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  1. They must have gotten a buy one get one free deal on those frisbees.
  2. It might not be intense in the g-force sense, but hanging against your restraints on the front row of a dive machine looking straight down a 200 foot drop is certainly intense in my book.
  3. That looks absolutely incredible. Seems like Lagoon did an absolutely fantastic job with building this beast. Also, holy crap, the elevator lift seems stupidly fast.
  4. Alton towers dumped £18,000,000 / $27,650,520 into building Smiler and probably a quite a bit more on advertising it. There's no way in hell that they're just going to give up on it.
  5. I don't know for sure, but I'd assume it's the base for a catwalk there in case it gets stuck in that spot again.
  6. Wow, the ride looks absolutely bonkers! Is that a tiny launch at the beginning before the prelift section? Also, this video makes me appreciate the official TPR filmed pov's instead of the park's footage.
  7. Well I think this pretty much confirms that the 2016 ride is going to be a Mack. and now for a closer look... Source: Pixels at the Park
  8. It's an interseting story, but could you give credit where credit is due? What you put is literally a copy and paste of this site http://www.dalebrumfield.net/#!Part-5-Kings-Dominions-Diamond-Falls-the-Ride-Common-Sense-Its-Manufacturer-Apparently-Forgot-/c154d/80B6D182-4511-4498-85E4-CCD40F683B17
  9. Wow, It looks like you're going to be able to get up pretty close to the ride based on the pictures on the last page. That should provide for some interesting photo ops.
  10. I'll start out by saying I have no problem with Skyrush, I305, Maverick, or Bizarro's restraints (I've read complaints about each). BUT the locking restraints on Wild Eagle pulled against my clavicle (collar) bones in such a way that I was completely uncomfortable and out of breath by the end of the ride. They locked down and tightened throughout the ride, and by the end, I can't focus on anything other than the awful restraints. I've heard that Cedar Point, Holiday World, and King's Island have opted for their B&M vest restraints not to lock, but I'm not sure about Dollywood. They sure as hell were locking when I rode in 2012. I'll second this, the restraints aren't that bad throughout the course of the ride, but they seem to tighten under the G's of the ride so that by the time you get to the brake run, they've tightened quite a bit. I didn't find them painful, but they were definitely uncomfortably tight by the time the ride pulled back into the station.
  11. I think everyone is reading into this WAAAAY too much. These look like simple cut and paste pieces of promo artwork. The wooden coasters in both are identical, the foreground to both of the pictures are identical, the hypercoaster in the KD picture appears to be a scaled up image of the same hypercoaster in the WoF picture. These are not super secret easter eggs, they're just cutting corners in regards to artwork.
  12. Wow, that looks absolutely massive, it'll sure be interesting to see what this ends up looking like if and when it gets built.
  13. Wasn't sure where else to put this, but Skyrider is being constructed in its new home at Cavallino Matto in Italy. Here's a few pics of the construction Taken from Cavallino Matto's Facebook.
  14. Also, the OTSRs that everyone was worried about really don't seem that bad based on that video. They pretty much just look like seatbelts that will keep you upright.
  15. No offense, but as as far as accuracy is concerned this is pretty lackluster. I realize the limitations of RCT3, but you squished the layout down way too much. The zero g roll goes over the station (I realize that this is practically impossible in rct3) which means the immelman and the rasised helix over the entry are on the other side of the turnaround into the station after the brakes. Also, the real station and brake run is much higher off the ground then you have it here. Using google maps would give you a solid reference to help make this more realistic.
  16. Seeing the RMC track for Batman is making me wonder if sometime in the future, we could possibly see a fully steel RMC coaster.
  17. Those lights on it look pretty nice. Say what you want about Six Flags marketing it as a 'coaster', but it is a solid flat to add to the park's collection.
  18. Holy crap, that's terrifying. To be fair though, a portable knock off inverting pendulum seems like an accident waiting to happen.
  19. To be fair, Six Flags is also marketing superloops as coasters, so I really don't believe what they label a ride.
  20. I'm kinda surprised by all of the disappointment over Fury not being a massive airtime machine. By now we should probably expect that Giga coasters aren't airtime machines. Yes, they do have airtime, but that's not their primary focus. Millenium Force is all about speed and the overbanks, i305 is rip your face off with intensity, and Leviathan and Fury both are about swooping curves and speed. Heck, if you looked at the animatied POV's of Fury, you should have known that this ride is not a ride that's going to give you massive airtime.
  21. No, but it seems like there will be pretty much nothing in front of the front row. From the pictures of them that we've seen, they look a lot like the cars on wicked.
  22. Either way, I do really like the color scheme. I'm also kinda surprised at how well it seems to fit into festa italia, it almost seems like a natural fit.
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