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  1. The Playland Coaster has a sign up that says no single riders and that singles will be paired. Reason being shared lap bar and no seat divider/belts. They haven't enforced that rule for quite a while now and I've even seen kids smaller than me riding by themself with no problems. When I rode the Rock-O-Plane at SCBB, there wasn't a sign that says no single riders, but I was paired up anyways. I know that Chance Rides set a rule about that, but I don't think Eyerly ever did. Could it just have been capacity reasons? Also, scrambler at Playland allows single riders and has always been allowing them.
  2. I just got a call from Playland afew minutes ago and they've accepted my transfer request! My interview is going to me on Monday at 4:30. One step closer to becomming a ride operator. Wish me luck!
  3. Mind if I ask, but what is that "jul's tollende muis" ride? Is it one of those tumbling capsule rides? At the Flintstones, Batman, and Inspector Gadget knockoffs.
  4. Well how are you going to keep the camera from getting wet in the first place? Do you have a housing for it?
  5. Not sure if any of you have heard of the GoPro POV camera. It's available in regular and HD versions and is smaller than a cell phone in size. I heard about it few weeks ago when I saw they had opened a kiosk at my local mall. The salesperson told me that these are the exact same cameras used for skydiving and extreme sports POV videos. He said that it would work for rollercoasters too and won't have to worry about it being a loose article if you use a wristband mount. http://www.goprocamera.com/
  6. Looks like a great day. How was the backseat ride on Medusa? Does it actually feel faster and more forceful? (I only rode in 4th or 5th row, and it's my favourite coaster up to date too) As for that last pic, did SFDK change their sign? Because last year, I don't remember the coaster train going across the top of it.
  7. I would like to see a ride themed after the film series The Fast and The Furious. Two racing launched coasters comes to mind but it might be too similar to the racing launched coasters at Ferrari World.
  8. A glass or 2 of ginger tea in the morning would be your best bet. Here's a good recipe for it: http://altmedicine.about.com/cs/3/a/Ginger_Tea.htm I would just stay away from the Tylenol or Advil altogether. Why do you think fighter pilots are not supposed to take any medications before flying? Chewing on hua mei (salty preserved plum) also works well and has no side effects. It might taste abit weird if you've never tasted it before. Again, you can buy it at most stores that sell Asian food products.
  9. I would just stay away from medications altogether. Think I've said this before in another thread, but medications and 4.5 G's are not a good combo from my knowledge of aerospace physiology. "...anything that reduces blood volume or cardiovascular response may reduce G tolerance. Dehydration, excessive sweating, severe sunburn, low blood pressure, prolonged standing or sitting, hypoxia, infection (even minor illnesses), and medications all lower G tolerance." http://avstop.com/ac/ac91-61.html I would recommend natural remedies instead if you're worried about motion sickness/headahces. Ginger is byfar the most well known one. Since you're not allowed to bring your own food/drinks inside the park, I would recommend having a glass of ginger tea (you can buy instant ginger tea mixes from any store that sells Asian foods or make it yourself) before you leave. Doesn't make you drowsy or tired and tastes great too. As for the soundtrack getting annoying, I know it sounds abit silly but try this: listen to the soundtrack on Youtube or something over and over again. After awhile you'll probably get used to it. Atleast you're lucky you're not marathoning "It's a Small World"!! I'm going to be doing an unofficial coaster marathon in May and sure enough, I will have a glass of ginger tea in the morning. Good luck and have fun!
  10. First Park: A ghetto carnival in a mall parking lot. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=54550 First Coaster: Most likely Coaster. First New Park: Hopefully Kings Island. First New Coaster of 2010: Probably something at KI. First Food Bought: Wigglechips!
  11. I want to ride a new one but West Coast Amusements had that "Ring of Fire" for over 15 years. They seem more wide open and less claustrophobic, the Fireball that is. How do they compare? This is like the only time you'd see a Ring of Fire or Zipper in the lower mainland area. West Coast Amusements used to bring them to The Fair at the PNE many years ago but I heard PNE Management banned those rides because of something that happened.
