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  1. They are both strange, but definitely the intamin one looks better.. The vekoma one looks very bland to me.
  2. ^I dont think the video was ever "released" since its still unlisted on youtube. My understanding was that it was shared to certain people just for the naming contest for the ride. Maybe its still just an early concept..
  3. Here's a better video: And photo that highlights some of the re-profiling:
  4. Does nobody else notice how janky the rails are though?? Definitely not as smooth as it looked off ride..
  5. ^Right, and PTC lapbars are notoriously VERY loose in general, especially the single lap bar that it had at the time. But meanwhile phoenix has not had a single incident all these years, so there are many factors I guess..
  6. Small people arent really a concern for these restraints, they would have to be very very noticeably loose to be a risk for the rider, not just a few inches... The ride operator would definitely notice a situation where someone had it so loose. Im trying to think, are there ANY incidents of small people falling out of rides with modern hydraulic t-bars/u-bars?
  7. Is there any safety feature that had since been implemented that prevents another xcelerator incident from happening when the cable snaps? I personally think the cable snapping IS pretty terrifying to witness in person, especially after what happened..
  8. Crowds have been very light at all of the florida parks I have been to this summer.. Maybe this is part of the reason?
  9. Also kraken has probably the smoothest of all the "snappy" b&m cobra rolls.. just sayin'!
  10. I had a very unpleasant experience with shuffling on my only ride, hopefully it was just the seat I was in (Left side row 7). It was shaking from start to end, rougher than any ride I remember having on it before.. I'm interested to hear what other people who rode it before the transformation think/what their experience is!
  11. Kraken is probably the only floorless IVE ridden that feels like it has the same level of intensity and snappiness as one of the inverts. I would say it is still the most "thrilling" coaster at the park, even with mako and manta.
  12. So, something I have been thinking about for a while now.. If dragons has metal detectors and mandatory lockers, why are they still not dueling the two sides?? I assumed having them dispatched staggered was temporary, but its been multiple years now with no word of them returning to dueling. Does anyone else find this upsetting?
  13. Djurs seems to have a nice relationship with intamin. Glad everything is going well there! More coasters!!
  14. Nobody has really mentioned this, but Mako's first overbank is really incredible.. I can't really think of anything else like it, maybe silver bullets overbank if anything.
  15. Ive ridden apollo both when its running very slow, and when its running at a faster pace. It made a huge difference for me..
  16. The new premiers like tempesto are probably the smoothest coasters in existence. Maverick is up there too.. B&Ms dont seem to age that well these days except for the inverts which are all glass smooth!
  17. ^Ive gotten plenty of rides on it now so I can give you my thoughts. I would say the airtime is stronger than other B&M hypers, BUT depending on how much the trim catches.. The first hill and speed hill consistently offer mild ejector, the return run hills vary from strong floater to ejector, and the post mid brake hill is usually mild floater. The first drop is definitely the best out of all the hypers, except for maybe apollos chariot which is on par in the very back row. For reference I think Nitro offers strong floater, and AC more mild.. still Id say it ranks about evenly with those. Maybe because its missing one nice forceful helix, but also because the post brake section feels like it dies out a bit. Though it seems it has been getting a bit faster lately in that post mcbr.. Either way its a damn good coaster!
  18. ^I didnt find the right or middle seats to be that intense in comparison. Still very intense though! Maybe you caught it on a slow day.. It was hauling this weekend!
  19. So today I just discovered the back left edge seat on montu.. Holy crapp!! For those who have yet to experience this, you are in for a suprise on the batwing!
  20. I was there today.. ghostrider easily the longest line all day at about 2 hrs. I have only good things to say about this ride! I never got to ride it before the transformation but is a very competitive coaster in my wood coaster lineup. The second half is just insane, maybe even some mild ejector after the mid course.. Must ride in the back left!! Also I found the silver train to be running slower than the gold.
  21. I can guarantee that all of the roughness before the renovation was from manufacturing and construction faults.. I would expect that if it was fabricated to a higher tolerance (which B&M does now compared to before), that it will run glass smooth! Of course the only way to know is to wait and see. The B&M rattle may strike again..
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