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  1. hey my profile made it in the post...I mean SFGAm's profile made it in the post!
  2. that sounds pretty sweet, hope I can make it to Dollywood in '07
  3. sadly I don't think I will be able to...I would love to go however
  4. I went last year and it was good, for morning ERT Dragster and M-force had 10 minutes lines if that and night time ERT was a 1 train wait for everything...and I will be there this year
  5. thats really cool, reminds me of that graphic that Cedar Point has on their webpage
  6. Im going to have to say BBW because of the themeing, so close to the building in the german town! and the drop over the rhine river and the turn are very cool
  7. um...yeah I'm gonna agree with Robb on this one and try getting your own method by trial and error, hopefully less error though
  8. Song: Kiss Me Red Artist: Crispy Album: the Game who doesn't love some good eurodance/bubblegum?
  9. Millennium Force...look over to the left at my screen name Magnum is in second and Raptor is thrid and the rest are just ok
  10. I try but something? iko'm clooll ^^wow that's easy
  11. woah, 7 miles is a bit of a walk but if your really determined I'm sure you could do it...oh and to the guy above me thats not Damion its Goliath (SFOG) helix
  12. Zach...although I think its still in my siggy
  13. 1)Shockwave SFGAm 2)Rolling Thunder SFGAm those are the only ones that come to mind
  14. alright good luck Guy...oh yeah the hoodies they give (at least in Illinois) are cool and have a nice graphic
  15. I think the guy who usually narates these shows is Eric Boardman, although it only lists one coaster show on that list I vaugly remember seeing his name durring the credits of most of those coaster shows...how do I get that job?
  16. Polar Plunge in SoCal??? well I did the Polar Plunge here in Illinois here in Illinois a few weeks back and I couldn't feel my legs I raised $80, so the challenge is to meet that!
  17. amazing pics thanks for sharing them...is it May 26th yet? how about now?
  18. wow that was great, made me remember how awesome that was...and Robb why do you look like you are about to stab me in this picture?
  19. I have 10, they are: -Busch Gardens Williamsburg fear the four shirt -Volcano the blast coaster shirt -Deja Vu SFOG shirt -Mr Six SFGAm shirt -Skull Island SFGAm shirt -IJ:ST PKI shirt -Hades stats shirt -Shivering Timbers what lurks in the wilderness? shirt -Cedar Point fearsome five shirt -Cedar Point to do list shirt
  20. I go for option 2, I like to see how much fun you can have at the park while also seeing what the park has to offer coaster wise
  21. Alpengeist, amazing use of terrain and the cobra roll is soooooo forceful
  22. I voted for Schorcher because its like a good smooth version of Iron Wolf (which is probablly second best)
  23. I use a Sony mini DV camera with a wide angle lens and it works very well by me, if you are looking for an "entry level" video cam then I would reccomend the model I have which is the DCR HC-21 (which is a few models below Robb's and costs less)
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