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  1. Am I the only one that loves the way the parts with the old ties look? I wish they would make a skyloop with just the old style ties, It would look so cool
  2. ^Hybrid. I would assume he meant iron horse steel
  3. I don't think intamin designed that. If anything it was just construction error that caused that.
  4. I guess it just depends on what your personal definition of "best layout" is. It's not my personal definition, it's actually defined as how the elements are arranged. If this definition isn't being enforced, then this quickly becomes another "favorite coaster" thread, which from my understanding wasn't the purpose.. Not a huge deal either way though hearing about what coaster has peoples favorite elements to ride is fun too!
  5. Best layout doesn't mean the most insane or varied, just the one with the best aesthetic flow and self interaction. MF is very balanced and aligned looking, it's overall just very well "laid out". A ride like maverick may have more interesting individual elements, but the flow of the track layout is much more random and scattered looking..
  6. The trick for stand ups is to adjust the seat correctly, and to avoid headbanging just hug around the sides of the restraint so that your body doesn't move around! The thrill of stand ups is just how little contact you have with the restraints and seats, the freedom is unmatched!
  7. ^My theory is that the extra padding was supposed to help accommodate larger people, since it allows the restraint to fall further forward on the thighs giving a little more room. It definitely isnt safer or more comfortable, so I dont know what else it could be. Entirely speculation of course..
  8. The thing is,as a communications manager, Jen might might know a lot about the concepts of the transformation, but not necessarily something so detailed and technical as minor modifications to the restraints. This is not a selling point of the transformation to the average guest. Maybe the restraint alterations are something decided by the ride technicians and maintenance crews.. And for all she knows, the restraints aren't changing to t-bars, or over shoulder restraints, and therefore aren't "changing" per-se? Who knows! I still have my fingers crossed that the restraint padding will receive some changes. I'm still excited about the headrests being removed, but those restraints will look super bulky without the proportion to the tall seats..
  9. Who knows.. Why is the bottom of apollos chariot flat? Why is the section after the helix on sros flat? It's just a part of the layout, one of many ways for them to build track that navigates from point a to point b! Its a very short little section where they couldn't have fit anything else, so if anything it will enhance the effect of the speed..
  10. I remember seeing a documentary where they decided to make the launch for hulk exactly 1g, maybe I am mistaken?
  11. Well to be honest, I think that half the reason why people find the airtime so intense on skyrush is because of the poor restraint design, since the forces themselves I found very comparable to el toro (which I have never had problems with). Since the restraints are positioned so far forward on the thighs, and the bottom of the seats are not very long under your thighs compared to other floor-free coasters like B&Ms, You are not only receiving the weight of your body on the restraint, but also a weird leverage between the bottom of the seat and your restraint. This sensation is not apparent with RMC coasters, or older intamin restraints, where the bar falls very close to your stomach, and therefore almost all of the negative accelerations on your body are transferred straight into a force against the lap bar, rather than that force as well as a torque between the seat bottom and the edge of the restraint. This is essentially the same issue that magnums lapbars have, and even Bizarro at sfne, except there are no floors to keep your thighs at the same level up against the lapbars, which for me personally makes it feel even worse. Also, it looks like the new seats curve around the legs on the sides a bit further than skyrush, so hopefully that will help with the lats in some way. That was another problem with the design of these seats, is the lack of lateral support.. Anyways, its too early to know for sure how much better these restraints are until there are better pictures.
  12. Its funny how intamin designed their T-Bar, one of the best restraints ever designed, and are now designing such uncomfortable restraints. If they took the exact shape of the tbar padding and put that on all of their restraints then that would solve all their problems..
  13. Restraints sit at the correct position between the waist and the legs!! Please do this for skyrush hershey. I see a lot of little modifications here that definitely make these trains and seats ergonomically superior, and it makes me jealous.
  14. Maverick is probably the smoothest coaster I have ever ridden. Old or new restraints.. But especially fun with the new restraints! Suprisingly, I had one of the smoothest rides I've ever had on a coaster this past fall on Alpengeist. They must have changed the wheels or something, even the cobra roll had zero vibration. It was kind of weird actually, not necessarily a good thing.. It was also first thing in the morning so it was running a bit tame.
  15. VHS Coaster's commented on that photo saying that the turn around before the first drop is advertised as a "panoramic curve" and apparently it's an international thing. I think it's pretty neat, adds character and builds up anticipation for that first drop. The first curve (and most of the layout) was requested by the park. Its something intamin would have never done otherwise. I think they did the best they could with the client they had to work with.
  16. ^1000% agreed. I honestly think most of the reason mf is so popular is the combination of the layout WITH such minimal and comfortable trains and restraints.
  17. 1) Maverick (omfg) 2) Millennium force (when it's not rattling and it's running fast it is glorious) 3) Magnum XL 200 (second to back magic seat.. perfect airtime) 4) Raptor (batman level intensity and perfect layout) 5) Top thrill dragster (tbars at 120 mph is scary) 6) Rougarou (back right was amazing) 7) Blue streak (airtime was unexpected) 8) Wicked Twister 9) Gatekeeper (tight vests ruin the freedom (rip Valravn airtime)) 10) Gemini 11) Corkscrew (that airtime hill tho) 12) Iron dragon 13) Mean Streak .... 14) cedar Creek mine ride (just terrible)
  18. Looking at the renders I don't see the kink, but my eyes might just be playing tricks..
  19. I honestly think that kink is just the way the structure settled for skyrush. In the same way that i305s lift kind of sags down on the way up..
  20. Who knows, it may be manufactured by intamin but the design was clearly verrrryy influenced by the wishes of the client for this ride.
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