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  1. ^ An example can be seen here. As you can see, water ride with no restraints. Easy and calm evacuation as well.
  2. It would more be like a war between all the personalities. (Hope I understood that right) Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets if they're going to die anyways?
  3. Mission: Escape. http://www.cfnews13.com/StoryHeadline.aspx?id=20015
  4. I wouldn't be surprized to see stuff like this happening not just to Splash Mountain but rather all those "water" rides. Lap bars are standard on Intamin's water boat rides such as Pilgrim and Shoot the Rapids but not on older ones like Whitewater Falls at CGA (kinda surprized me when I rode that one). It's not just a problem with Splash Mountain (although more likely that one because of Disney being such a major company) but rather with a lot of water rides I've noticed. A ride op at my home park who runs the log flume told me how troublesome it is when people stand up and there's no way of stopping the ride once it goes over the lift hill (they usually stand on or right before the drop). It's not the rides themselves that hurt people (although there are some exceptions). It's people who hurt people.
  5. Ugh stupid cold! I feel so horrible! I hate getting sick! Can't even think properly now. I haven't been sick for almost a whole year and now when I least expect it. Think I better get back to sleep.
  6. ...Subject him to a lifetime of dancing to the song...
  7. ...The time travel belt as you remember was just a toy from Toys 'R Us! Which meant...
  8. ...magical teleportation device! You decide to use it to go to...
  9. I was 15 when I first overcame my fear of the so called "really big" coasters. My cousins took me on Behemoth when I made my yearly family trip to Ontario. Ever since then, I started researching about coasters and instantly I was hooked.
  10. ...fluffy, fluffy teddy bear! Which was supposed to explode on impact leaking medicine and goo all over the place! But within all the medicine and good there was...
  11. ...fireworks and explosive stuff! But along came the Wii's owner who misses his Wii and pressed the button on his time travel belt...
  12. I've been playing guitar on and off for the last 5 years. Haven't played much for the last 6 months though for various reasons although I am considering starting up lessons again. Can anyone here shred? Cheese and lettuce and cabbage doesn't count! I've always wanted to shred but for some reason I just can't seem to get it. Does anyone think that "shred" is actually musical/artistic? I'd say it can be depending on how it is used. As for taste in music, I'm pretty diverse. I used to be mainly into heavy metal and all the subgenres but now I'm more open. I played in the school jazz band two years ago. Here's some of our performances. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkimvq-gDgE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnIA2U5djg0
  13. The random guy he met on the bus! It was him that...
  14. Some do, some don't. Whenever the topic of Playland, Disneyland, other theme parks etc comes up, then I bring it on with the coasterness. They don't mind the fact that I can identify coasters by their make and model either. A lot of people can do that with other things too such as cars, buses, species of fish (my cousin does that), trains etc.
  15. P2, late at night by myself (unless you count my dog) with very few lights on. I felt like someone was watching me or something. Second on the list would be some Korean horror movie I saw awhile ago. Forgot the name of it but it was just crazy. I think it's also the fact that you don't quite understand it too (yes, I was ignoring the subtitles).
  16. You've got one right here. (points at self) My favourite songs would be Feuer Frei, Du Hast, or Sonne.
  17. Definately a "celebrity" alright. Where's Mabilliard though? I like his criticism of Vekoma's flying coaster. About X-Raptor, I know B&M tends to be very low key about their projects most of the time so I'm not surprized with that response.
  18. ^ Which head was it that was inside? It was ok that one head was just hanging off the side of the train without touching the headrest? Please keep "hands and feet and heads" inside the train at all times. When I was working at Playland this year, I was walking around sweeping and I overheard (wasn't intentional) these people in their 40's talking about "roller coaster clubs". All I remembered was them saying something like "there's these people who go around to different parks and try and ride all the rollercoasters they can". Let's just say I can't really describe how I felt in that situation.
  19. Looks like a nice addition for the park and sure to please. It's also great to see the growing popularity of Eurofighters in the US. Perhaps someday that popularity will spread further up North?
  20. Coaster at Playland. A long time favourite of mine at exactly (well maybe not THAT exact) 75 feet. Great airtime and nice wide open classic trains.
  21. I have a feeling that it might become a "cut and paste" just like "Great American Scream Machine" was... Although I must admit American Thunder is a pretty cool sounding name.
  22. Finally the SkyQuest update. So from what I see it's going to be like a skyride except you're suspended below the cables facing downwards? Is it really much of a "thrill" ride?
  23. It's the invasion of the "generic unbranded Cedar Fair-esque names"! However, it is true that most non enthusiasts do tend to refer to rides as being the "car ride", "airplane ride", "kiddie coaster", you get the idea.
  24. Great updates. Love the launched wooden shuttle and the "high five coaster". Just shows that wooden coasters can do anything nowadays. Anything on Bill Kitchen's new concept SkyQuest?
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