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  1. Made a quick stop st SFFT last year for my bachelor party. Of the Six Flags parks I've been to, it's probably the one I'd most want to return to in the chain, with SFOG coming in second. Haven't yet visited SFOT, SFMM, SFDK, or SFM.
  2. Either Zadra or Hyperion at Energylandia. Whichever corner of that large park is farther from the Chicagoland area.
  3. Nothing too big comes to mind. I passed up a chance to ride the Dragons again after it was announced they were coming down in favor of a day at SeaWorld. I had previously ridden when they dueled, so maybe it was better that I skipped them and preserved the memory.
  4. Wow. Glad to have a ride as unique as this not too far from home!
  5. We had Indiana Beach pretty much all to ourselves this evening. Closed it out with a few chilly laps on Cornball Express.
  6. Mine Blower at Fun Spot. I thought it was definitely the better of the two Fun Spot wooden coasters.
  7. Found some free time on a work trip to take a few spins on Boardwalk Bullet at Kemah Boardwalk today. Happy I did- it was fantastic.
  8. Colossus the Fire Dragon at Lagoon. Got the opportunity to spend a couple of hours at this bucket list park tonight.
  9. A fantastic ride on the Voyage at Holiday World this past Sunday.
  10. I will never forget my rides on Hurricane: Category 5 from the original Pavilion. Oh lordy. They even shipped the trains to KI after it was demolished so they could continue bringing "joy" to people via Son of Beast...
  11. Phish - Moon Palace Resort, Riviera Maya (2/20-23) I had tickets, but it got moved back to late summer (tentatively, I assume). We'll see how it shakes out...
  12. Looks fantastic! Can't wait to head out to KI and give this a spin.
  13. I'd love to catch a B-52s show. Hope the rumors are wrong, and this isn't it for them. I went to their website after reading through your post, and there isn't a whole lot left to choose from on this tour. I've always wanted to see them, but never really kept up with them to know their touring schedule.
  14. At a glance, it looks like the same style of track that was utilized on parts of Hyperion.
  15. Bob Weir and Wolf Bros - Oxbow River Stage (9/21) Oh Sees - Thalia Hall (10/11)
  16. I'm an Arrow fan- I'd love for parks to keep them around as long as possible. They can't, I know. I hate to see Vortex go, it's a classic, it's a big part of KI, it's picturesque, and it's a coaster I've known about since before the coaster bug bit me (thanks, RL Stine). That said, it's time was limited, and it wasn't the most pleasant ride ever- and I'm a huge B&M Standup fan, so, do the math... It'll suck much more when Anaconda gets the axe. I've been playing calendar twister in an attempt to get another trip out to CP in the limited time left this fall, since I've only gotten the chance to use my Platinum Pass once this season. With this news, I'm thinking about calling an audible and heading to KI instead, even though I'll be there at some point in 2020 for the new Giga.
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