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  1. I'm getting quite a strong case of deja vu, This entire argument already played out not long ago when CW put in Leviathan. Obviously Leviathan was a success for Cedar Fair so they're going to do same at Carowinds. Also, Intimidator/Fury and Behemoth/Leviathan is like comparing chocolate and vanilla ice cream, they're both ice cream but they taste totally different.
  2. ^ From the looks of it, at the end of the splash area there's a small lift.
  3. While it may not technically be a wierd chinese coaster, I couldn't think of a more releveant place to put it - The Full Circuit Nautic Boat Jump! Buy it now for the low, low price of $140,000! http://www.italintl.com/detail_page.php?record_id=1749 Edit: More pictures Found
  4. I'll bet that someone at SFFT is having a really nice laugh seeing these reactions to posting that El Loco pic.
  5. That looks like it would be a really sweet spot for a wing coaster to dive under that bridge.
  6. My guess is Ultimate Colossus. Why? -Well, today Robb posted this video titled "Ultimate Colossus ..." Robb has inside knowledge into the amusement industry. There are 3 pov's of Colossus in the video. Robb previously worked in the video game industry. There are 3 'S's in Colossus Now what does this mean - Ultimate Colossus and Half Life 3 CONFIRMED
  7. New York Mag - SeaWorld: Remember When We Said That Blackfish Movie Didn’t Hurt Us? Well, Never Mind. Here's a link to the press release mentioned in the article
  8. Kind of a rather interesting update to this project, apparently the ride will do two full circuits according to this animation released by the park.
  9. Looks like a really fun concept for a ride and it'll probably be quite disorienting. The only thing about this that i'm not a fan of is the name, to me it comes off as Hershey trying to be too clever.
  10. Nice find! ^I'd assume that it's just placeholder text
  11. Having just been at Dollywood... Best: Mystery Mine - The themeing leading up to the beyond vertical drop followed up by the barrel rolls into the hangtime before hitting the brakes almost made up for the headbanging mess that was the first half of the ride. Firechaser Express - The backwards launch was surprisingly forceful and the backwards twisty airtime was a ton of fun. Worst: Wild Eagle - The first half of the ride up to the corkscrew took me by surprise by how forceful it was, however, following the corkscrew, the helixes were very tame and the wings seemed to vibrate quite a bit which was rather unpleasant.
  12. ^^ If you look just past stinger on google maps, you can see a circular pad with space for a queue and ride op booth.
  13. They built one of the Rocket rides in Russia and it somewhat recently had one of the cables fail. I would suppose that's why there haven't been more of them built.
  14. They look like they're there to keep the upper half of the riders body upright and prevent them from smashing their face on the metal hand holds.
  15. I doubt that any park would be able to do the amount of upkeep needed to keep a ride like Gwazi running at top form year round in one of the most hostile climates around.
  16. Sheesh, I guess Busch can't catch a break with their drop towers. How long did it take them to get Mach Tower up and running?
  17. I don't see why a guy shouldn't be able to wear a rash guard. It's the same as a girl wearing a typical one piece. One pieces are usually quite a bit more snug than a t-shirt.
  18. Wow, that looks completely terrifying although the fact that they use boosters to put you up and over the hill is rather disappointing.
  19. Personally, I think something along the lines of a GCI Big Fun would work really well at Dorney. It wouldn't be a huge capacity ride, but they really don't need it and if I recall correctly, GCI claimed they cost roughly $1 million.
  20. 4 days is ridiculous anyway, but 1983?! That's a long time to be constructed and to never open. Is there a reason given? Probably something to do with the internal strife of Argentina following the collapse of the Military Junta government after the Falklands War. Interesting Giovanola/Intamin design though. If I recall correctly, they never actually finished the ride and it's missing the electrical system.
  21. I doubt that there are any plans in the works for moving the woodies out. I would expect them to turn that half of the park into more boardwalk area, but not until Wildcat and LR are taken out (hopefully not for a while).
  22. The US may have won, but i'm still kinda skeptical if they can make it out of the group. They were just straight up out played for almost that entire match by Ghana.
  23. My god, the transition into the corkscrews looks like it might actually kill someone.
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