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  1. Its gonna look about like Falcon in Duinrell except birch themed supports. So it will be really cool. Expect this:
  2. Someone claimed there was airtime on the first drop of texas giant at one point on some seat somewhere somehow. I dont remember who it was. But i dont understand how that is physically possible unless the lift hill is over 20mph or so..
  3. No not at all. They are going to be basically reimbursing and building all the structure thoroughly over the off season. i can guarantee you. These are the people that actually built multiple coasters, some with very high forces such as el toro. They know what they are doing, they have seen what is needed in order for a ride to handle forces.
  4. I am pretty excited for the eurofighter going to canobie next year. Its nice to know that they arent sticking with the new eurofighter style going to SFOG completely. The old style looks very nice.
  5. I meant it would be enclosed BY the supports. Thats why those ledgers on top are there.
  6. I expected it to be enclosed on that turn! Thats great! The head choppers are going to be insanely insane.
  7. Yeah i made a superman ros one too, but then they changed it and it just doesnt work anymore. Plus el toro imo is better.
  8. Thanks! and excuse my avatar, once i loads once it doesnt have to load again. Atleast from experience.
  9. I think people are a bit confused about wheel space, all coasters have it to a certain extent and it is NOT what MAKES wooden coasters or any coasters rough, but it can possibly add to it. for wooden coasters, it is the hand carving of all the turns that make turns shaky, and the fact that the wood itself bends inbetween the ledgers making it "jackhammer." This can lead to wearing down the metal wheels over time and make it vibrate slighltly, but the roughness comes mostly from the deterioration of that track, so that it bends in between the ledgers when the train rides over it (usually through a valley), and the natural roughness that isn't painful, which comes from the hand making. For a steel coaster, it is just the bad shaping of the track, or the wearing of the polyurethane wheels making it vibrate. So the new texas giant, whether it has slighly loose wheels or (most likely from the pics of the wheel systems) not. As far as i know, it should basically feel like a steel coaster! And the guy from rocky mountain const. said nothing about it still being rough. He said keeping it from deteriorating, which is what MAKES it rough and hard to keep. See how it all ties together? Btw hi im new here, and this ride will be insane.
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