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  1. Y'know I thought Lakemont was a giant pile of crap when we visited in '06... the rides were dilapidated, the crowds were non-existant [seriously, there were only about 15 people in the park], and the operations were mediocre. They had one guy basically running around trying to operate a bunch of different rides at once! As for the baseball field, I had read on a double-A player's blog [who had played in the park] that they didn't run the coaster during games a few years ago. But now it appears as though that's chanced. I can't imagine that it would create too many ball-hitting-rider proble
  2. Hey! What kind of car do you drive? I saw a black ... car driving up the highway on my way home on Saturday with a Purdue license plate. Perhaps that was you? Good shots of CW, btw! Not all the easy-to-get shots most people have been posting lately, some very different ones. Me like.
  3. The dogs all made it out safely, thankfully! That would've been cool if we were in the restaurant. Terrifying at the time, cool in hindsight. You're welcome! We do our best Fortunately I am still laughing at some of the captions so it appears to have worked on ourselves! Hopefully we'll have some more TRs up in the coming months. We attempted to speak to the authorities on the matter, but they assured us that what we saw was nothing more than a weather balloon or some sort of random event. They also insinuated that we should stop asking questions. Not that I noticed,
  4. I was just thinking that. Class of '02, here. Yikes!!!
  5. Hey Robb! Thanks for including a bunch of our TRs! I noticed that La Ronde didn't have a page, but I remember checking out pics from it on the site before... so I'm assuming it was there at some point, maybe was overlooked in the switch. Looking great!
  6. shesaidboom and 307 watch a crappy Chinese buffet burn and take a lot of pictures while making inappropriate jokes about the Toronto fire department! So as we departed my house for Nikki's, we noticed a lot of smoke coming from the direction of ... somewhere in front of us. So, as intrepid ninja spies from the secret service who had nothing better to do, we followed it. And where there's smoke, there's fire. So, here are some pictures of a crappy Chinese buffet on fire. Pretty soon a bigger story was developing :o Disclaimer: Although we cracked some jokes about the Toronto Fire
  7. I was quite underwhelmed by the park when I visited last September, but I'm going to blame that more on the park's refusal to use two trains on Renegade despite a 1.5hr wait, and every other coaster in the park running two trains. When I asked about it, I was told, "We can't shut the ride down because there are too many people waiting." FAIL. That said, Renegade was pretty good, but that was really the only redeeming factor in the park. The Impulse was fun but many can be found closer, Wild Thing was mediocre, and nothing else really did anything for me. Good TR, though! I wish I had h
  8. I wrote down a bunch of stuff as I was reading, so here it is, in point form! -- that is a lot to pay for gas -- forgive me for being an uneducated pillock, but what, exactly, is Irn Bru? -- the "jet engine eating small towns" picture was missing one thing: accompanying "OM NOM NOM NOM" text -- your picture of Walkers crisps has prompted me to read the Wikipedia page on them, and it confirmed my suspicion that they are, indeed, owned by Pepsi, who also produces similarily packaged Lays potato chips -- the pirate-related cliches were fantastic. RRR-time now enters the vocab
  9. Our TRs are so much better when I'm in them. Your dildo pen picture doesn't quite do it justice. You need one that shows the entire thing. Sadly we only took two, but uh, here's the other one, just for you
  10. 307 and non-TPR-posting friend go to Canada's Wonderland and get their Behemoth on So this report is more than a week in the making. Firstly, my friend [not present on this Wonderland trip] left his camera in my car's glove box. Secondly, the friend, let's call him Paresh, who accompanied me on this Wonderland trip left his camera at his house. Solution? Use the other guy's camera. Done and done. Then, of course, I get home only to find out that he uses a smaller USB cable for his camera than I have. Commence waiting a week until I can return the camera to him. Then commence waiting a
  11. Nikki and I usually pay the extra money to park closer. We gotta save our legs for the park! But otherwise it makes no sense and perhaps we will shy away from it in the future. Edit: Awesome that you stayed at the Black Hawk! That place RULES!
  12. Check the sig. www.coasterfanatics.com is where I keep my ride tracker. There are others out there if you do some searching.
  13. The first Batman I experienced was at SFGAm. It was really nothing more than an afterthought, Nikki and I were sure that Raging Bull and Superman would blow it out of the water, but boy were we wrong! Batman had some serious forces, crazy speed, non-stop action! After being totally disappointed by Superman [which we thought was okay but nothing special], this really made up for it. Our second one was Vampire at La Ronde, and we knew what to expect and definitely weren't let down! I honestly can't think of many other underrated coasters. Most coasters we've been on, we had very tempered
  14. Big Mike! I was at WrestleMania 18, too! In fact, I was in that line for the Hogan autograph! Were you as pissed off as everyone else in the line was when you thought SPIKE DUDLEY was the wrestler you just waited 35 minutes in line to meet? I remember when Hogan came out, the whole place went bonkers!!! I used to be a massive WWF/WWE fan, but it's gone downhill so, so much in the past few years that it's almost completely unwatchable. I've lived in Toronto/surrounding area my whole life and still don't have the Toronto Island Monster credit! Maybe that will change this year, though.
  15. Damn your TR!!! I really, really want to go to Dollywood and still haven't had the opportunity! dsgsagpinadgpinagpin!!!!!!!! As always, excellent pictures, captions, everything. And the Celtics are a primo example of just how effective a proper continuous tank job can be. But! They don't have Kobe! So, go Celtics!!!
  16. I haven't finished reading yet, but wanted to comment on the "HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT GAS PRICES" thing... What I'm figuring is that he's a chainsaw killer. With a gas-powered chainsaw. He doesn't care about gas prices, he will kill you anyway! So you shouldn't care about gas prices, either, because you drive a gas-powered chainsaw! Or something. I could be wrong though.
  17. The water cannon photos were great! I loved the 25 cent change + accompanying water cannon soakage photo, very nice! And Flying Turns kind of looks terrifying - especially with those cars. Are those seriously going to be the cars?!
  18. Avalanche at Timber Falls. It kicked the living snot out of me, and the way that thing moves just looks like the track will snap at any moment, but I loooooooooooooooved it.
  19. Oh god, my eyes! Not a WINGS fan!!! ARGHHHHHH Screw tradition! Boring defensive hockey winning championships over exciting youthful hockey = recipe for disaster! Welcome back to the Neutral Zone Trap Era! Yuck! They have a better chance than the Leafs, but that's not saying much! You guys need to figure out what "defense" is, and maybe get a goalie who doesn't suck, and you have a shot. Sorry to hijack the thread, Big Mike, but I'm an insane hockey fan and felt the need to spout my absolute disgust at the damn Red Wings winning ANOTHER Championship with an awful style of play t
  20. I came here looking for Howler pictures, and noticed that you gave it the shaft! Stop trying to hold down the true top new attraction of 2008!!! Howler will reign supreme! I'm boycotting your TRs until you appease my Howler lust!
  21. After a whopping 12 reviews. Wait until we hit 100ish before making a judgment like that
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