  12. No I didn't ride the drop tower. I've ridden it before and it's pretty fun. My rides for the day were: - Dark Ride - Ferris Wheel - Starship 2000 (x2) - Orbiter - Merry-Go-Round - Bumper Cars (x3) - Zero Gravity - Kite Flyer - Spider (x2) - Super Jet (No, I wish...) Orbiter POV shot! A carnival isn't a carnival without a Chance Zipper. Nope, I'm not riding one of these things and I don't think I will for awhile. Zero Gravity in the distance taken from the Ferris Wheel. Rain rain rain...Infact by the end of the day my shoes were filled with water! Yep, that carnie was standing up driving a bumper car like that. Helping people get their bumper cars to stop spinning around in circles and all that. Well, only in ghetto carnivals!
  13. West Coast Amusements is our local carnival/midway entertainment company. They've had this parking lot carnival at the same place every year for awhile but I missed it so many times because I was away or busy on the week they were doing it. I haven't been to it since I was about 5 years old, which is like 12 years ago. The lineup of rides has pretty much remained unchanged from what I remember. Ring of Fire in the distance. "Almost a credit". It's a powered coaster called "Super Jet". They won't let me on this one. Big Mike where are you when I need you and your charm?! The exact same ferris wheel I rode 12 years ago. Nerd shot! It's the cable thing that supplies the "power" for the powered coaster. The midway. The smelly washrooms. Good thing the carnival was outside a mall so I used the washrooms in the mall instead. Stuffed alligators. That building with the curved top you see in the distance is the Olympic Speed Skating Oval. No way, you're never going to make me go on one of these! The newer version, maybe. So I went on Starship 2000/Gravitron instead! There's the operator/DJ guy. This is how I look like under 3 Gs. Mmmmm yummy. Food and drink pictures soon to come. More food! Bumper cars! Comming soon to a carnival near you... Bench: The Ride! My favourite theme park/carnival food. Wiggle chips! "Remember, no head on collisions". They don't really care. Frozen lemonade. Probably not the best thing on a rainy day. Rock on! One of my favourite bands. Spider ride. Pretty fun spinny ride with some surprizing airtime that I didn't expected. Back of the dark ride "Munchner" taken from the ferris wheel. View from the top.
  14. Not really that important but it will help get you through the day. Make jokes on the ride spiels, but don't get too carried away with it. A bit of humour makes everything easier. Got any jokes you're going to use? And yes, answering repetitive questions is definately part of working at any theme park. I know from my experiance last year even though it was just as a sweeper.
  15. Sorry I misread your post. I thought you said "Owning my own rollercoaster". I missed the word "website".
  16. It's either going to be starting a "Theme Park Enthusiasts Club" at my school, drawing coaster trains on my graphs in math class (as seen in my avatar), or asking the maintainence workers at Playland for parts from Coaster (I got a track bolt and a sign).
  17. That fort kinda reminds me of Fort Point in San Francisco. Were they built for the same war? (I don't know much about American history).
  18. Agreed. That is the exact train from the rendering. The "different angle" was just achieved by taking the picture of the train and erasing the "background". Definately not photoshop, but perhaps a crappy job with Paint?
  19. Has the Coral Reef restaurant been around for over 30 years? Or was there another similar "undersea" restaurant that existed back then? Because my dad was telling me about when he was at Walt Disney World, there was this restaurant that makes you feel like you were inside an aquarium. I'm guessing he's referring to Coral Reef.
  20. It's a masculine name. I've known people with that name before and they're all male.
  21. Was just reading around on Snopes and thought I'd throw it in. Made me laugh so hard! http://www.snopes.com/crime/clever/cigarson.asp
  22. I was thinking the same thing with Demon, Dragon Fyre, and The Bat etc. Why couldn't they just have mounted it the way B&M or Vekoma does. Like every purpose it's supposed to serve (other than pleasing insurance companies) is defeated due to the way they've installed them. Pointless is what I'm getting at. This way would serve the purpose better and also be more convenient.
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