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  1. ^RCDB lists the kiddie coaster as defunct, so I guess it is not part of the "new" park. Which IMO is unfortunate because it was the star of the . Jokes apart I've never been to Magic Forest, I always thought it looked a bit tacky from the outside, but perhaps the new branding will make me want to go have a look someday. If anyone has been or has seen reviews of the new version I would also be curious to know how that place is nowadays.
  2. For La Ronde : Chaos : Boomerang got a new coat of paint this year, here's a picture of the new color scheme if it is of interest for the park index : La Grande Roue was repainted two years ago but there weren't pictures of the new color scheme in the park index, so here's one : Other updates for the park index : Le Cobra was closed and removed last year La Pitoune was also closed and removed last year Maelstrom is closed Blizzard is incorrectly listed as a ride at La Ronde, it is located at The Great Escape
  3. ^Although not impossible I would be extremely surprised if that happened. Even though people might start refering to the park as "Six Flags Great Escape" the park itself is not really flagged and I think Timbertown is a better fit for the Great Escape than the Looney Tunes.
  4. ^My prediction is optimistic and I think we (might) get a Super Loop in the old haunted house spot (between Manitou and Boomerang), but you're right that this is totally a possibility! If that's what happens, hopefully a Scrambler, I love those
  5. ^It is indeed not on the Fast Lane rides ; tbh considering how bad the capacity is on this coaster, and that the wait is already awful enough, allowing Fast Lane on it would be a terrible idea.
  6. ^Vampire first because it's fairly close to the season pass processing center, so you'll lose less time by hitting it first, then Goliath, then leave.
  7. Would like to help but can't really say from my experience, because I never go at opening time since I live 15 minutes away so I have no reason to. However I did hear from many friends that the line at the entrance can be really really bad, so perhaps trying to get in from the back entrance near Goliath wouldn't be a bad idea. Plus, I personnally find the back entrance prettier than the main. Correct, but that's implying that both tracks will be open, and if they are, not only they can't race but they also can't ride *at all* at the same time (so even if the loading is over on one track, they might have to wait for the other track's train to be back into station before dispatching). Each train can only hold twenty people, and spoiler alert, that never happens. The ride is very rough with the new PTCs. So if you REALLY REALLY want to ride it, it's your call... But I can't recommend it. There isn't much interessing stuff restaurant-wise at the park, but the Lafleur near Vampire/SkyScreamer is decent and relatively quick. The only theming on the train ride is the cow that moos when the train passes nearby, and you can see it without getting on the ride. Monorail is indeed fun, the wait may seem really long but it's usually not too bad because the trains have a very high capacity. I would suggest you board at the station at the back of the park (on top of the back entrance) instead of the station near the main entrance, the wait is usually least long over there and you can stay onride when you arrive at the main station if you wish to do a full tour.
  8. ^^Looks like you pretty much "got" the park already, so with that out of the way, to strictly answer your questions... Toboggan Nordique first, the capacity is atrocious, then Boomerang, then Super Manège, then go to the back of the park and ride Le Dragon (also has a poor capacity), and ride Goliath last, it's one of the few rides that's operated properly in the park. Skip Le Monstre, trust me it's not worth the wait especially since they introduced the PTC trains a few years ago. Depending on how much time you have, you *maybe* could get a ride on Vampire if you're lucky, usually its operations aren't too bad and out of the few Batman clones I've ridden it's my favorite, I find it a little more forceful than the others for some reason. They won't let you go on the Mini-Mine train coaster unless you're with a kid, so skip it. For the last ride you're asking about, I'm unsure if you're talking about the monorail or the train ride in the kid's section, so : if you're talking about the monorail they will let you in even if you're a single rider, if you're talking about the kiddy ride they won't unless you're with a kid. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions don't hesitate and good luck on your visit
  9. To answer the second question, something along the line of : when Six Flags bought La Ronde they had to invest a certain amount of money (90 million $ I believe) at the park in the following ten years. Came 2010, they hadn't yet spent all the money required by the contract, and the old Serial Thriller just happened to be sitting in storage in (relatively) nearby Lake George. Thus the SLC ended at La Ronde. 2010-me was super excited that my home park was getting a new coaster at the time of the announcement... Because I had no idea what a Vekoma SLC was back then
  10. ^This puzzled me at first, since it was part of the Carnaval en Folie previously announced, but the Carnaval disappeared completely from their website ; looks like we're only getting a Tilt-a-whirl instead of three rides. Way to go La Ronde I do wonder, though, what made them reconsider installing the two other rides, considering they already had them in storage.
  11. It's not about the size of the park, it's how you use it. Brillant But I do agree that La Ronde doesn't need to be expanded ; there is already a ton of empty space all around the park, especially since they destroyed Le Cobra (which is an especially large plot of land if we take into account the old Tornade's spot nearby) and La Pitoune. Considering that the park never gets anything significant, filling in the holes seems like a much better solution for the next several years than expanding.
