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  1. Was looking forward to a meet-up at CW this weekend, however I've got swank tickets to a Jays game on Sunday and thus cannot make it. Hope you enjoy the day, though!
  2. Hmmm, when I first read the title, I was thinking, "Hopefully this is a topic about TPR members sneaking mickeys of hard liquor into parks"
  3. You might have a tough time trying to get all of the Wonderland credits + doing Centreville in the same day... if you've been to CW before and only need Behemoth, then it shouldn't be a factor, but if you need all credits at CW... it might be a rough day for you.
  4. That's bullcrap. Just because you write a song about a serious issue doesn't mean you give any thoughtfulness, insight or meaning to it. And just because you write a song about something that doesn't exist doesn't mean that there's any less meaning that can be found within it.
  5. Hey! Nice trip report! I went to Ottawa in 1996, just before they finished building the then-Corel Centre [i remember because I thought to myself, "What a stupid place to put an arena."]. I am fairly sure I did at least a few of the things you've taken shots of in this TR, but the only things I remember clearly are getting sick at dinner on the first night, not wanting to do anything for the next two days, and then getting dragged to the Canadian Aviation Museum, then sulking for the next two days and leaving. Your trip report was definitely more pleasant than that experience, and for
  6. Ah, so that's where the Toboggan is located! When Nikki and I spontaneously showed up to the park in '06, without knowing anything about it, we didn't even realize that we had missed a credit until we left and noticed that a Toboggan was listed on RCDB
  7. Truth, but I live about 4km from Wonderland and I can see Behemoth from on the main road What main road are you referring to? I can sometimes see the ride from Rutherford and Weston if I get the right view over/between trees when I'm driving from my girlfriend's place. Dufferin and Rutherford
  8. Truth, but I live about 4km from Wonderland and I can see Behemoth from on the main road
  9. Was at the park today, and Behemoth was back up and running! So, looks as though they got everything fixed, and in a timely matter
  10. Hey Big Mike! Just in case you haven't heard elsewhere, Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland was up and running today [Friday the 16th], so everything should be gravy for next weekend!
  11. In the "What is your favourite stand-up?" thread...
  12. The video is awful. Just AWFUL. I saw Disturbed live once, back in 2001 with Mudvayne and Godhead. I was able to meet Dave Draiman and tell him that his band sucks. That's about the height of enjoyment I've gotten out of them... although their cover of "Land of Confusion" was actually decent. And with that I will exit the thread.
  13. Just to let you know, Behemoth's got a problem with the lift hill and is likely to be down for the next couple of weekends, which could put you nabbing the credit in jeopardy. So far the dump list is: -- Darien Lake -- William's Grove [not that I have a choice on that one] -- Lakemont Park -- Lake Compounce -- Kings Dominion -- Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom The latter two are only on the cusp... a big new attraction could likely get me to return there. Darien Lake is almost definitely a place I wouldn't go back to, it was just awful last time we were there.
  14. I'd probably put Behemoth above Raging Bull, but I really liked both of them. Neither are cracking my top ten list though... Both were worlds better than Apollo's Chariot.
  15. Did you know that Thunder Run at Canada's Wonderland, which is situated in and around Wonder Mountain, was previously located in a field elsewhere in the park? Did you know that there are three things at Canada's Wonderland using the name "Backlot"? The Backlot Stunt Coaster, the Backlot Cafe restaurant, and "the backlot cafe" - the employee lunchroom. Did you know that the train used on the Bat at Canada's Wonderland once belonged to Dragon Fire, the park's Arrow looper?
  16. Awesome TRs, Big Mike! I'm not much for voyeurish bikini pictures, but ot sure looks like you've got that niche cornered Sadly, your Lake Compounce TR has made my deluxe hatred of that place subside slightly, and now I think I may have to remove it from my "I Will Never. Ever. Ever. Ever. Return to These Dumps" list... damn you for that! Glad to be following you all the way up to 100 TRs, and maybe Nikki and I can catch up with the Road Show when it stops at Canada's Wonderland!
  17. Nice TR Just to mention, the Altoona Curve's ballpark has, I believe, the highest capacity of all of the AA ballparks. It's small by Major League standards, sure, but for a ballpark in a third tier baseball league, it's pretty impressive And from what I've heard, they used to not run the coaster during games... but now they do? I can't verify that though. Lakemont was such a dump when we went, except the Skyliner/stadium area. Del Grosso's was a bit better but seemed just like a glorified street fair with better food. You should get out to Idlewild! That place was very nice!
  18. Hm. We got the Galaxi credit when we were there, but purposely skipped the Dive credit, since it was having mechanical issues and then... well, the line was kind of long for what looked to be very minimal reward. Oh well!
  19. I agree with everyone else. If nothing else, this paper made me laugh quite a few times at just how poorly it was written, so at least you got that out of me.
  20. I hope this isn't true! I was hoping to get back on it next weekend and give Nikki her first [behemoth] ride!
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