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  1. I don't understand, what exactly is it about the X-Car Model that people dislike so much? It looks pretty awesome..
  2. ^Mantis, most beautiful color scheme. So simple yet so effective!
  3. Kumba- 1993 I305- 2010 The fact that these two coasters compete just blows my mind for how advanced and ahead of their time B&M was. What did people think when kumba opened if they think so highly of it now? It must have been ridiculous to be alive for the construction and opening of such a magnificent ride. Kumba will forever be an icon in the Amusement industry.
  4. ^^Mantis layout? Bad?? Are you kidding? It has the most fantastic layout of almost any b&m ever made..
  5. Yeah I have always thought this and wondered why it hasn't been done, or why it wasn't designed like this initially.
  6. Honestly mantis is one of the most beautiful and we'll designed b&m layouts and trackwork and I'm more excited about putting this classic goodness to use than any new b&m creation could excite me.
  7. B&M were the best at what they did at the time and they knew they could expect everything that they designed to be reliable.
  8. ^I think people complain about it for the same reason they complain about Maverick. It's so forceful and sudden that it tends to be seen as rough when in reality it's just snappy, and actually very well engineered.
  9. The cobra roll on alpengeist is one of my favorite elements for that reason. The intense forces combined with the twisting and inverting is so disorienting and thrilling.
  10. I agree that wildcat hardly felt rough. People also say mantis is insanely rough when it only has like a couple of transitions that are actually that rough. The only uncomfortable roughness was the back row of wildcat at Lake compounce when it jackhammered on the valley before the second turnaround.
  11. Im pretty sure that if the park asked Intamin for something within reliable boundaries like millenium force (which has hardly any mechanical issues) they would easy do so. The parks are the ones who ask for rides that will push the limit. There are plenty of intamins out there that have gone many years problem free.
  12. No. Mr. Freeze has a faster launch. I believe it has a top speed in the 70s, while Poltergeist is in the 60s However, I don't like reverse launches so I prefer Poltergeist. No I'm talking about the acceleration. It takes forever for freeze to get up to speed.
  13. 1. I305 2. Millenium Force / Maverick (tie) 3. El Toro 4. Nitro 5. Fahrenheit
  14. Agreed I find it to be very enjoyable and hardly rough. It just has some twists that I think catch people off guard. Still think Floorless trains would be better though..
  15. That's just false. They were hardly noticeable and accomplished nothing.. Any form of T-bar is still in my opinion the most elegant comfortable and well engineered type of restraint. It's a shame it's so rare..
  16. Heartline doesn't affect headbanging necessarily. If the track is straight and then banks without heartlining, the trains will pivot around the track, whereas heartlining pivots the track around the trains. This prevents the rider from experiencing unnecessary lateral forces and whip.
  17. Yeah but it's wrong for them to cater to people who are unhealthy at the expense of those who aren't.. They should design them properly and then reject those who can't get them to touch their thighs. Also Considering how short the bottom portion of the seats are, the bar is put so far forward that when resting on one's thighs, it's fairly close to the edge of the seat. If a person's thighs were big enough, I could imagine that it would be easy for someone to slide out.
  18. Why would they have designed the bar to sit where it does? That makes it not only more painful but less secure than having it right at the midsection..
  19. ^^I disagree i think Goliath still merits a ride. The better word to describe it is not rough but slow and vibratey. Sometimes the vibrating is more intense like at the more forceful parts. As long as you aren't in the front row the backwards spike will not be that scary, and it doesn't feel that high. Mind eraser is a different kind of rough, where it feels like it's shaking you around at times like a ragdoll, which I find fun when I put my head forward away from the restraints on the rough parts. It's very intense and has a good layout. I would ride it just to try it out but if you think it's too rough you just lean forward far enough that your ears don't hit. People exaggerate though I'd say..
  20. When I rode S:ROS I found the airtime to be on par with bizarro. It's strange that you didn't get any, in fact it's almost not possible. Those lost few hills are unmatched in pacing and intensity from any other ride...
  21. Yeah the first half is great but the second half is no longer what it used to be. The new trains don't track nearly as well and a lot of energy is lost to the shuffling and such. I personally think SFAs S:ROS has better airtime even without considering the vastly better restraints than the current bizarro trains. The end sequence is very intense and fast pace whereas bizarro just rattles and sluggishly moves through the hills. It's good ride and on a good day it's easily the best in the park but it doesn't compare to the top rides today like the RMCs and I305, or even Nitro.
  22. Yeah Goliath went from being the star attraction and best ride to being one of the worst. The seats are not comfortable and the bogeys rattle around on the track making it very uncomfortable. It looses a ton of speed. Sfne has a trend of ruining their attractions. The best ride in the park right now is probably Batman which is running very well..
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