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  1. Went to the Music Frozen Dancing winter block party outside of the Empty Bottle on 2/17 to catch a free Oh Sees show. Outdoor music in Chicago during winter, especially with snow, is neat.
  2. Great report! I haven't visited Disney anything since I was a kid- it was sometime during the Disney World 25th anniversary. Lately, I've been thinking of giving it a shot, and reports like this make it look like good times.
  3. No one to blame but myself for getting my hopes up about some form of HITP, and then essentially getting a Super Loop Coaster announced at me twice. Have a Six Flags day, everyone.
  4. In my experience, there are far more terrifying things that lurk in and around Wal-Mart parking lots than in the wilderness.
  5. I was actually thinking it would look great near Joker at SFNE, and complement their Goliath/Flashback pairing quite nicely.
  6. Specifics aren't known yet, this looks like some premature information slippage. As for keeping to the schedule, even the two psycho Six Flags parks didn't entirely follow through on their schedules this past HITP- that just comes with the package when you open the gates in the middle of winter. With how things transpired during Last Call, I definitely wouldn't count on a perfect record.
  7. This is great news! After all the TRs over the years that I've read here, eventually going on one was always a goal. Very happy to see the opportunity for that is back- Thank You for that.
  8. I seem to recall X-Flight having cold weather issues in the past- I know they managed to get it going on the last day of Last Call (around 30 degrees), so perhaps it's just more finicky than the other B&Ms in general? I think you'd see Superman, Batman: The Ride (and the one in a box), V2, Demon, and maybe Raging Bull going during a hypothetical HITP. Raging Bull is the one I'm unsure of, because as Bill and others have brought up, they might just not bother with Southwest Territory.
  9. They are saying that it is "The world's first rollercoaster experience fusing wood and fire" (pretty sure Wodan and Apocalypse are also Woodies that have fire effects though) so it will be real. Colossus too.
  10. Happened to me during Halloweekends a few years ago. We were a group of three, and one of us had already ridden, so he (my brother) chilled on the midway for a bit pointing at us and laughing before eventually moving on. 45 minutes later, we rode.
  11. Went to the Phish New Years Eve run at Madison Square Garden (12-28-12/31).
  12. Don't really keep rankings, but it's easier to do in the scope of a single season. Here we go (in order). Kumba Goliath (SFGAm) Raging Bull Montu Batman The Ride Mako Shivering Timbers Sheikra X-Flight Manta A fairly B&M-heavy list. Of the ranked, only Mako was new to me. The worst (overall) was Twister II at Elitch, which desperately needs to be Rocky Mountained. I thought I'd hit a few more places than what ended up happening, but that is what next season is for- and it's only a few months away.
  13. Nice. It's looking unlikely that I'll be swinging by SFGADv when I'm out there at the end of the month, but a lap or two on Thunderbolt might work provided the place isn't mobbed (expecting it very well may be, though).
  14. Wow. An Intamin hyper in 2018 and an RMC + by 2020. You would think this park was in China, but nope. I hope they're not biting off more than they can chew. So happy that I have family about an hour from the place. I predict a Flyer and either a Wing Coaster or Dive Machine by 2023, and an exact clone of Eagle Fortress, somehow, in 2024.
  15. Out of curiosity- how is the Uber situation around SFGADv? I'll be out in NYC for some concerts 12/28-12/31 and was kicking around the idea of catching a few hours at the park. I'm flying in to Newark early on the 28th and staying at the New Yorker in Manhattan. I know the trip out should be fine, I just wouldn't want to find myself stranded in Jackson. I'd likely be at the park right at opening time, but need to be back at Madison Square Garden by 8 at the latest. Is it worth it to even make the effort? I know it would be far from a relaxing day with time hanging over my head every step of the way, but getting a few laps on the B&Ms at the end of frigging December is such an intriguing concept to me. This would likely be on the 28th due to Newark International's relative proximity to the park compared to Manhattan. Not planning on renting a car. Also of concern is what to do with my luggage if I went directly from the airport- I'll be travelling light, but that still means my laptop along with another bag for clothes. I pulled a similar stunt at SFOG a few years ago (had luggage w/ me because I was flying out after the park), and a nice lady at guest relations held on to our things.
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