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  1. So the real question is, how long before we start seeing that picture used on clickbait rollercoaster death articles and videos?
  2. I think the best way I've seen anyone deal with haters is Cory Booker - He's the embodiment of "Kill them with Kindness". https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/wp/2016/02/24/how-cory-booker-handles-haters-on-twitter/ I have no clue how someone can have that much patience for people - he's a saint.
  3. I was at the park yesterday and just felt like saying what's probably been said quite a bit already - Bizarro could really use some love. The paint is faded, there's rust stains, and you can see some of the old bright yellow/green paint showing. Then don't get me started with the triple stacking... But the fire is working, so I guess that's something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Also worth noting, they currently have a sale on season passes - They're $64.99 with a free upgrade to gold if you pick them up by October 31st.
  5. Thinking about hitting up the park tomorrow, I know it's usually pretty packed on the weekends, but how are Fridays?
  6. I get why people aren't crazy about B&M Hypers, but I think they're the best rides out there for rerideability. It's the perfect intensity where you can just relax and enjoy it for ride after ride after ride.
  7. Agreed 100%, I couldn't have said it better myself. They're just a bit too tight to be comfortable.
  8. Feel free to call me crazy, but I think SORA definitely superior Kilimanjaro @ Animal Kingdom, there's just so much more to it than Kilimanjaro.
  9. Not enough people here are posting pictures! My favorite was Batman at Six Flags New Orleans. I think by far the best color scheme of all the batman clones, and one of the best period.
  10. I can't decide between the Blue Shield or Blue Dragon, They all look so good!
  11. Don't kill me, but Epcot. To me, it seems like a park without a true identity. The future world half of the park is nice, but there's so much room for improvement. The World Showcase is nicely themed but doesn't have much other than shops and restaurants. It just doesn't do it for me.
  12. Wow, that looks incredible. Someone in America, please buy one! Side note, the base for that looks absolutely tiny, although it's probably just me being used to seeing these type of rides in the US with a massive base.
  13. 2200m is 7200 feet, which would make it the 4th longest in the world, but 17 Billion dong is like $750K USD, so something doesn't quite add up. It's also going to a resort. Seems to me like it's an Alpine coaster.
  14. I think this one looks far and away the best of all of them. It looks so slick and modern!
  15. Taken from Reddit - The entrance for the Hulk seems to be mostly done, and looks pretty amazing in this picture Source
  16. Preach! I was thinking about heading up to the park today, but then I looked at the weather. Feels like 100+ with a chance of rain? No thank you.
  17. I'm in the same boat with Zumanjaro, normally I'm fine with drop towers, but zum. scared the crap out of me. You just kept going up, and up, and up for what seemed like hours. The ride up was way more intense that the actual drop.
  18. Bringing this thread back from the dead! I was looking around to see if anything ever happened with the 16 inversion coaster, although I didn't see anything beyond the renderings, which now seem to have disappeared. What I did stumble across is that CoasterLab actually did have a ride that he designed open. There was a TPR thread about it a while back, but it really didn't gather much attention nor did anyone comment on it being designed by Camiel. Here's the POV: [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew] I also found a 30 minute documentary about it, although I have no clue what's being said since I don't speak german.
  19. There's 81 of them according to RCDB, and those are only the Golden Horse ones that they have. With a bit of filtering, I came up with 126 of them in total. http://rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=2&nm=na&pl=26380&lo=95&page=1 I honestly expected more than that.
  20. I would love to see them bust out the SFNO Batman Color Scheme, which I think was the best looking of the BTR's. The grey supports really make the track pop!
  21. Totally agree, but now I'm curious to see if other Cedar Fair parks are offering it yet and, if so, what the price points are. $99 is still $99 too much for Dorney, but that'd be a major steal at many of their other parks. Double the FL+ cost would be $160 at Cedar Point, $126 at KD, and $136 at KI. Could be a really good deal at that price point. However, I think you would probably see a lot of people buying them at that cost and overwhelming the fastlanes.
  22. I think you hit the nail on the head here - The park is certainly doable in a day, but you'll miss out on a decent bit of stuff that you could do if you have a second day.
  23. Here's a few pictures of the snapped cable courtesy of reddit user babj311
  24. I think a better replacement for BBW would have been a B&M Flying coaster. The dive down to the river with some sort of splash down effect ala Manta would be amazing.
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