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  1. The new paint will look great.. but it still doesn't solve the real thing that is holding this ride back: the horrendous restraint pads and headrests. Still desperately hoping they make some changes, because if I don't I will be losing all hope of this ride returning to its full former glory..
  2. I'm under the impression that the kink was an accident.. but who knows
  3. ^The bracing on Wicked Twister wasn't necessary to stay operational. Possessed at Dorney still doesn't have the bracing. I was under the impression that it was mostly for aesthetics so people aren't freaking out standing under the tower swaying back and forth by multiple feet. Definitely nothing hazardous. I mean, how would b&m even begin to design something like wicked twister? I know Rougarou had tons of issues with the train rolling out of the station and stopping before reaching the lift, and restraints not opening, and a bunch of other things that caused a lot of maintenance and downtime throughout the year. I know at one point in the season it was faulting every couple of cycles because of issues with the sensors. This is according to an employee who works the ride. There aren't many complex things that COULD go wrong, and they still did. Whereas intamins at least have the excuse of being complex engineering.
  4. Rebel Yell can be VERY temperamental, trust me. Sometimes it can run butter smooth, sometimes it can hurt WORSE than Hurler! Hurler needs to be rebuilt from the bottom to the top. Maybe some Timberliners or Millennium Flyers MIGHT be able to save it? I really do love it's layout, but the turns are just... The only turn that's awful is the first. The rest are all very bearable. Nothing even remotely close to wildcat lake compounce roughness.
  5. You must have. Nitro consistently provides stellar airtime for me (especially the hill after the hammerhead). If the mid brake didn't trim at all there would be ejector on the last hops on nitro. Having ridden apollo my whole life, I can say that unless you are in the very back row, the airtime and overall intensity tend to be very mild. Also everyone raves about the one banked hill on apollos chariot, am I the only one who thinks nitros diving hills are deserve just as much if not more credit? Especially that first diving hill, it's such a high bank and a steep descent.
  6. Well I'm fairly certain the headrests are gonna go and the two seat will be added back which would both be very nice. My fingers are crossed on restraint improvements as well. That was by far the biggest issue. I can't wait for updates on that.
  7. The crew on tempesto was fantastic when I was there. The line was short and they were still dispatching in 30 seconds.
  8. Can I ask why? If the ride is "great," then what was so incredibly mind blowing about Cyclone that made it better? I haven't ridden either iteration of the ride, but nothing about the old version looks better than the new one to me. Maybe I'm wrong? I'm sure I'm in the minority of that opinion. I really like Bill Cobb designs; they are full of character and variety. The original first drop was downright frightening. It had the famous Bill Cobb snap to it. I really enjoyed Wicked Cyclone, but I usually prefer classic wooden coasters. Ironically, Thunderbolt is running horrible. I assume it's those new ratchet lap bars that have weighed down the train. Also, seems they don't run two trains anymore, in addition to manual unlock for all the lab bars. Wicked Cyclone is a completely different coaster, and in no way replaces what was lost by closing Cyclone. No matter how great WC I will still always miss Cyclone! It was one of the most unique coasters I have ever ridden.. I ranked it very highly amongst my wooden rankings.
  9. El toro is just getting unreasonably rough in the wheel seats. During the turnaround it has some very serious jackhammering. How difficult is it for them to retrack?
  10. ^I don't get it, hydra is literally the only recent b&m I like. What is there not to like about it?
  11. ^I very much second this. I absolutely love knoebels but I have visited in all seasons and had the time to really get a feel for the charm that the park has.
  12. Theyes are both high capacity rides so that's probably why. Also montu is more rerideable than kumba.
  13. Storm runner does more in 30 seconds than any coaster does in much more time. definitely the best launch coaster. Volcano maverick and Mr freeze honorable mentions!
  14. 1. Dueling Dragons:Fire 2. Dueling Dragons: Ice 3. Alpengeist 4. Montu 5. Great Bear 6. Raptor 7. Batman Clones 8. Talon These are all so close except for talon. Im always floored by the intensity and pacing of dueling dragons, even as standalone rides they are the best coasters in the whole state as far as I have ridden. Alpengeist is hard to judge because it is so unique and also so temperamental. But my rides in the front during the day, and the back in the dark before closing have solidified it as a masterpiece in my book. The sense of speed and height from the elements is overwhelming the whole first half. The way it works with the terrain, it seems to accelerate downwards all the way into the cobra roll. It and the second half I am judging from the rare occasions from the past where the mid brake didn't bring the ride to a halt.
  15. ^^I have lived in CT 7 years now and have had my fair share of rides on BD. The ride I had this year, in a wheel seat, was on the shakiness level of the first turn of hurler for much of the second half. It's still rideable, but it is a vast difference from the ride that I rode even two seasons ago. My sister and her friend, who have ridden this coaster in the past and loved it, had a poor enough experience to not want to reride again until they retracj a good amount.
  16. Crowds were so light the weekend I went so I can even imagine what weeks are like..
  17. I am always extremely surprised any time I hear someone mention that they had a rough experience on alpengeist. It has always been the standard by which I compare other coasters for smoothness.. Is there some magical seat that I have yet to ride that turns this masterpeice into an SLC?
  18. Orange train apparently vibrates and is slower and louder but I'm not positive.
  19. I always thought KD was weird. A full circuit intamin impulse, a Togo a stand-up, two premier launched coasters, and an S&S thrust air.
  20. Wicked cyclone is SO loud with the new wheels. Literally hurts your ears to stand next to it. Can even hear people screaming over the ride itself.
  21. I rode in a non wheel seat and it was fantastic, only one good jolt the whole ride.
  22. So it doesn't seem that boulder dash has any new track on it this year. It is running absolutely horribly.. I never thought in a million years I would say this but, it was worse than wildcat. Even after coming from kings dominion riding hurler and grizzly, those seem relatively smooth compared to how shaking it has gotten.. Wtf lake compounce?? Boulder dash was the only thing keeping their park a destination. Such a shame.
  23. ^^this year bizarro has had some really good days where it is not sluggish at all. When it's not a full train/hot day it gets really bad though.
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