  12. ^And yet, as a local, I wouldn't be surprised if he was right
  13. And looks like they are actually DESTROYING it, I'm glad to see no other park will get this (pos) roller coaster
  14. ^I haven't heard about a name for the new drop tower, neither about where these new additions would go in the park, unfortunately. If I had to guess, I think they will either go in the area of Le Vampire/Titan/Vertigo, or where La Maison Rouge used to sit (near Goliath). However the current Ferris Wheel isn't going anywhere, the "new" one is a lot smaller (The current one is about 40m tall, and I'm not sure for the new one but I'd say 10-20m. max because it used to be in a shopping mall, so the height of the ceiling was limited). Also... At least they left it to rot / rust in the parking lot and not in the middle of the park like basically everything else at La Ronde. Really can't argue with that
  15. ^They were indeed supposed to get a scrambler, but they changed their mind and bought the old Mega Parc's Moser drop ride instead. Much like they did in 2016, when we should've got a funky spinning ride but they instead opted to relocate SFSTL's Rush Street Flyer. I also wish they'd reinstall the teacups someday, they still have all the ride parts on site so it baffles me that they'd rather leave it to rot in the parking lot instead of having another ride for families to enjoy.
  16. ^I don't know if the tilt-a-whirl will be new, but the Moser mini drop tower and the Ferris Wheel both come from the Méga Parc in the Galerie de la Capitale shopping mall in Québec city, which is undergoing extensive renovations and changing all of its rides. Also interesting to note, at the bottom of the second picture under the grey canvas, are the old teacups which used to be where Ednör (SLC) now sits. Even though they were removed 8 years ago, La Ronde still has all the parts to rebuild it if they wished (the rest of the ride's structure is behind Le Monstre in the employee's parking lot).
  17. Considering we shouldn't expect TGE to get a roller coaster anytime soon, and they could've gotten nothing at all or a repaint of something... This is a cool addition, I got to try Quassy's one this summer (granted it's an SBF but similar nonetheless) and it was a ton of fun, so I'm glad I'll have one closer to my home.
  18. I don't know if it's that weird really, it's not like anyone else besides us realises that the other rides had the model name tourbillon, and besides, tourbillon just means whirlwind in french which is a pretty fitting and basic name for a scrambler. I agree that giving a copied-and-pasted name to a scrambler at La Ronde won't be a big deal for most of La Ronde's visitors, especially as this is a family ride and kids won't care. On another note, I'm pleasantly surprised by these new additions, as according to Screamscape (not always reliable I know) I was expecting we'd get a Superloop, which would be a let-down as Vertigo is basically a trackless Superloop. I love both tilt-a-whirls and scramblers, so the fact we get these two awesome new rides and La Ronde tries to improve its (mostly) poor aesthetics by creating yet another themed area can't be bad news. I'm curious to see where they will install this, b/c apart from the old Cobra spot I'm unsure where there would be enough space to install a new themed area.
  19. I wonder what led Six Flags Man to leave so quickly, a year and a half is a very short tenure. On a more positive note, also looking forward to more amazing Jim-Reid video awesomeness
  20. They might have intended to give it a Superman theme (I don't know to be honest), but it wasn't intended for another park and headed to La Ronde at the last minute. The coaster isn't built on flat land, so the supports had to be custom designed to fit the topology of its location, it fits in a very narrow space in-between two sections of the parking lot, and it is the exact length of the island (could be a coincidence, but that would be surprising).
  21. ^ I do not know the exact number but I'm sure you are right, especially in the few last years I think attendance really increased. As coaster enthusiasts, we see them as bottom parks in the chain b/c Six Flags doesn't invest a lot of $ in them for new rides or roller coasters, but the unfortunate truth is that it would be a waste of money for 6F. People will continue to go to these two parks no matter how much money they invest in them ; unlike, say, Magic Mountain that has to compete with several other parks, La Ronde is the only large park in the province, the closest being CW which isn't a threat b/c it's really far away. Great Escape is in a touristic area so people continue to visit it year after year even if it almost never receives any significant addition. I'm sure that if these two parks were independently operated once again, they wouldn't receive a new coaster every 2 years like Cedar Point, but they would probably see better additions every once in a while.
  22. Unsurprisingly the family of the victim doesn't seem very cooperative with park investigators and hired a lawyer (found on sfneonline) Link
  23. The Bobsled (if you're lucky enough to go on a day and time where it is open, which is becoming more and more rare). The little and fun Thunder Alley (drivable cars ride) in the entrance/Greezed Lightnin'/Sasquatch area also accepts Go Fast Pass and has a pretty low capacity, so if it's a ride you wish to try out it is worth using your GFP there. Most of the other rides are walk-ons or have relatively little wait on most days according to my experience.
  24. I've read this question several times and still have no idea what you're trying to say. I'm sure that if you wrote in his native language, he would not understand you either. Love his location "not the US!" I may have the opportunity at some point in the next two years to visit the park. Is it worth going to just for the hyper, especially if I have never done one before? Goliath is a good ride, so if you're in the area it's worth to come and have a look, but I wouldn't come out of my way for it.
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