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  1. Wow. Incredible is right. I trust they're not, but they almost look photoshopped because of how surreal they are. I knew there are 747s and DC-10s in use to fight fires, but I wasn't aware of any MD-87s until now, so that's neat.
  2. Phish covering a Talking Heads album (Remain In Light) front to back from their Halloween '96 show. One of the weirdest things I've ever listened to, but oh so good.
  3. Also just got back from the park. I was beginning to think that between the family commitments I already had lined up this month and the ass weather, I wouldn't get to wet my beak in this Last Call business. It worked out, and now I know what it feels like to ride coasters in winter weather (absolutely pure + probably pneumonia). I was happy to see actual lines here and there- nothing awful, and certainly a byproduct of one train ops on several coasters, but I rather like this concept of being able to ride coasters up until Thanksgiving in the Chicagoland area- hopefully enough crazies showed up on this 30 degree day in late November for management to at least think twice before abandoning an extended season. I'd be pleasantly surprised to see it back next year. It's really unfortunate that this November turned out the way it did weather-wise the one year they chose to give it a shot. This saved my damn life today. Kudos to all those who had a hand in maintaining a smooth operation today. It was pretty damn chilly and all of the coasters were up doing their thing.
  4. Appreciate the report- I'm planning on hitting one or two of these extended-season days, but will be going in with the expectation of getting my day halved. If luck goes my way and it isn't, that will be a nice bonus. Looking forward to the rest of your procrastinated musings.
  5. Space kicks ass and so do Intamin hypers, so this was an obvious move by the park. Can't wait to give this a spin in 2019.
  6. I listened to KMFDM back in middle school (Symbols-era). Bummer to hear they aren't cutting it live these days.
  7. Same. It's not their best, but after a few spins it begins to grow on you. I'm really looking forward to their next one (due in October) - the single they've released sounds like something from their OCS days.
  8. Great report, and nice to see another Raging Bull fan. It's probably my favorite first drop on a steel coaster, and when you throw in the unique layout- it's a winner. SFGAm really is a solid park. It's my home park, so there is something to be said about familiarity dampening the experience to an extent- but I really do appreciate what we've got going on here. It's as well rounded a Six Flags park as Georgia's.
  9. Thee Oh Sees at Thalia Hall 9/17. As good as always.
  10. I only use Twitter, and sparingly at that. Got rid of Facebook altogether about 5 years ago.
  11. This is outstanding. Definitely never thought I'd hear about baptisms in a dirty ass theme park wave pool. Thank you for the post.
  12. Twister II at Elitch Gardens Labor Day. Maybe some duct tape would help?
  13. Phish @ Dick's (Denver) 9/1-9/3. It was life.
  14. The mazes and haunts were never the draw for me when it comes to Halloween events. Nothing beats late season riding, and it's always cool to see a park fixed up for Halloween. Oh, and the fog. Those Kennywood images are pretty much spot-on.
  15. I also hated seeing Georgia Cyclone go, but this is a hell of a consolation prize. This is pretty much a Cy-clone on acid. I like that you basically get a traditional first drop, and the Storm Runner/Medusa roll drop coming out of the turnaround. There was a post earlier comparing it to Goliath, but I think there is a lot more packed into this design than Goliath's. SFOG is my favorite Six Flags park, and I'm looking forward to my next time out there.
  16. Home park is SFGAm. There are a few rides I pass on- for many years it was S: UF because of the mind-numbingly uninspired layout. I give it a spin from time to time nowadays. If anything, the first drop and pretzel are fun moments. King Chaos - Not one I'll have to worry about anymore as of this past Sunday. Just not a fan of the jerky/whiplash effects that Top Spins deliver. If a Super Loop Coaster takes it's place, I guess I'll have something to check out. Joker - Rode it a few times just to see what it was all about when it first opened, and have no intention of doing it again. It feels like King Chaos on wheels. Couldn't have been more underwhelmed. Not thrilled to see these sprouting up everywhere like mushrooms on shite, but I'll also just avoid them if encountered. It's funny- I'd wait an hour for Chang Lantern if I had to, but wouldn't even look twice at Joker with a nonexistent wait. Batman The Dark Knight Coaster - Not a mouse coaster person. Same went for Ragin' Cajun back when the park simultaneously operated two mouse coasters.
  17. I was trying to go last minute but it was sold out. Weh. They are coming around these parts again 9/24-25 at Lincoln Hall, and releasing another record- Sketches of Brunswick East, which sounds like it might be the best thing they've done since Quarters! and I'm In Your Mind Fuzz, but also one of the better new releases I've heard in a while (from what I've heard of it so far). Going to 9-25!
  18. It would also be great if Merlin kindly stayed the f@ck away from the Busch parks.
  19. Damn. That looks bad. Not going to speculate as to why this happened as I've never operated a ride, but adding a train while the other is actively cycling the course (if that is indeed what happened) sounds like a poorly thought out plan. Wouldn't think parks actually do this. Hopefully, Lake Compounce can get Boulder Dash back up sooner rather than later. , I'd imagine.
  20. It's always nice to run into a comment like this from time to time. I enjoyed it at GAm and was sad to see it go.
  21. My favorite piece of advice being circulated by the media was to not drive while wearing eclipse glasses.
  22. I haven't really kept up with what may or may not happen to Gwazi once it closed, but I don't see why they wouldn't be able to Rocky Mountain it even if it has been SBNO for a few years now. I have a hard time subscribing to the theory that it's only still standing because of the chain's financial situation. I really enjoyed the ride (many/most did not) and was sad to see it close- but I think one day the 'roided-up RMC version will happen.
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