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  1. Both hurler and grizzly were surprisingly good in my last visit this past weekend. Hurler was perfectly smooth with the exception of the god awful first turn and last turn. It has a lot of potential if they could fix it. Grizzly could use some TLC as well, but I was surprised by all the airtime.
  2. RMC's have become a more cost efficient and marketable version of the exact same thing. To me that is a bit unfortunate, because el toro and the other prefabs offer a slightly more powerful experience than RMC's. I think that there are bound to be parks in the future that invest in one, but who knows when.
  3. I'd say it's the opposite (front sluggish compared to back). I'd say try both and decide for yourself.
  4. I don't understand where all the hate for the first element comes from. I think gerstlauer meant it to be exactly how it is for a reason, and people should reserve their judgment until actually riding. It may have the best airtime and forces on the entire ride you don't know for sure. It looks like two solid doses of airtime to me.
  5. The end itself doesn't fizzle, its just the momentum of the train fizzles lately. It depends on the day.. When the train takes the ending at full speed it is my favorite part of the ride (possibly the most intense). When it's running slowly it gets that meandering sensation, but still not as bad as NTAG because it doesn't have any of that flat long turning.
  6. It was ranked pretty high in Mitch hawker I assume it was a good ride. Looks amazing to me.. Remember that inversion after inversion can be done right; just look at rides like nemesis, or alpengeist, or kumba. This even has airtime and unique elements mixed in.
  7. So I got to go to the park for the first time in years last week. I have to say, falcons fury was absolutely worth any delays or issues they had in construction. This might be one of my favorite rides of all time. I've never experienced anything like it in my life! It's also one of the most beautiful rides I've ever seen/watched. The insane paint job is icing on the cake.. MAJOR WIN for BGT. I think the GP would agree as well, I saw people of all ages coming off that ride completely blown away, and it seems to draw a steady crowd the whole day. Though, I was lucky enough to catch it early in the morning when it had no line and got a couple rides in thankfully. I think this and cheetah hunt (loved it!) were two rides that fill out this park lineup perfectly, and I really hope to see busch work with intamin more in the future to produce such high quality rides. Has there been any technical issues/ breakdowns with these rides since they have opened? I feel like, other than the difficulty perfecting falcons fury, these rides have been reliable enough that they would consider doing more business with them.
  8. ^I assumed that was the first time anyone had been linked to the video on this forum and therefore was being discussed for the first time. Somehow I missed the post where you said that it was a re-post from a few pages back. Honest mistake..
  9. ^Agreed, I mean I had to ask him to repeat the time because I wasn't sure if I heard him correctly. He did say 45 seconds, but that seems like it would have had to be like launched into the ride to get that.. It was not a ride operator but i'm not 100% sure he was maintenance so who knows. I timed it the times that I rode it when it was running what I would say is as intense as I would WANT it to be without being physically uncomfortable, and it was only at 52 seconds. Then clocked 55 seconds again later when it had gotten drier and emptier. (I had a lot of time on my hands to do this since the park was so empty) The only way I think in my mind that it could make sense is that when its running quickly it was not spending ANY time hanging in the rolls, whereas the typical runs the train slows down quite a bit and hangs for a moment during the roll. Like there certain elements where the speed entering them is not perfectly proportional to how fast it maneuvers it, where there is a certain point where a low speed would have it pause a lot longer than it should, even though it does pick up pace again after returning back down..
  10. ^I understand and agree that it has a large effect. I still think think 10 second variations in the time from the lift to brakes is a pretty large variation for the small length of the course. That is considerably more temperamental than other rides ive heard about. I know flying turns at knoebels has maybe 2 or 3 second variations at most, and to me that seems like a far less precise and weight based ride.
  11. Alright, so today gave me a lot of insight on how this ride runs. I got around 20 rides in, and had the FULL spectrum of types of rides this can deliver. It was not in my head that this ride was running much more insane on Media day, this ride is indeed very temperamental. Thankfully, today I got some rides that were EVEN FASTER than media day. I spoke to maintenance, they said that the typical time is 55 seconds, and they were getting runs in at 45 seconds today. When it was a full train and sprinkling a bit I was getting runs at 50 seconds about and it was still absolutely crazy. I was not even getting hangtime on the first zero g roll, it almost positive gs. On the 6 or so rides I got at this intensity, the final sequence quickly became my favorite part of the entire ride . Then entire portion following the barrel roll when running up to speed feels SEVERLY underbanked, with solid lats sustained the whole time and ejector on all the hills, including the one into the brake. I also got to ride the last couple rides after it had stopped raining, and the train was completely empty, where it was riding like it usually does (squeaking through transitions and little to no airtime at the end). Its too bad this ride is so temperamental, but personally I still find the hangtime very fun that you dont get when it is running at full intensity. Hopefully the change to the new wheels will make it a more consistently intense experience so everyone can get the experience that Schilke designed this ride to offer.
  12. I was at media day with the same person who I was with today in the same row and same train as that day, and we both agreed there was a difference. Its possible that both of us are wrong though. Another spot I remember distinctly was the airtime entering the brakes in the back being mild ejector whereas it was hardly floater today. Really hope my mind isn't playing games with me and that this speeds back up to what intensity level I remember it being at.
  13. I got to ride again today, and idk what happened but this ride is not what it was at media day. It screeched all through the course and seems like it lost a lot of speed. The first and last outward banked hill used to be equal intensity, but now the first is not even as strong as toro, and the second is barely ejector at all. Relatively sluggish at the end. I can confirm that the wheels are still nylon. Not sure whats going on but I hope it gets faster than it was running today. Still a fun ride with good airtime but not bizarro smashing top 5 like it was media day.
  14. ^^^^What exactly is it about the airtime that you found underwhelming? I'm sort of confused, because I've been on skyrush and el toro enough time to know what ejector airtime feels like, and I was still caught off guard with the intensity of the airtime on some of the hills.
  15. Can you elaborate on how alpengeist was trimmed?? Were the trims notably less strong? I really wish they would just stop trimming the ending of the ride because it is such an amazing coaster even with the trims.
  16. I don't know, this seems like more of a "brand new coaster that just happened to be on the same footprint" rather than a "transformation". I agree. I find it very amusing when people try to directly compare it to the former ride saying "that was so much smoother than the 'old' one" and being all suprised XD..
  17. I might find fault with comparing it to El Toro and Nitro. Only because Nitro is a snoozefest compared to El Toro, whilst WC and Bizarro seem to be pretty much matched in terms of intensity and quality. I think a better comparison would be Maverick and Millennium Force IMO in terms of a 1-2 punch. Just my .02 Well I do not find Nitro to be a snoozefest personally so I made that comparison. I've always put nitro and bizarro at around the same spot, nitro edging out slightly above. (s:ros on the other hand would easily be a couple spots above it, R.I.P. old trians )
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