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  1. I think its interesting when people say that Intimidator 305 was an unpleasant suprise because it made them grey out. I've greyed out every time I have ridden it and I have never once had any concern or felt any discomfort from it. I think it adds to the holy crap sensation if anything..
  2. So I had the awesome opportunity to represent TPR this afternoon at the hard hat tour. This is my first time doing something like this so It was really exciting for me. I got TONS of photos, so I'm just going to sort of throw the best of them up on here. Wicked Cyclone is definitely starting to look pretty "wicked" to say the least. The photo's speak for themselves... Hyperventilating... absurdly steep first drop Some nice heartline. In case people needed confirmation.. I very much approve of this shaping another nice angle on the overbank It was a little bit wet today... Though the weather suits the ride well! Very ominous.. Finishing the stall is next on their to-do list! It's just starting to take form.. ..and it already looks INSANE! The little wavy speed hill looks nice too Another angle because why not... did I mention this is only one of 14 airtime moments total!! We managed to get a bit of blue sky later on in the tour. the lift still lacking its necessary lifting components.. Can't wait to see where these twisty pieces end up! The track color REALLY pops. The pictures dont do it justice. dem curves.. I will go ahead and end it with a hard hat selfie of me getting up close and personal with some WC track. I would like to thank the SFNE staff that made this tour possible! We really appreciate your time sacrificed for this amazing opportunity!
  3. Well its because a loop is actually very irregular. Its basically the same as a corkscrew in the sense that the track is continuously twisting all the way through. Its really inconvenient to try to make supports to accomodate this without it looking really odd.
  4. ^Agreed. The exception is Bizarro because it is neither curvy, nor a long freefall straight section. Intimidator is the only other coaster that has the plummeting-to-death infinitely feeling on the drop other than Titan/Goliath for me.
  5. Kings Dominion is kind of an underrated park in general I would say. The ride lineup is one of my favorites of any park, since each ride has something completely unique to offer. I get most excited to go there over almost any other park other than maybe cedar point.
  6. I remember apocalypse to be a fun ride with minimal headbanging. It was one of my favorite standups, even less rough than green lantern. Maybe I'm the only one..
  7. Certain coasters have a mystique about them and the way they look, where I just look at them and I'm in awe of how sweet looking they are. So what coasters do you find the most sexy? Here's a list of my favorites: Kraken from Sky Tower - SeaWorld Orlando by Scott9432, on Flickr
  8. ^I agree. I don't mind the new colors, but I wish it was still two different track colors so that the twistyness would be more apparent..
  9. ^It's a bit overhyped. It's good fun, but it's like phoenix in the sense that it's not crazy intense or interesting.
  10. Having ridden both mantis and Chang (in both locations), Chang elements are not anymore drawn out than mantis's. However they may be reshaped a tweaked but I. My experience Chang is just as intense if not more intense than mantis. Where Chang kicks the crap out of mantis is a second half where it doesn't beat the crap out of you. I remember green lantern kind of beating the crop out of me the whole entire ride like every time it hit a seam in the track, whereas I remember the first half of mantis being glass smooth, and then a couple of the transitions being harsh because you are in a standing position.
  11. There's something about classic premier trains that I can't get enough of. They are so boxy, yet so compact at the same time, and they always look so cool the way they traverse the curves of the track. I also love how deep the seats are.
  12. Steel Dragon was perfectly fine running ride when B&M came in and redid the trains, there was basically no risk involved. The GIB have a horrible track record and Vekoma could barely make them work, I don't think B&M would have wanted to touch it with a stick if asked. False.. the track is as smooth as a B&M, or was with the old trains. The new trains the issue is that the seats are attached directly between the wheels instead of between them like before.
  13. I love the way arrow track-work is so organic, each ride made by arrow has so much character. You will almost never two transitions that look exactly the same, even if they are usually poorly shaped. I always look forward to riding a new arrow because its such a different experience from a typical steel coaster. Its almost the missing link between the hand made track-work of wooden coasters and the mathematical precision of modern steel coasters. Since my head is above the restraints, I never get headbanging and rather enjoy the rough parts that I have to brace myself. They are never actually 'painful' per se, but more just comical and awkward feeling. One of my favorite parts of ANY coaster is the entrance and the slow corks on anaconda, which just feel so 'wrong' in every way. Most coasters nowadays are simply too right feeling to the point where it sometimes gets boring. Im very upset that I never got to ride GASM when I was there before it was demolished just so I know what it was like. I will kick myself over that forever..
  14. Arrows do not get the credit they deserve. They really drove the entire coaster industry to become as it is today.
  15. The restraints do the same thing the b&m ones do, just in a different way. The ride is very forceful and fast pace, and the flips during the turns are fantastic too. The pretzel loops are good, but they are the only part that is intense on B&M flyers. The loop is just as interesting imo.
  16. Batwing, although not as good as B:TR, is still probably my favorite flyer, why the hate for this?
  17. Volcano: the Blast Coaster, that launch into that turn was great first impression after growing up at BGW with only B&M
  18. Yeah, it might look awesome, but the ride is really rough. The cars are a big part of this, but the bizarre shaping doesn't help either. Ah ok after H:RRR this actually makes sense a bit..
  19. Are there even ANY B:TR clones that are showing age enough to consider that they may close even in the somewhat near future?
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