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  1. yep she was there, her and Dan both left half way through the day to get food...
  2. I think it might be a roller coaster... it appears to have a footprint that looks slightly like an "L" but then again I was looking from mean strek so I was shaking a bit
  3. nice TR, drop me a PM next time your headin to SFGAm as I am there pretty much all the time
  4. hmmmm pecan waffle from waffle house...yum <600th post yay!
  5. Ebay could help most likely, the name of what your looking for is Six Flags Cool Coaster
  6. well like many people, I will be at Hoilday World and Beech Bend, and if I can I will go to SFGAm on memorial day.
  7. haha that stain is always there, I don't know how it got there though sounds like a fun trip
  8. I always wear my contacts on coasters and never have a problem, even on HXLC and TTD
  9. hey great pics...how could Kyle and Papas make it in the pics and not me, I was there both days Im suprised I didnt see you, especially if you were at Raging Bull on sunday morning (6 people on the train for some rides) well if you ever wanna meet up at SFGAm hit me up on AIM sn=ACEmonEAT
  10. defenitly the Beast, I heard so many good things about it but it sucks oh well
  11. Six Flags Great America near Chicago, IL is defneitly worth it and is awesome but Six Flags America is very "meh" I mean Superman was good as was Roar but other then that its just very average
  12. I like Deja Vu and actually (very ashamed) I like S:UF
  13. Beast at Kings Island...I dont get it, how is this coaster any good?
  14. hahahahaha...I thought TPR was hacked at first, lol...they are kind of annoyning when they run over the text box.
  15. http://www.wakeupwalmart.com/
  16. good job Craig! WalMart is most defenitly evil...check out this movie and this website
  17. I would be more then happy to get some from SFGAm and trade once they open
  18. SFGAm's B:TR is technically custom so technically the answer is yes
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