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  1. My soul will be ready for this in 2019. Are there trains on site? I know we got renderings, but curious as to how the final design turns out.
  2. Going to Coastermania next week (apart from some ERT on S:UF at Great America when I was a kid, this is my first real enthusiast event) with someone who enjoys a roller coaster here and there, but leaves it at that. They've been warned already, but I'm still worried about what kind of f*ckery we might encounter. Good to hear Coaster Campout worked out for you, though.
  3. It's been two years since I last rode Boss- it's still one of my favorite wooden coasters. I probably won't get back down to the park until a legitimate new coaster goes in, but I'm curious to see how it rides nowadays.
  4. We met a kid at Electric Forest last summer that rode a dirt bike (somehow managed to load a sizable tent + camping gear onto it) all the way around the lake from Sheboygan (WI) to the Muskegon area. He was pretty flabbergasted/pissed at how that ride went, so he went with the ferry for the return trip.
  5. Ha! Although, weren't Jack's intentions good? Can't imagine anything but a whole lot of nefarious intent going into Golden Horse' designs.
  6. Though it appears that your decision has been made, I'll join in on the Dragon Mountain love. Marineland is a large, weird place- but it has that going for it.
  7. It's really nice to read about how the park is stepping up when things are going less than swimmingly.
  8. Not a big fan of Top Spin type rides, but something looks awesomely off about that thing.
  9. Hm. Never realized that. Although, even if you placed them next to each other, I suspect the number of people that would catch on to this (or if they did- give it a second thought) would be low. Glimpsing at the webcams, I see trains cycling regularly on Maverick, Gatekeeper, Raptor, Rougarou, and Millennium Force (can't see Dragster, Magnum, Steel Vengeance...). Valravn is the only one visible on the webcams that appears to be closed. Edit: Looks like they're sending empty trains out on Valravn as well, so I'd expect that to open shortly.
  10. What started as a relatively quiet 2018 forecast for me, initially- SF Great America, Cedar Point, Busch Tampa, SeaWorld Orlando- has burgeoned to include SF America, SF New England, Busch Williamsburg, and King's Dominion. Wild times if this goes according to plan.
  11. Grateful Dead - Cornell 5/8/77. Nice new vinyl box set that showed up on my doorstep today.
  12. Trey Anastasio Trio @ Chicago Theatre on 4/20.
  13. Still haven't watched any POV or animation of this ride, but the early reactions have me more psyched for Coastermania than I already had been.
  14. Grabbing a ride or two on a traditional Intamin Invert is on my list of things to do- sorry to hear that Tornado underwhelmed you.
  15. HP Elite X3 I'm the oddball who isn't on either Team Android or iOS. Hopefully Windows gets their shit together (marketing-wise) and this isn't the last Windows Phone ever. If it is, well, they finally got it right. Once the price goes down a bit, I'll grab another to have as backup with the intention of staving off the inevitable decision between iOS or Android that I'll have to make. There really need to be more than two legit players in this game.
  16. HOORAY! Screw summer, I'm looking forward to my long-awaited pneumonia rides on Batman!
  17. It's encouraging that the release mentions that operations will be largely unchanged. We'll see how that actually plays out, but hopefully things keep on keeping on at Vekoma. I've really enjoyed the turnaround in their reputation, at least among the coaster peoples- and look forward to what they bring us in the future.
  18. Don't go giving them any ideas! I still think the best place for "a hi-tech, thrilling, VR experience" is on the ground (restrooms, parking lot etc.) If SFMM's food ops are anything like SFGAm's, they ought to just hand them out as you enter the thrilling 45 minute beer line.
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