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  1. pants, ICP shirt, hatchetman, and my lotus cross (as always)
  2. well if thats all it takes to reopen the park! this is good news however, because I wasn't counting on being able to visit Expoland during my Japan trip but now I should be able to yay!
  3. for hosting my music yes ( www.myspace.com/zachtharippa ) are you a juggalo?
  4. 2005: Hades Italian Job: Stunt Track (PKI) 2006: Voyage Kentucky Rumbler 2007: Renegade Maverick Tony Hawk Big Spin (SFstL) Home park: SFGAm
  5. thanks for all the advice...however is the above a joke or serious?
  6. I rode Maverick yesterday. I liked it alot it was very exciting, very fast and has great airtime. I rode in the front row, the drop is insane and it is a very good ride IMO. My only complaint is that I rode with my arms up and on all the quick directional changes my shoulders banged aganist the restraint. So ride arms out not up
  7. yeah well Disney looks really nice, however I want to focus on trying to do everything in Orlando rather then everything in one specfic park. I've been thinking that since we arrive at 12:15 on the 12th we could do like BGA on the 12th. Then hit Seaworld in the morning and Universal/IOA durring the afternoon on the 13th. Do Disney on the 14th. Then if there's time do Cypress Gardens on the morning of the 15th
  8. oh crap haha I forgot to mention I am going from October 12th-15th bleh thanks guys!
  9. So I graduated high school today (yay!) and my parents gave me a folded up piece of paper which stated that they had booked a flight to orlando with hotel, rental car and tickets to Universal and they proceeded to tell me that whatever else we did was up to me, so I was wondering a few things: 1. Could I cram all these parks into that period of time (BGA, IOA, USO, WDW (all on one day park hopper) Sea World and possibly Cypress Gardens with just concern with credits ) 2. Will the Halloween events be on by that point? and if so what effect will they have on the trip? 3. What kind of crowds should I expect? 4. Any other notes of intrest or comments that would help would be appreciated thanks!
  10. nice pics papas...looks like ya'll had a good time.
  11. most fanboys (I was one of them) either work for the park and don't mention it, or think they know everything (buying into and believing what all the employees say) ^and thank you for spelling my woman's name correctly Papas!
  12. Ill be there saturday, sadly not on sunday. sorry Il be missing you Robb and Elissa...Renegade looks awesome
  13. yay fun pics!!! that was an awesome day although crowded. thanks for the fun times guys!! no more orbit for Vili haha!
  14. nice pics...but uhh where were you for our meet up?!?!?!??!?!?!
  15. Ok well we at Midwest Coaster Madness are having an offical opening day meetup so anyone whos for the meetup here we would love you to join up with us! more info here hope to see alot of folks there!
  16. il be there at least for the SFGAm part...plus my woman lol
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