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  1. Hi Rob, Dianne here from Australia. Are there any trips planned for 2019? I was disappointed I couldn't make the two trips from last year.
  2. Hi Rob, I've been on a few of your previous trips in the past and loved them. Unfortunately I missed both trips Japan and USA, I was doing other stuff at the time. Are there going to be any other trips this year or next year planned? Dianne Ozcoasterbabe
  3. Robb, do you have any idea what the tours may be for 2105 ??? Even just some hints will be better than nothing. I'm sure we are all dying to know. I am from Aussieland and wanting to plan my trip to the USA for 2015. The airfares are cheaper to buy in advance. Hope you can help.
  4. Hello, FLORIDA is my answer. Lots of theme parks/coaster rides all within close proximity. Cheers Dianne (Ozcoasterbabe) from Aussieland.
  5. Hello, Dianne from Aussieland. (I did your August 2013 trip and loved it) I have to say CEDAR POINT for me. Disney is for children and there are not enough coaster rides. cheers
  6. Is anybody from Australia attending the midwest Texas tour this year? I would like to book and come along, but prefer to go with somebody from Australia. (Don't like travelling on my own). Thanks Dianne
  7. Hello everybody, I am from Aussieland, I would like to to know if anybody from Melbourne Australia is going on the New Hotness Tour. I am a young 50 year old woman and I am going by myself, so it would be great if I could meet up at the Airport with somebody that is as keen and as excited as I am about this tour. I have not booked or paid yet, so if you can let me know asap. If you are from Melbourne or Victoria that would be awesom. cheers Dianne
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