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  1. More crowded than any other weekday.. try to go then. Sorry I couldn't help more. Anyway... Tony Hawk Clone, Dark Knight Clone, Intamin Launch... whatever it is, I'm just always excited for new rides.
  2. But Terminator will never be as good as GhostRider once was!! JJ I love Terminator, but GhostRider is still my favorite ride, Who says you can't like it rough. (; (now is where i'd say something like, "unless it's Psyclone," but I'm going to respect the dead) Great TR, looks like you had an awesome time! Did you fly out here just for theme parks? I wish I could do that at my age like you do! Awesome picture from your plane!
  3. ^ you are making me HUNGRY! Good thing I got a In-n-Out up the street (and a SFMM too)
  4. 1. Deja Vu 2. X2 3. Terminator 4. Tatsu 5. Goliath 6. Batman 7. Colossus 8. Scream 9. Viper 10. Superman 11. Riddler's 12. Ninja 13. Revolution 14. Gold Rusher
  5. Got my 36th Credit on Terminator today! Had to wait about 2 hours.. When I was in the first preshow room, after the TV thing was over, a worker came in and said "the harvester's got the train pretty bad, it won't be back up and running for a while" so we had to wait in that room for about 20-30 minutes. The whole preshow was pretty interested however and very well done. The ride itself was great! I haven't gotten of a ride that excited in a long time! Tons of airtime! This ride completely exceeded my expectations.
  6. Yeah I bet one of my friends who thinks it's the same as Psyclone. I'll show him the differing layouts, different manufacturers, and contrasting speed height and lengths on the Internet, to prove the immense difference and earn myself $10.
  7. Lookin GREAT I can't wait to ride this thing SATURDAY. Wish me luck.
  8. It gets really annoying, so many people at my school have conversations like: 1- "The new Magic Mountain ride Terminator is opening this weekend" 2- "I know it looks fun!" 3- "Nah it doesn't look that great, its the exact same thing as Psyclone.. they probably just rebuilt it to make it less painful"
  9. Just jump up right before it locks, and there you go, a Stand-Up Floorless... But then, I guess you wouldn't be standing up anymore would you?
  10. Thanks for the pics, this ride looks pretty enjoyable to me...
  11. Maybe??? Never heard of it. Have you ever been to a TPR Meet-up?
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