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  1. Electric Forest (first weekend). My word.
  2. I thought they already did. You learn something new (and useless) every day.
  3. Only the ridiculous think Batman The Ride is bad because multiple parks have one. I think most parks should have more than one Batman The Ride.
  4. Having recently ridden SFGAm's, yeah, they are very unremarkable. It'd be a wash, though. Knott's would, in essence, be trading old bad* (Boomerang) for new bad (Free Spin). *I prefer the old bad.
  5. I don't believe they do- at least this wasn't the case the last time I visited. It would certainly put a damper on my upcoming visit if this has changed...
  6. Cedar Point already has Power Tower, which feels pretty much like an observation tower, only outdoors.
  7. Same here, except not really interested in a day ride. I imagine it'd be like watering down a good beer and then drinking it warm.
  8. ^ Watch out for the gulls. They lost one of their own, so...
  9. Had plans to return to Hershey on 7/3, but plans change- I'll be doing this instead. Siked to revisit this work of art.
  10. Haha, I had a feeling this would happen. Glad to see it come true.
  11. I heartily recommend Quarters & I'm In Your Mind Fuzz by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Both great albums, and very different from one another. I might be going to catch Ty Segall when he comes by this weekend. I prefer his earlier material to the newer, but I haven't heard his very latest yet.
  12. As a huge fan of B&M Stand Ups, this would be frigging fantastic. I think they are far and away the most intense rides B&M has designed. However, I agree with you, looks too good (or weird) to be true. If not, though, I could see this being for China- since they appear intent on achieving a 1:1 coaster to person ratio.
  13. Same, and going again tonight, haha. Cube 2.0 is beyond words.. Ed, we're 0-2. So close. Indeed. This was my first time at an EDM show (prepping for Electric Forest, though), and it was quite the sight to behold. The Aragon felt like an entirely different venue. Have fun tonight- I'm sure we'll run into each other eventually.
  14. I'm a big fan of Giordano's Stuffed (in reasonable portions), but I also think their thin crust is better than Lou Malnati's & Gino's.
  15. I've always assumed so, based on Giovanola's reputation, in combination with the Batman-esque layout. And word of mouf.
  16. PortAventura is a park right near the top of my bucket list, and as evidenced by your photos, for good reason. Excellent report.
  17. Surely, they've been following the SFA/SFNE threads and only wanted to nip all the forthcoming Gatekeeper walleyed omg will it be taered down speculation in the bud.
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