : California Screamin, 100 Kumba, 400 Blue Streak, 100 TTD, 300 Ultra Twister, 200 SO, my amazing math skills (and Window's calculator) tells me I've won 1100 points! What's my prize ?
  11. Yes, it's still rusting away and having ridden Le Cobra at La Ronde, so I hope for DL that it will continue to rust. However, I have to say that I never had an occasion to get that upclose to a coaster than this, so when I visited Darien Lake this summer I went to check out the tracks and it was pretty cool!
  12. I second this, if there's a New England tour and TPR makes another Bizarro Bash, I'm definitely joining for my first TPR event!
  13. ^Skyrider getting destroyed ! (sorry for any Skyrider fan out there, my only ride on it was awful and I'm glad to see it go)
  14. ^Six Flags Over Adirondacks doesn't sound too bad. However I do prefer the actual name by far compared to "Six Flags Something". Especially if SF continues its new trend of creating really awful names (Twisted Colossus and Wicked Cyclone ), if the park was to change its name now, I don't want to know what the new name would be...
  15. That would be cool, some day I should make a re-track of Le Monstre myself in NL 2 until Six Flags really re-make Le Monstre (what are the odds of such an epic thing happening anyway ? )
  16. Pretty much sure it was Backlot Stunt Coaster @ Canada's Wonderland
  17. American Eagle @SFGAm was terrible. The first drop is awfully rough and the rest of the ride, especially that helix, is just meh. I really don't get why everyone loves it, I hated that ride! (yay, ok, I'll admit I rode both sides to get the full credit... The red was the worst)
  18. What a terrible idea ! We already got enough crappy relocated coasters like that, we don't need another one !
  19. I'll wait a few years for RMC to Iron Horse it.
  20. ^Is it just me or having a Led Zeppelin themed ride at The Great Escape would be kind of odd ?
  21. It's almost identical, but the end of Shockwave is slighly different from the one of (former) King Kobra and Skyrider. Here's a video that shows it well : [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Shockwave[/coastertube] At 00:50 you can see that the rides turns to the left before the brake run. Skyrider and King Kobra turned to the right. But yeah, that's the only difference so you're right that they were pretty much identical.
  22. Actually, by reading the comments on the Facebook page of La Ronde, I'd say that 50% of the feedback from locals is actually positive, the rest beeing 40% of peoples like me telling everyone that they will chicken out, and the last 10% beeing idiots who wants Six Flags to build a Kingda Ka at La Ronde . Also... With all the problems La Ronde had with the PTC's, and Le Monstre's layout having quite a bit of potential (if Colossus had potential... Than Le Monstre has too), I wish this could happen. However, beeing La Ronde, the odds of this happening are very low.
  23. If this was a dark ride like Battle from Metropolis or Wonder Mountain Guardian, I would have been amazed, and honestly with all the speculation around Sally Corp I was expecting this to happen. Looks like I was wrong, it's a walk-through with peoples jumping in your face. I'm not going to go on it, I get too frightened (in a bad way) when I visit this kind of haunted house. At least the park is adding a "sort of" dark ride (unless it's a fun/scary house ?), something we were needing for years.
  24. The Great Escape is so incredibly lucky of having its fan base the way it is. Aside from us annoying enthusiasts, 75% of the feedback (comments) on Youtube and Facebook from the park's fan is actually positive, with most peoples beeing happy to see Six Flags investing in a new coat of paint for Noah's Ark. The complete opposite of, let's say, Six Flags Great America, where 95% of the peoples commenting are pissed off that Six Flags commemorates the history of their great park, without seeing the chance they have of getting two massive, epic coasters in 3 years, while some SF haven't seen one in 4,6 years even 12 years in the case of the Great Escape. Good thing the fanbase of The Great Escape isn't a bunch of Chicago or SoCal-Magic-Mountain kids, because TGE would have closed many, many years ago.
  25. Looks like I'll have to go to Six Flags New England again next year !
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