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  1. Damn Laser was probably my third favourite coaster at Dorney [behind Talon and Hydra]... and easily had the most forces of the three. Nikki blacked out for half the ride!!! It had the longest wait of any coaster when we were there, too.
  2. Wow, Raging Bull looks sweet with it's new paintjob... hopefully it's running sweet, too! I've yet to read an overly positive Dark Knight review.
  3. Man, I haven't heard that song in forever!!! I've been listening to the same two songs on repeat all day and singing along the whole time. I haven't had the urge to listen to any music lately, but hey you can't stop it when it hits! Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive - one of my all-time favourite songs This town don't feel mine, I'm fast to get away far. I dressed you in her clothes, so drive me far away. It feels good to know you're mine, now drive me far away. Far away. I don't care where, just far away. --- Breaking Benjamin - Breath - I don't like this band, but this
  4. Golden Star! Their veggie burgers are good too. Golden Star is AMAZINGGGGGGGGG!!! Super huge burgers with a ton of toppings, thick milkshakes, awesome hot dogs... veggie burgers, veal and steak sandwiches, oh yeah!!! Their fries are ass though, that's my one knock on them.
  5. It's unfortunate that we couldn't ride without the trims, because I liked it even with the trims on. I can only imagine how kickass it would be without them... and I totally understand everyone's frustration with them. Maverick pushed the limits of my head towards getting a concussion. It was rough as hell and the seating was quite uncomfortable. If it was a bit smoother and less jerky, maybe I would've enjoyed it, but we tried it three times and I was just left thinking, "Well, that wasn't very good."
  6. Keep in mind that you're likely to face rain on at least one of the three days you're there, and you're also likely to facebreakdowns on at least one of the Big Three coasters. I understand your reasoning for hitting smaller coasters first - the first coaster roadtrip Nikki and I ever went on, I insisted that we pass up ... uh, the flying coaster at Geauga Lake, to go on Double Loop, because I hadn't been on a coaster in years. But, at CP, where TTD is about as reliable as something that isn't very reliable, you'd probably want to get on it as quick as possible, just in case an unforse
  7. Culvers and Sonic are two of the reasons I love going on US road trips!
  8. Sounds like this will be pretty awesome!!! Hopefully we can make the trek to catch it, we still haven't been there, despite a trip to Florida!
  9. Damn, why couldn't I have read that before going?! It's totally not worth $20 but I love heart attack burgers.
  10. Meh. Screamin's music is *ok*. It gets old after a while. I think they need to update it. Maybe bring in a decent band that's from California (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Simple Plan,or even an unheard of group.) I respect your opinion though on the music. Just one question, why wouldn't you bring an iPod on a coaster? It's safe if you put it in a zip up pocket. Just to be a jerk, Simple Plan are from Canada...
  11. Well, back seat was open on all three trains yesterday anyway... Was planning on doing a TR but the camera I pilfered from a friend to use didn't come with a USB cable, so I'll have to wait until Sunday to post it up. Sad, I know. I did get some shots of the heralded dildo pen and Behemoth leather jacket. Huzzah.
  12. Time Warp at Canada's Wonderland gets re-themed to be "The Rat Race" [name needs work]. Basically, the riders are lab rats, and the ride itself is a form of an experiment carried out by scientists [of course the ride ops are dressed wearing white jackets]. The queue can be themed to be a habitrail tube or something, too, along with some drinking fountains shaped like rodent water bottles... I wouldn't ride but it beats having a futuristic ride sign with weird jungle theming.
  13. Those look like some pretty high numbers... I can totally see Kung-Fu Panda busting hard at the box office and putting up way under $100m... but I'm also not a movie buff. Just a random prediction with no evidence to back it up That said, WALL-E all the way. DreamWorks is a joke.
  14. Yes! The people demand to know about the dildo pens! It will be done! Perhaps accompanying video will be provided :o
  15. I think perhaps this is true... if they made no effort to organize the massive crowd of people in any, then that is poor planning. However as some other parks have done, even organizing a crowd into a single file line and trying to calmly bring them back to the ride entrance to avoid trampling doesn't work very well, as people get impatient and just start shoving and pushing anyway. But I guess it would've been worth it to try.
  16. Behemoth's openings have had pretty bad bullruns, especially on weekends. Kids get trampled all the time, and while it sucks, it's hardly an occurrance unique to Hershey... Any bets on whether or not he'll try and defend himself or not?
  17. Hahahaha this is the best trip report on TPR. Thanks for this excellent pictures! I can assure you that your displeasure with Hershey has certainly affected my desire to go there, and now they will not rob me of my money with their poor organization and mosh pits and inability to have an opening ceremony for a new ride and valleying coasters! Clearly this park is not very good and you're right, they should be "sewed" and send all of their good rides to Knoebel's, because Knoebel's would know how to treat their customers! Edit: Also, Howler looks so awesome! I don't understand why they were
  18. Sounds about right to me, except omit the part about it being "fun"...
  19. Oh mysterious title fairy, would you be so kind as to bestow a custom title upon me? Something in good taste, perhaps, but otherwise it's all up to you
  20. Likely heading back on Wednesday morning for some Behemoth rides Will post the UP TO DATE BEHEMOTH UPDATE as soon as I get home OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILL THE BACK SEATS BE OPEN? WILL THERE BE TWO OR THREE TRAINS? OR EVEN ONE?!?! AND WHICH COLOURS?! THE INTRIGUE IS MASSIVE. STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Okay after that spiel I refuse to believe you're not on their payroll And yes, there is a building like a loaf of bread...
  22. ^ I agree entirely with Nikki. Knoebel's was the first park we hit on our 2005 Florida trip, and we were left completely disappointed! I especially had high hopes for the place, and I was left wondering, "What the hell does anyone see in it?" Looking back now, I can see that I didn't take in the true "Knoebel's experience"... we didn't have time to go on the Skooters, the haunted house, we didn't eat any food, and our experiences on the flat rides were mediocre. The only saving grace in the entire park was Phoenix, which was outstanding! I guess crowd factor played a role, as it was PA
  23. This video could've been about 10 minutes shorter... and I don't think it's a good "tourist video" because it leaves nothing to the imagination. You see everything, and doesn't necessarily show it all in a good light. Some of the shots are very poorly done, there's very little actual editing done [did we really need to look at the back of so many people's heads as you filmed coasters?], the camera work is shaky, etc. Was the world clamouring for a single-view off-ride video of Shockwave's entire cycle? Or for an off-ride shot of Top Gun that's entirely obscured by poles and trees? And your mus
  24. Your "artist rendering"s of the Taxi Jam and Rebel Yell POVs made me chuckle, so bravo! Also some of the pictures have magnificently bright colours! Very awesome! I like your TRs, you should probably make some more so I have something to read! Edit: Also, does Volcano ever use two trains? I always figured that it was a single-train coaster thanks to the blasting of the trains... it was a one-train op when Nikki and I were last there, and I thought nothing of it.
  25. Something like that. The area from the US border to CW that you drove through probably holds about 25% of Canada's entire population. The Greater Toronto Area alone has about 6 million people in it, just under 20% of the entire country's population. That's a pretty accurate way to describe most of the park's coasters.
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