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  1. If the kid was big enough he probably slipped out the bottom. The straps breaking would not allow him to fall out, unless he didn't have legs or something.. The seats don't extend that far out underneath of you so if the restraints were not down far he could have slid out.
  2. The park is definitely feeling run down. Basically everywhere in the park is in desperate need of tlc.
  3. The "new track" looks like the ties are cut out further allowing for more space for equipment on the bottom of the train..
  4. ^Not really at all. They look completely different and had never considered that they even be compared..
  5. Yeah totally agreed. People get confused by the sensation of intensity on wooden coasters. Similarly people find voyage to be rough, when it's actually just intense. Lightning race does may be "smoother" but it's also pretty forceless. Wildcat is a much more thrilling ride in my opinion.
  6. In all honesty wildcat runs just fine, and isn't getting any worse each year. It still gets decent ridership, almost as much as lightning racers. Although neither of them get great ridership being at the far end of the park..
  7. Agreed El Toro went up in my ranks a ton this year. It's on par with skyrush intensity just with comfortable airtime..
  8. How is ROS running these days? Im heading there over the summer and cannot WAIT to see how it compares to SFAs clone, which I absolutely loved.
  9. I don't believe the turnaround was retracked. As far as I know, only a smaller portion of the second camelback and the turn into the waiting breaks was retracked. Everything else is as it was. The retracked portions seem a little different though. The new track is prefab track but metal braces were also placed where the new track is. I also saw Zumanjaro testing at full height today. I filmed several videos and I just sent them to Robb. Hopefully he'll post them soon for you all to see. I remembered some light wood on the track at the lowest point of the turnaround. And as far as I could see the retracked areas are only the top two layers. Anyoneone have pics of it?
  10. Polyurethane or something similar...at least for now. It wouldn't be screeching if it were
  11. I noticed some areas on El Toro were retracked.. I didn't know that was possible with prefabs but it worked really well and the turnaround is a lot smoother than before. Does intamin come in and do the retracking because how else would it be done precisely?
  12. You are absolutely correct. I was on the phone earlier today with my 6F homepark (SFGAm) to verify this. What a bummer, I'll be forced to visit Goliath before our first venture to Nitro and El Toro! Guest relations let me in for free. El toro is running the best it ever has this year. They retracted the only rough parts and it's not loosing any speed. So much airtime even at the end! Batman is also running amazingly. Nitro is in a deteriorating state but still amazing. Even superman had an empty station today it was fantastic!
  13. If I have the paperwork printed for my season pass at SFNE, can I use that to get in at sfgadv even though it's not processed?
  14. Goliath was glass smooth with the old trains.. It's too bad these new ones don't track well..
  15. Ill keep my fingers crossed.. If anyone who has been to the park this week can confirm that its still closed during weekdays let me know!
  16. 1. Demon Drop 2. Drop Zone KD 3. Everything Else..
  17. I second that post. You are also missing a good intense intamin coaster..
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