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  1. Can't decide between these two: - A wind up toy duck that is supposed to swim when you wind it up and put it in the bathtub. I got it when I was 15 for a Christmas gift! It was from my aunt. Everyone was like laughing when I opened the present. - A "shrilling rubber chicken" that makes this horrifying high pitched sound when you squeeze it. Sounds like a baby dying or something out of a horror movie. That thing gave me nightmares and it's stashed away in deep in my closet somewhere. I posted a recording of the sound it makes. ~ Jess "Down with bad presents" Chan 14923.mp3 Warning: May be disturbing.
  2. Oh yeah, and sudden loud noises for me too. I have a condition called hyperacusis, which is characterized by a heightened sensitivity to sound. Those "supersonic hand dryers" that are popping up in washrooms everywhere are pretty bad. If I hear one going off, I head for the accessible/family room instead so I don't have to deal with the sound. I have Aspergers/Autism myself, which is why claustrophobia and hyperacusis are not surprizing for me (and also explains my odd behavior every here and there). Has your son ever had his hearing checked? He could have some sort of hyperacusis.
  3. That's great to hear about taking action for Haiti. The most my school did was a classic moment of silence and donation collections.
  4. I've been claustrophobic for quite abit. I hate being trapped in crowds the most. I hate being trapped in general. It's not really surprizing I have it either because of my condition. Mentioned this before afew times, heights. Falling to be exact. I'm not really afraid of flying on a plane but I can't walk across a suspension bridge or go ziplining without freaking out. Heights on a coaster don't bother me much as I know I can't fall off easily.
  5. I was expecting a tricked-out roller coaster train of some sort.
  6. Not exactly a Haiku but some dumb rollercoaster poem I wrote in English class last year. The Rollercoaster Ride You enter with uncertainty Preparing for what lies ahead The ride of your life Awaits you Going up the first hill Way up high above You can’t get out now No turning back What goes up…? Of course comes down A long drop down Faster… faster… faster… only to go back up again! Twisting and turning Winding and whirling all over Disorienting… Confusing… No getting off now You’re out of control Taken over by The wild raging machine The movement stops The dragon sleeps again You’re freed from captivity Until next time that is It’s over already Yes, that was it Or was it? Is it time to ride again?
  7. Was a sweeper at Playland at the PNE last year. Not the best job in the world for sure. Sweep, sweep, change garbage bags, clean up puke, answer customer's questions, wipe picnic tables, listen to kids' parents complaints, sweep, repeat for 5 hours. Hopefully they accept my transfer request to be a ride op this season. If I had a choice, I'd want to be a train dispatcher.
  8. My avatar, I had it since last year when I was listening to Sonata Arctica alot (in fact that song Letter to Dana is still stuck in my head!) Not that I only like Sonata Arctica or anything, as I like other music just as well too. I chose that avatar also because I like that picture of the wolf and the eagle.
  9. Seen it several times on TV and been through 200ft drops (on coasters) myself. Looks like fun by I think my fear of heights would get in the way. Not to mention I've only done the high diving board once and never will again. It's just something about heights on a coaster that I don't mind. That means I'll pass on the cliff diving.
  10. Age: 17 Middle Name: Yi-Xi Pet Peeve: Strangers who sit next to me on public transportation Color of your bathroom: Light blue (I didn't choose it) Best Movie of ALL time: Wall-E Best Song of ALL time: Metallica - The Unforgiven II (has deep meaning to me) Best TV Shows: Jeopardy, Survivor Favorite Band/Artist: It changes all the time but right now I've been listening to alot of DJ Tiesto Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: I'm a Disney Park virgin Yummiest Ice Cream: None, I'm lactose intolerant If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: Walter Bolliger Morning Person or Night Person: Night for sure Pets: A dog and a fish Favorite Color: Purple Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): Movie theatre Coke or Pepsi: Both Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: Hate it, so sticky! Best Vacation Spot: Either San Francisco or Hong Kong? Cook or Go Out: Depends Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Neither
  11. Kinda reminds me of my own local fair, The Fair at the PNE. All those rides, food (Mmmmm), animals, and FOOT MASSAGERS! We used to have a zipper and a wild mouse too, but it was removed due to both of them becomming death traps. Did you ever know that the trains for Coaster Thrill Ride actually came from the old wooden coaster at Playland/Happyland (that was the original name)?
  12. I know Intamin makes a combo observation and drop tower. The tower would have to originally be built as a combo tower, not an observation tower I would think. http://www.ridetrade.com/rti/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=20&Itemid=38
  13. You look good in blue. I used to be into NASCAR and all that and this looks like fun. Too bad I'm not a WDW passholder... Otherwise I'd be down at the speedway already.
  14. Those bumper cars (if I can even call them that) look really ghetto and unsafe. How are Silverwood's woodies anyways? Silverwood used to be quite well known for them before Aftershock moved in.
  15. Maybe not a chinrest but perhaps just to prevent people from trying to wiggle out through the middle? Guess it could serve as a chinrest too if you're short enough (pretty sure I am).
  16. From the looks of that picture, the skyride is a stand up skyride I assume. Is it?
  17. Awesome TR. Silverwood is for sure a to-do for me this year. Hopefully during March break if all works out. When did the drop tower change name to "Panic Plunge" and it's colour scheme? I have a Silverwood brochure from last year (picked up at my hotel in Seattle). Did it change it's name or have I just been living under a rock? I know the side bars were added to stop people from touching the track, but the "chinrest" at the front? If that's actually what it is for.
  18. Ah, the tractor tow ride, I remember that from my last trip to Mexico back in 2006. Definately agree with that Titanik ship epic fail. If it were to sink, I wonder how it would, as there are no icebergs in Mexico. *queue the Celine Dion Titanic theme music* "No more stinkin' tacos." That's exactly how I felt by the end of the trip.
  19. Always nice to see small, unknown-to-most-people type of parks. What I especially like is how the coaster is built over the ocean like that. That's an ocean if I'm correct?
  20. Any B&M invert. Can't beat feeling the cool breeze in your face, the wind in your hair, flying through the air in dark of nighttime and nothing but what feels like thin air beneath your feet. Especially if you're wearing shorts, the breeze on your legs feels really good. The PNE Playland Coaster is pretty good at night. Also can be abit freaky with all that crazy airtime on that ride. ~ Jess "Just watch out for bugs!" Chan
  21. Last week my old elementary school friend who I haven't seen for over 7 years called. It wasn't surprizing that we haven't talked in awhile as her family moved to Washington. She called me because she was looking through old picture albums and found all these pictures of us playing together. Waterfights, hide and seek, jumping on the trampoline, chasing my dog around the backyard, going to the park etc. Ah, I almost cried when I heard her voice for the first time in ages.
  22. So like a cross between a dive machine and a Skycoaster then. Got any more pictures of it?
  23. That log flume's turning loading area sort of reminds me of the one at California's Great America. Is it an Arrow log flume? That Skyswing thing looks crazy! If I am correct it works like sit-in version of a Skycoaster? Not something I'd personally like to try but looks pretty thrilling. Not surprized to see something as New Zealand is known for being a thrillseeker/adrenaline junkie's heaven. There's no OTSRs right? Looks kinda like the harnesses on the old version of a Skyscraper ride.
  24. Corkscrew at PNE Playland. It's old, neglected, rough, and overdue for maintainence. If I could rip it out, I'd put something like an SLC, Boomerang, or even a compact B&M looper (like a clone of Daemonen) on that spot.
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