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  1. I'm not crazy for verbolten, but I don't hate it either. My biggest problem with it is the last drop that follows the same footprint as Big Bad Wolf. It may be bigger, but on ride, it just doesn't seem that big - especially compared to some of the other rides around the park. The Drop on wolf felt out of control as you swung around close to the water, while verboten felt rather tame and you don't come close to the river. You also have the appearance of the drop area - with BBW, it was heavily wooded, while its much more open now with verbolten.
  2. This is so accurate. While I never rode it during the early years, it was very highly reviewed by just about everyone as one of the best new wooden coasters, and now they added enough trim brakes to basically stop the train if they wanted, the airtime is gone due to that, and all the awesome curves are now slow and shuffle-y while still being banked for the intended speed. Not to mention it is pretty rough too. Trims REALLY screwed up this ride. Call me crazy, but if Clementon took care of the ride and let it run without trims, I think it's probably a top 30 Wooden coaster. The layout is fantastic and I remember it being quite forceful and having solid airtime when I last rode it a few years back. The problem was it shook like an earthquake.
  3. Did anyone else get a survey from the park about shopping today? I got one and it was way out in left field - they were asking about experiences with the Apple store, American Eagle, and Target. They also were asking what stores would you visit from a huge list that included stuff like the gap, victoria's secret and dollar general. Who would ever go to victoria's secret at a six flags? I'm so confused.
  4. Watching that POV makes me want to see a flying coaster like Taron built - launched with lots of low to the ground turns and near misses. Something like Air but taken to the extreme.
  5. I might be mistaken, but I seem to recall reading that they are mounts for a trim brake, that obviously isn't needed there.
  6. I mean, I think it goes without saying, but Tsunami at M&D's has to be up there with the worst considering what happened yesterday.
  7. Okay, so I am not an expert in this, but here is the patent in question. - http://www.google.com/patents/US8590455 If I'm understanding it right, the patent is for their method of fabricating the tracks. What it seems like they do is plasma cut out pieces of flat steel and use them to assemble the curves, instead of heating and bending the metal to make the curves. This process keeps the tracks stronger than they would be if they were bent into shape.
  8. In case you missed it - Stephen Colbert did a segment explaining net neutrality while riding Nitro last night
  9. To me, Hydra seems like they didn't build it quite tall enough. If you build it like 30+ ft. higher it would be much better regarded than it is.
  10. Guilty! Having fun though Wow, what's the wait time for Joker when the line is out that far? About 4 and a half years.
  11. So I was at the park earlier, and I guess I'll do a little TR (no pictures, sorry) For the most part, the park was really empty with the exception of a few school groups. Got to the park at opening and finally managed to get on Ka. I was blown away - pun intended - by the acceleration of the launch. I didn't really notice the roughness that people seem to complain about, although I was in the front row. Next, I went and got 4 laps on El Toro all throughout the train. Feel free to call me crazy, but I liked the middle of the train the best. It seemed like the airtime over the main hills going up to the turnaround was more sustained. I then headed past the Joker and decided to skip it for another day - There was a significant wait compared to everything else which was practically a walk on. I then grabbed the obligatory back row Skull Mountain ride, and then headed over to Nitro. At this point, the clouds were starting to look rather ominous. I managed to grab consecutive rides in the 2nd to last row, and then the rain started when we hit the brake run on the second lap. I headed over towards B:TR to see if I could snag one last ride, but it was closed, so I decided to call it a day. I got to my car and checked the weather map, took the screenshot below. I got out just in the nick of time because by the time I got on 195, it was a torrential downpour. Scorecard 1x Kingda Ka 4x El Toro 1x Skull Mountain Back Row 2x Nitro 1x Rain escape All in all - it was a pretty decent time considering I was only there for an hour and a half. Rain Incoming!
  12. I have to go with my computer, although it's probably something like a 60-40 split. I use the forums exclusively on my computer, but do most of the social media/video stuff on my phone.
  13. So I was thinking about hitting up the park either tomorrow or sometime next week. Is there someplace that has a listing of all the events going on at the park like school trips and concerts and such?
  14. That first bit before the overbank looks so wonky. It seems like a chain lift up the first segment, then the launch on the flat part?
  15. Yeah, I can see how this could cause some slight problems...
  16. This looks like a really great ride, but am I the only one not in love with the colors of it? I don't hate the lime green, but I'm not crazy for it either and the grey supports look kinda uninspired imo.
  17. Man, Everybody in here seems to be complaining about the guests, what annoys me at parks is when the weather doesn't cooperate. Going to a park and having the weather be stupidly hot or humid can really bring down a good day. Another thing is just poor design choices by the park. I really disliked the whole setup for Volcano at Kings Dominion. The whole queue through the 'cavern' and then the wooden shed like building was absolutely awful. It was hot, stuffy, and there was absolutely nothing in there. I don't mind waiting in line when you can watch the ride or something, but it was just empty space with absolutely nothing inside. Also, the loading platform was also pretty bad, although it might have been changed?
  18. Wow, the lead car for the GCI looks fantastic! Much better than the standard millennium flyer front grill.
  19. I think you would probably have trouble growing grass under the slides like that. You would probably have uneven sunlight and chlorinated water dripping all over it, It'd probably be dead in a month or two.
  20. Very impressive, It would definietly be the best dive machine in the world if it was real. Also, what's the total track length?
  21. ^ I can vouch for this, Its a really great deal. My family did this and stayed at one of the Actual Colonial Williamsburg hotels and had a great experience. It cost a bit more, but they have a shuttle that drives you to BGW, WaterCountry, or Colonial, so you don't have to really do anything. It's actually pretty disney-esque.
  22. Also something that might be worth noting in screamscape I'm somewhat skeptical about this, but if it is running faster than expected, we're going to be in for one insane ride when this thing opens.
  23. Did anyone on here apply for that commercial shoot? I did and haven't heard anything, anybody else hear back or nah?
  24. I don't think there is any major difference between the systems. I don't recall ever hearing about a drop tower having a brake failure, although I might be mistaken. The real danger is in maintenance of the systems, not the systems themselves.
  25. As bad as they ride, you can't deny that Vekoma makes some nice looking coasters. I personally really enjoy the look of SLC's although the ride experiences are somewhat lacking.
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