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  1. I mean, one of the main concepts of the GIB (at least early on) was that you might valley.
  2. Looks cool, and great photos. 5 car trains- is this the longest Gerstlauer has gone for their Eurofighter/Infinity Coaster? Looks different.
  3. I was trying to go last minute but it was sold out. Weh. Ah, bummer- I had a spare last-minute ticket, too. It was a great show. I bet they'll be coming around here again sometime this year, because they're dropping another album in June (and supposedly 3 more on top of that in 2017). It was my first time at The Metro, which is a neat little venue.
  4. Lest we forget- this is Dorne...err...SFA we're talking about here. I doubt Six Flags is ready to relocate Dare Devil Dive or X-Flight already.
  5. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard @ The Metro (Chicago) last night.
  6. Yes! We get a kick out of it every time. Prior to riding it for the first time, no one had any idea what was in store. It's as fun-bad as it gets, and really, the only reason to re-ride it, IMO.
  7. I've always assumed that if the trim doesn't hit on a B&M coaster, the train just isn't going fast enough. You're cresting the hill at roughly the same speed. Are we sure these great trimless rides aren't just a psychological thing?
  8. Very excited for 2017 coastering. Due to that nagging Viper is getting TAERD DOWN rumor, we'll be hitting SoCal up for the first time (hopefully for West Coast Bash, if Viper can hold on that long). SFMM and Knotts have personally been huge coaster targets since X and Xcelerator were new, so this by itself makes 2017 a success. We're also looking to stop by Hershey again sometime in early July, and have our yearly late-season CP trip scheduled to coincide with the unannounced, mid-week opening of Kind Streak. Oh, and the home park (SFGAm).
  9. I actually passed on Disaster Transport, multiple times. Now it's gone, forever and ever amen.
  10. Not saying much has worked out fairly well for the park to this point, I'd say.
  11. The Togo Proposal sounds like the name of a movie I wouldn't want to see.
  12. You sir...are a lucky man. How was the show? Show was great, and I saw them again the next night at Empty Bottle. I do regret missing out on seeing them prior to the lineup shuffle, though.
  13. Lol. Good thing I'm not there. Once I have a couple drinks in me I tend to make friends with everyone around me. They would have been target number one lol. I'm wondering where the rest of the story is... There is no way you spot those guys and don't have a story... Clearly they're paid prot...err enthusiasts wearing RMC gear to troll other enthusiasts.
  14. Wilco at Chicago Theatre 2/22-23. Two more coming up on 2/25-26.
  15. They'll still build the second half of that ride, eventually.
  16. I'm really liking that layout. The more B&M Inverts in the world, the better.
  17. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/18737245/mlb-union-agree-get-rid-traditional-intentional-walkwill-use-signal-dugout F*ck this, directly. Ridiculous.
  18. ^ They'll have more than enough time to put it up for Memorial Day Weekend (I assume that is when NE plans to open their ride as well).
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