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  1. I thought I read that Six Flags was inquiring about the Mack Power Splash in surveys recently. While that doesn't guarantee anything, it would seem they're at least kicking the tires on something like that.
  2. Was that the Hallo-Ween show, Ed? I got to see them twice this past summer and they killed both shows (Cleveland and Buffalo). Such a great live band...hope they do more in the future! It was, and I will definitely see them again when they roll around next time (first time seeing them)- they were very impressive! A cool tidbit about the show is that I got to see Phish cover Roses are Free a few days earlier when they came through town, so I was pulling for it going into the Ween show, and I got it!
  3. Looks like tomorrow's conditions will provide some nice practice for those fast-approaching December hypothermia bliss rides.
  4. I'd love to see Demon open for HITP, but I recall it struggling at times to make it to the MCBR after the tunnel (and subsequently crawling through the turnaround) last year towards the end of Last Blast.
  5. Phish Fri/Sat/Sun @ Allstate Arena in Rosemont
  6. (from CP thread) I hope it's light bulbs. Please, let it be themed light bulbs.
  7. I know Green Lantern's wait time is exacerbated by it's loading procedure. It warms my heart, nevertheless, to see a Stand Up drawing that kind of line.
  8. I caught them on Friday 10/12 at Thalia Hall in Chicago- they absolutely flattened the place. This was the fourth or fifth time I've seen them, and it was definitely the best so far. Also saw Black Tiger Sex Machine at the Concord Music Hall last night.
  9. Umphrey's McGee at Aragon Ballroom (awesome venue) 10/7.
  10. Hopefully this ends up being relocated, rather than just being cannibalized by Nighthawk (Nighthawk on Fire?)- but parting it would make the most sense. Apart from it's quirks and shitty load/unload time, it's a decent ride. Glad it wasn't one of the Arrows!
  11. If it's Firehawk (and if maintenance is a factor), I think it's more likely it ends up at Carowinds for parts than anywhere else to operate again. My other (hopefully wrong) guesses are The Bat or Vortex- mostly because of Old Arrow Syndrome, but at this point I'm leaning towards The Bat. I really still just hope Dorney is getting a shiny new-to-them Invertigo again, mostly for comedic purposes.
  12. That has me thinking Vortex as well (unless it's Windseeker, for some reason). I have an irrational love of Arrow Megaloopers, so I'm hoping that's just a throwaway line, and not a hint.
  13. I'm pretty sure I met one of those famous barkeeps when I went towards the end of August. A woman bought a frozen drink, took a few sips at the counter, and casually told the bartender that she didn't like it and would like a beer instead. She was told no. There was an impasse, and five minutes or so of back and forth hilarity ensued.
  14. This might be my favorite announcement of the year, and half of it is for 2020! It became clear as the years have gone by (since it's closure) that Gwazi wasn't being kept around just because it looks neat. Glad to finally get to the bottom of that, and really can't wait to see where they go with it. As for the other (more immediate) half of the announcement, I've been wanting to take a spin on a Sky Rocket II since SFDK debuted their. Glad it's finally in the cards. Still trying to wrap my mind around stumbling off Kumba or Montu and running into an RMC Gwazi.
  15. I hope it's this so much, because it's so Six Flags (and also because I'd love to see the marketing approach, although I can prob guess).
  16. A glorious last row ride on Steel Vengeance to close off the night, since Millennium Force was closed (8/26).
  17. Great start, and really looking forward to this TR. This trip looked amazing.
  18. This is where I'm at. I think, however, that my aversion to fair/carnival/FEC rides also partly stems from the time I peed myself on one when I was like 3 (it was those little cars that go in a circle). Germany is the only place I could see myself going to a carnival/fair type operation to do anything other than eat/drink, should I ever make it out for an Oktoberfest.
  19. I've actually been praying for exactly that ever since I learned it was possible.
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