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  1. Superman Ride of Steel (SFNE) can be quite uncomfortable on your crotch, particularly when the ride-ops put their entire weight on the restraint (which they all did on every single ride during my visit). I actually might be thinking of Ride of Steel at Darien Lake! It was my first intamin hyper, and I had no idea that they stomped down on the restraints, so I was caught completely off-guard. Thanks for jogging my [repressed] memories!
  2. I'll give you at least as good a rate as deviantART. For every $20 I make, I'll forward you 9 cents. Deal? With Natalie-friendly rates like that, however will you make enough money to afford another trip?! As always, nice pictures and captions, Natalie!
  3. Have you guys not ever been on Iron Wolf at SFGAm? That thing makes Mantis seem baby's butt-smooth! THAT is the worst B&M I've ever experienced, by far. Mantis at least has some cool forces, Iron Wolf just has crotch-busting, head-banging pain. I got crotched one time by a T-shaped lap bar restraint, but I have absolutely no recollection of what coaster it was on. Those things can be killers though! Not a coaster, but both Jet Scream and Shockwave at Canada's Wonderland are ball busters. Shockwave only on the exit from the ride - as the weight removed from the seats launches the ca
  4. If you ever find out, make sure the information is shared with NONE of us. Oh, and death to the Jonas Brothers. I'm halfway to thinking that he actually was at the park that day for the Jonas Brothers concert, and that's why he refuses to tell anyone the bands he listens to! [but only half-way there, so uh, don't kill me!]
  5. ...so, is "Bare Wires" the name of a band you listen to? No, I will not rest until I figure this out! It haunts me!!! Random captions are more fun than well thought out captions or, uh, rehearsed captions? Can you rehearse captions? "Hey I got a great caption for [insert ride here]! I will store it in a text file until I do a TR of [park] and can use it!" Do those count? That would seem kinda lame.
  6. Gasp! Nikki, shame on you for vandalizing Wonderland!!! Also, your captions/pictures for the last few pics are a bit screwy Dragon Fire is captioned with "The Bat", which is the next picture down... and it continues until the end of the TR. Good TR though!!! I love seeing all the pics from people who are experiencing Wonderland for the first time. And definitely nice to get perspective from someone who is a self-professed non-coaster enthusiast [well, until the trip was over!]
  7. It's not on the map. I checked Just a very weird space. But I think it's been used fairly frequently, judging from the odd smell of feet that permeates the air, and the arrangement of the carpets in the rooms. I think Robb has some exclusive Multi-Faith Space POV from his trip up here in May.
  8. I, too, ducked out of nighttime ERT a bit early... it got to the point where I was on the coaster trying not to fall asleep. So I quietly said goodbye to Robb and then just walked the long, scenic way through the dark, empty park before going home and promptly falling asleep. Good times!
  9. Here is an additional post in regards to the new roller coaster that is expected to open in 2009 at Kings Island.
  10. Man, the Dave Trivia was just painful for me. I'm terrible at being witty with no preparation, and worse at speaking in front of crowds, so my being up there sure didn't make things more enjoyable for everyone else. I was waiting for the boos to start! Dave never did explain what was on his iPod! I'll have to experience it at some point, though.
  11. I gotta say, I have no clue how you guys manage to have so many long days like today! I even got to take a break from the heat and riding since I live near the park, and by the end of the day I could barely stand! I'm in awe of those who manage to do this for weeks on end!
  12. Do they even sell cans of soda at CF parks? I've only seen bottles... which, as Nicole said, are $3.50.
  13. Is there any plans to expand the multi-faith room? Can we have ERT on the multi-faith room? Why did they not use the word "hawk" in the name for Behemoth? Can we scrap Time Warp and have Great Whale of China and The Fury back? Do you have any Grey Poupon? And other such questions.
  14. Looks like I'm out If anyone from Toronto is heading down and needs some company, let me know!
  15. Ohhh hopefully Nikki and I can make it out for this! I'm dying to go to HP!
  16. Ah yes, the famed outhouse manufacturer "Great Crappers International"!
  17. On Nikki and I's first coaster trip, Double Loop was the first coaster we hit. That's about the only memory I have of it.
  18. Sweet! Nikki and I will both be there, event sounds pretty awesome! I know we're looking forward to meeting a bunch of new people! And Behemoth at night makes me go hhhhhhhhh
  19. Ah yes, a valuable lesson for us all. Thanks for the words of wisdom. And if you want painful crappy woodies, come ride Wild Beast or Predator
  20. Anyone got an over/under as to how long the final two minutes of game six is going to last? I'll start it at nine minutes. Game four was, from memory, about nine minutes. Game five was 14 minutes. Who wants in on this action?
  21. I always end up heckling a Jays player when I go to a game. It's sad that this team is full of such scrubs that I have to resort to it, but there you go. Victims of my wrath so far have included Shannon Stewart, Brad Wilkerson and Alex Rios. I also was one of the few who stood up and cheered when Reed Johnson homered for the Cubs on Saturday. That was the high point of my season so far! Last year in Minnesota I heckled ex-Jay Guillermo Quiroz [playing for Texas] enough that I got a mention on the Rangers television feed of the game. It was great!
  22. -- Adventure Express' final lift hill, with the dueling Rock Em Sock Em Statues -- Voyage triple down -- Hades The last two are obvious choices but they are obvious for a reason: because they kick ass!
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