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  1. The drop is complete and it looks absolutely bonkers. Source
  2. The trains themselves look pretty nice, but after seeing what B&M have done to theme up the other wing rider trains, I can't help but feel a little disappointed.
  3. Wow! Those Twisted Colossus trains look incredible!
  4. I'll be interested to see how accurate these renderings are. The cars seem totally different than the past El Locos - these seem almost like Eurofighter trains. If they have lapbars like the newer El Locos, then this will without a doubt be one of the scariest coasters on the planet.
  5. WOW! That looks absolutely incredible. It's like the crazy child of an El Loco and the HIgh Roller at Stratosphere. This is such a big improvement over what I was expecting this ride to be.
  6. ^^ It's Megawhirl, IIRC, it was heavily damaged by Sandy. They've been trying to sell it but no luck.
  7. There are only 2 queues that stick out to me off the top of my head Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey which was absolutely fantastic - the detail and references they made to the books and movies were great. Volcano at KD was terrible, it was just a hot, stuffy cave where you couldn't see anything and a hot, stuffy gazebo where you also can't see anything.
  8. That looks absolutely terrifying. I would love to see a POV of that but would feel bad for the poor sap who has to film it.
  9. Plot twist - They end up sending it to Dorney like all of CF's leftovers.
  10. B-but what will happen when the wheels hit those bolts. /s On a more serious note, that drop looks like it's going to be as incredible as we have come to expect from RMC.
  11. ^I would imagine that having floorless trains will allow for quicker loading than the stand up trains which would probably make up for the (hopeful) lack of trim timing.
  12. Crazy thought: What if Cedar Point puts new trains on Mantis and renames it Cavalier - Then they theme each of the three trains to one of the Cavalier's star players Lebron, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving. If they were to put vest restraints on the trains, they could easily make them look kinda like Basketball Jerseys.
  13. ^As a large android phone user, you'll be glad that the power button is on the side rather than top. It makes it so much easier to hit the button. Once a phone gets over 5in, it gets awkward to reach the top of the device.
  14. Seeing this ride with the RMC I-Box tack makes me wonder if in the future we could possibly see RMC making completely steel coasters.
  15. I think they'll both be about equal ride wise, but twisted colossus will get hyped out the wazoo and end up being ranked higher due to the fact that it blows everything else away at its park.
  16. Hopefully not too much longer, I would love to see more coasters get this treatment. Even if SFMM doesn't duel the trains, I have no doubt that this will be an absolutely insane airtime filled ride.
  17. Based on the TPR video from earlier this year, I have absolutely no doubt that this will be an incredible ride. It certainly looks like an improvement over the Intamin rides which seem to be more focused on the drops while this is focused on flippy airtime hills.
  18. ^To be fair though, a lot of companies use the same thing over and over again, most of their coasters with inversions start out with a spiraling drop, loop, zero G roll, immelman/cobra roll / dive loop, followed by a MCBR, then a corkscrew or two and a helix then brakes.
  19. ^Doesn't look like it. Tried it for SFMM, SFGA, and SFNE - They all redirect to page not found rather than access denied.
  20. I think its safe to say that floorless trains would definitely help capacity - stand up restraints are more complicated than the standard sit down restraints which would make it so people could be loaded faster.
  21. My goodness, this Cached Six Flags site is the gift that keeps on giving! Batman Backwards and Looping Dragon.
  22. Welp, it pretty much looks like the Justice League dark ride is confirmed via here (Ctrl+F stlouis to find the release). The name will be Justice League: Battle for Metropolis but that's all that's on the site.
  23. You can actually get around the access denied block by using the google cache. Also, Wow, there's a LOT of interesting stuff in there. Bourbon Street Fireball, Justice League Dark ride for SFStL, and a whole bunch of Fright Fest mazes. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:5xmhQu7CDocJ:https://www.sixflags.com/internal-promo-category/home-page+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk Edit: ^darn, you beat me to it.
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