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  1. The Black Hawk Motel [www.blackhawkmotel.com] is the only place I've been to in the Dells and it was excellent both times. If you want fancy hotels with lots of extra crap, this isn't the place for you, but if you want something that's really well-priced, has nice beds, lots of room, a fridge, good location [off the main shopping strip of the Dells but far enough away that it's not loud]... this'll be your stop. Costs are around $60 - $80 for a room per night, from what I remember.
  2. I went on twice today [third car, and last row], waited two hours, 20 minutes total [including a 20 minute delay while they tested and emptied the water dummies from the trains]. Lots of fun, good speed. Brakes weren't slowing down the train much at all. Lots of floater air in the third car, and the back seat had some ejector air on the first drop and some good floater air on the other drops. Tons of fun! The queue, when full, is only about 40 minutes long... they were running all three trains and the crews were FAST. Excellent service. Also, the ride was running in the pouring rai
  3. I'm super excited to get back to BGE this year! It's about a 100% better park than KD, even if KD has more coasters. More isn't always better!
  4. I still live with my parents. Am saving up for a few things: car, house, and trips. I can live with the 'rents without paying rent or worrying about bills, and as long as I help out with keeping the house tidy, they're glad to have me around. I think, anyway.
  5. Will I ever stop badmouthing this place? Probably not. I hope they condemn it, and soon. Perhaps some "park improvements" that need to be considered are, "staying open on days that are advertised as being open", and, "updating pre-recorded park messages which advertise the park as being open as scheduled when, in fact, the park is not open at all". Good places to start. But y'know, 'dozing the place would work just as well for me.
  6. ...Canada's Wonderland... Vortex. [before you crap your pants, keep in mind that I haven't been on Behemoth yet]
  7. x2 Is this a TR or just a place for La Vibora to tell us about his dream park?
  8. I voted "Great", but I agree with most in the thread. They're a lot of fun, but outside of the front seat don't offer anything new or exciting. That said, I've not been on a bad floorless.
  9. The trash cans are both scary and wrong. I just mean... like... who thinks those are a good idea? Seriously? Should we get down to Florida this year, Lake Winnie is on our shortlist of parks to hit. Hopefully cash constraints won't prevent it! I can see where green comes in to the powerade bottle, but I still thought it looked more yellow than green. So, yellow it was.
  10. Incorrect. Backlot Stunt Coaster runs three trains. What do you mean by the "shoes" bit? Referring to people trying to ride with flip-flops? Or something else?
  11. It's startling how on the money that cycle is and just how many different new coasters it can be based off of. How many coasters have bucked the trend and not followed the cycle? Edit: 500th post, after a mass spree today. Huzzah.
  12. Does this mean congrats are in order? Or... not congrats... whatever you're supposed to say to the female. Does the dude get congrats? And the chick something else? I need to learn this. I would've been fine with congrats had Gilmore Girls not thrown a wrench in that... damn you! ...or, did Derek just give you a rock?
  13. It took us about six hours on our first trip, not including re-rides, but we went on quite a busy day. Our second trip, when we met up with TPR, it would've taken a lot longer had we chosen to get credits on everything. It was absolutely packed. Have you done the driving distances between these places? You're really cutting it close. According to GoogleMaps: SFKK -> KI = 2hrs KI -> CP = 4hrs CP -> KW = 3.5hrs KW -> SFGAdv = 5.5hrs SFGAdv -> Dorney = 2hrs It's going to be very difficult to follow that flight plan unless you plan on driving throughout the night...
  14. Somehow in the two times I've been there I failed to realize just how close to the lake the park is. But some of these pictures make me go "Hey wow it's really a great setting for this coaster."
  15. Why would you PM Robb? He's stated a million times in here that there's PLENTY of time left before the date and the details will come as they're available! Why would PM'ing him result in anything different, besides maybe you getting banned? Kudos to Robb and Elissa for managing to stay relatively sane through all of the impatient jerks who can't read a simple thread and all of the morons who insist on making pointless posts throughout the forum! I can't imagine what your e-mail or PM inboxes must look like...
  16. From what I recall being there for a couple days in 2006, I don't think they had a Flash Pass system. I could be wrong, however. We managed to get all the credits with ease on the first day of our two-day stay, with no flash pass on a "school trip" day. Since your band will likely be playing during park opening, it'll be tougher for you guys to get all the credits in one day [if that's what you're planning to do], but it shouldn't be impossible. It rained a bit the first day we were there but the rides weren't shut down at all, despite the clouds seemingly saying, "Dudes we're totally
  17. If only they could merge the donut flipper and Behemoth... Also, did anyone else see how disgusting the Bat is going to be? Hooooooooly crap. Thanks for the vote of confidence but my opinions thus far are based entirely on watching it run. I wasn't about to wait three hours for it last night. I'll wait 'till the line dies down somewhat before I take the plunge. That said I don't think I've actually made any comments about how the ride is running other than my observations from off-ride.
  18. Ah, the Italian Runner! Which is funny because we know Italians can't run, and neither will the coaster! ...oh, that's not what you meant?
  19. Rim Runner may be one of the best names of an attraction. Ever. That is all.
  20. ...track could bend? Not on your life, my Hindu friend! [am I the only one who thought of that?]
  21. I only wish I could do that... Leafs games sold out? Fine, I'll just make my own damn arena and get my own team! This topic has forced me to read up on the history of the Hershey Bears, which is long and illustrious! So, I must thank CoasterEric for bringing up the HersheyPark Arena!
  22. Hershey needs a "Hershey: A Chocolate Bar's Journey" coaster, where you're themed as a chocolate bar running through the human body after ingestion. Station = wrapper. Lift = hand lifting chocolate to mouth. Drop = dropped into the mouth. Then the rest is travelling through a body's organs before finally you're pooped out into the unloading station! ...I'd ride it. Edit: Hopefully that wasn't a "dumbest post in TPR history" candidate.
  23. Post of the thread. Was just about to post this, and you beat me to it with my exact thoughts. Runner-up post of thread! I personally like to relax in a waterpark. Lazy rivers are a great way to do this. Yay.
  24. I'm sorry but..... LMAO... Yeah sounds like a bit of an overstatement... just a bit. Although I can't particularly refute the statement, since I didn't ride last night because WHOA THE LINE WAS SO INTENSE IT WAS LIKE A MILLION HOURS LONG! I swear 3/4 of the country of Canada came to ride this BEAST! The security was being so forceful with line jumpers, they were throwing them out so high and hard that they got MAXIMUM AIRTIME!!! I should have the pictures streaming from my cell phone onto Flickr at any moment!
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