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  1. Looks fantastic from the screens, but is there any chance you could upload a POV of it to Youtube so us non-nolimiters can experience the ride?
  2. Those really don't look all that bad, they just look like foam straps to keep people upright. They kinda remind me of the straps that are on Thunderbolt at Coney Island.
  3. If you were to put lap bar only restraints on Mystery Mine it would be a fantastic ride, its just to rough as it is, great theming or not. I completely agree with this, the outdoors section following the first lift was shockingly jerky which led to quite a bit of head banging for me. Even the finale was a bit uncomfortable because of the OTSRs.
  4. It might not provide much info about the current state of the ride, but this article has a lot of info about the design and construction of the Eurostar and also has quite a few interesting pictures of it. Here's a few pics from the article
  5. It may not be open yet, but I expect that thunderbird will end up falling into this category. Apart from the launch, it seems to be just an ordinary wing coaster that probably won't be super forceful or thrilling. I think everyone's gotten all caught up in the Holiday World hype for the ride and will probably feel rather meh once they ride it. I will admit that Holiday World has done a fantastic job with the marketing the ride.
  6. If I recall correctly, the initial zacspin prototypes were launched.
  7. If they come out in a couple months and say this thing's getting Skyrush trains... If thats the case, I can only imagine the terror of going around that insane outward banked turn at 500 feet in the air.
  8. I can't imagine a better place for this insanity to go to. I'll be interested to hear how this beast rides.
  9. I feel like the peep at the end accurately described everyone's reactions.
  10. It's probably worth noting that while the helix may seem slow, the top speed of this ride is 90+ mph. It's probably doing at least 50mph through that helix, so it will feel quite a bit faster when you actually ride it.
  11. ^The track seems to be done, but there might still be a whole lot more to do around the station that we can't see.
  12. Probably a dumb question, but what's the deal with the garage door at the very top just above the drop? I hadn't noticed it there before.
  13. So I just went back and rewatched the the Wicked Cyclone rendering POV again, and I'm still amazed at how good this ride looks. The ending (after the double down) looks so twisted and full of airtime it just blows me away. It honestly reminds me of a twisty megalite with wood supports. The one airtime hill that twists back and forth looks so insane that people would mock it for being unrealistic if it were in someone's No Limits creation. If it rides anything like it seems like it will in the renderings, then this could easily be a top 3 coaster.
  14. ^ Not a fan, I don't mind autotune, but for this, it just seems wrong. It just overwhelms everything.
  15. Wow, Fantastic work, both the tower and the coaster seem really well done!
  16. Wow, it looks like they're finished installing track. Did we ever figure out what that track piece with LSMs was for?
  17. Here's a preview of the themeing of Wicked Cyclone's lead car Source - @sfneonline
  18. Source We'll reveal more details as we progress, but in the meantime if you want to register for updates through the mailing list you can send a mail to: info@coasterparktycoon.co.uk
  19. Here's a non Facebook Mobile version of the video. and there's also an offride video of it in action.
  20. The article says that the length is going to be 3635 feet - thats 400 ft. longer than SheiKra and 500 ft. longer than Griffon. That seems like enough for maybe an extra element but I wouldn't expect the layout to be too radically different from what we've already seen.
  21. I'm gonna call BS on that, Radiator Springs Racers cost ~$200 million, I am extremely skeptical of them spending double that on a single attraction.
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