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  1. Milk Chocolate Do you prefer Chocolate Candy over Fruity Candy?
  2. @beemerboy not as bad as a car i saw that had some plain 2x4's bolted to the trunk that looked vaguely like a spoiler. They didn't even bother to paint it XD
  3. the McDonalds Value Menu **shivers** What's worse than $4.50 Water bottles at a Baseball Game?
  4. Funship Freddie Whats worse than never being able to go on a roller coaster again?
  5. on a post about 'El Toro' being named #1 Wooden Coaster in the world and the poll if youre interested ... http://www.ushsho.com/woodrollercoasterpollresults2011.shtml
  6. Chipper was a hell of a player, but since he played for a division rival, I never liked him. Also, i have a bad feeling about my Phils this season, we have a first baseman probably being rushed back way too soon, a second baseman who's in a really steep decline, a shortstop who thinks he's a power hitter when he's not, and a third baseman who's missed 60 games over the past 2 seasons and doesnt produce much offense. Hopefully the pitching staff can carry us until the infield is healthy, but i kinda doubt that will happen.
  7. i dont know, you might have, but since its the internet and anyone can say anything, no do you plan on visiting 5 or more parks this year?
  8. I'm curious to know, how was the cocoa porter?
  9. Kill Your Heroes by Awolnation song is a lot more upbeat than the name suggests XD
  10. While Orton did go 1-4, the team averaged 4 more points when he was on the team and the defense gave up around 6 less points per game when Tebow was starting. Overall though, i think they're a better team with Manning than they were with Orton or Tebow. oh, and the eagles really ought to get rid of Andy Reid
  11. ^aw man, that sucks. I've never broken any bones, but this past summer, I crashed my bike cut my head and still had another 10 miles to go to get back to the car, needless to say, I got quite a few strange looks from other people coming the other way. I eventually ended up getting 6 stitches.
  12. Depends on the day, I usually don't on weekdays, but i do on the weekends... darn school Do you spend too much time on the internet?
  13. I want to feel bad for Tebow getting traded, but i don't. If anything, I feel bad for Orton for getting thrown out of Denver because of Tebowmania. as for the saints and they're coaching staff, they deserve it.
  14. Hello Robb and TPR I'm John from South Jersey and i joined because i love roller coasters almost as much as i like bicycling, bacon, and turtles. I found out about this site from a youtube message linking me to one of the TPR videos. I've been a coaster fan since my the first one I ever went on. Hope to see you all around
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