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  1. It has already been mentioned multiple times, but it will be hard to leave that immediate section of the park once 2018 gets here. The fact a ride breaks records doesn't do much for me these days- I'm more interested in the substance, and this design has that in spades. What a ride, what a year for CF in general... Can't wait.
  2. The amount of elements they were able to cram into this layout is amazing.
  3. Ziz is hopefully the name of next year's kiddie area expansion.
  4. Came here to post pretty much exactly what prozach wrote.
  5. Nice, never was a fan of Top Spins. Curious about what replaces it- if this is indeed the case.
  6. Based on the pictures, at this point, I think I'd be down with it even if it's a spinner. Looking so awesome.
  7. I'm really interested in seeing how Wonder Woman Golden Shower Coaster compares to the existing RMCs. If it were somehow crazier, that would be something truly special.
  8. This is beautiful. I assume it means no HITP this year, but baby steps...
  9. After SFGAm gets one it'll only be a matter of 15-25 years before it's re-gifted to SFA.
  10. Perhaps. More likely, it's just another case of an eyewitness being unreliable. This happened in an instant, and was traumatic to see. The mind becomes overwhelmed in situations like this. It happens all the time.
  11. Wow. I feel awful for all involved. As brutal as that clip was, I can't imagine what that must have been like to witness in person. It will be interesting to learn what caused this.
  12. Not at all happy about this. I understand why Universal is doing what they're doing, and I'm sure the new Potter shit will be ultra-successful, but this is just disappointing. There will be very little drawing me back to Universal after this happens- and I actually enjoyed the Potter books back in the day. I'll actually be in Orlando next week for work, and was planning on a day in Sea World to try out Mako- looks like I'll be splitting the day between the two parks, now.
  13. B&M - Inverts or Standups (ducks) Intamin - As much as I like Maverick, I think Giga/Hyper. Premier - Shuttle Launcher (Chiller, Freeze) S&S - Whatever Powder Keg is. Arrow - Megalooper Vekoma - GIB Morgan - Hyper Schwarzkopf - Looper
  14. This is my favorite of the Cy-clones, so I'll be sad to see it go. Happily, like in all previous similar cases of recent vintage, the end result should be even better.
  15. Phish at Northerly Island (right on top of Lake Michigan). Planning on catching them again there on Sunday.
  16. Pretty big Sox/Cubs trade this morning- Jose Quintana to the Cubs for a handful of prospects (highlighted by Eloy Jiménez and Dylan Cease).
  17. Looking forward to this. My travels may actually take me out to NE next week.
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