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  1. RCT3 peeps survive EVERYTHING... Pitfalls, bowling by coasters, tower drops exploding, launches into space etc.
  2. Lookin' really cool already! I really dig that splashdown! Wish Behemoth had it...
  3. You've all probably seen the "Fat kid falls off ride" video... Its a classic though!
  4. Ever tried setting tower drop launch speeds so ridiculously high that they explode and all the peeps die?! YOu can't do that in RCT3, the car just blows up and the peeps fall and hit hte ground and bounce lamely. "Put little peep in water and they drown!"
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MD6Cx0qzRA Ya. Its not really funny to me. Because I had a similar incident. I was riding a Vekoma SLC (Hang'n'bang) and I wasn't stapled. Not only did i get bodyslammed and headbanged like crazy, but I was also slipping out! Just like the fat kid in the video was. If I hadn't pulled myself back up onto the seat, I would have fallen or something.
  6. Nah, iddn't take any... I was going to take one of ghoster Coaster but the whole ride was abit too mild for me anyways...
  7. If you've been on the Atari forum before you'll probably remember this post. here it is anyways: I'm sure some of you have heard those auto safety campaigns "Click it or ticket'. I was bored and I came up with one for rollercoasters. "Put it down or hit the ground" Get it? And no it has nothing to do with a cop chasing a crook who stole something!
  8. Every summer, me and my mom will always travel to Toronto to visit family. I would usually play with my cousins and all sorts of stuff like that. But 4 of my cousins there really like Canada's Wonderland and other amusement parks, so we make it our tradition to go to CW each time. So on the way to CW, I started freaking out about Behemoth thanks to one of my cousins talking about Behemoth's height, speed etc. (Our uncle took the 5 of us including me there and dropped us off). When we first got there, we neede to warm up before Behemoth, so we headed for The Rage. The Rage was a standard HUSS Pirate ship ride. But it was abit boring for my liking, the one at my home park Playland has way better airtime. I wouldn't even recommend this ride for thrillseakers and airtime addicts at all. Doesn't matter where you sit, its not that great. Then, in search of a thrill we head off to the International Festival section of the park to take on Shockwave. Shockwave is a regular Mondial Topscan. The 5 of us waited patiently in line watching the ride spin about. When it was our turn, I expected to get really bad motion sickness on it from all the spinning and flipping. There were afew pops of airtime that I didn't expect...those actually made me scream. I didn't get such a good view though as of my height/size...my view was obstructed by the horse collar quite abit. Also caused me to bang my head afew times when the seats flipped. My youngest cousin who's only 12 turning 13 decides she wants to go on a kiddie coaster. We were deciding between silver streak, taxi jam, and Ghoaster Coaster. 2 out of 5 of us wanted Silver Streak, but then we settled for Ghoaster Coaster which I"m kinda glad about because I already have the credits for Silver Streak in my collection. So I might as well get a new one. Ghoaster Coaster is a Scooby Doo theme kiddie wood coaster made by PTC. We waited also almost 40 minutes if not more in line for a stupid kiddie coaster... But hey on the bright side its a new credit for me and my youngest cousin was happy with it. So after enduring the sound of the "buzz gates/buzz bars" closing while waiting in line for 40 mins, we're finally on. The first drop was small and if there was any airtime, the seatbelts probably killed it, the rest of it was quite boring. I guess its pretty decent for a kiddie coaster and I love kiddie coasters with chain lifts. The great thing is that its even got good asthetics! It's built to look like its big brother wooden coasters in a smaller scale. We start talking about giving Mighty Canadian Minebuster a ride while we grab some eats and drinks as it was dinner time. Now finally, after deciding the lineup for mighty canadian minebuster is too long, we decide to give that one a miss this time (plus i've already got the credit for it awhile ago), its JUDGEMENT TIME! Aka time to take on BEHEMOTH! We look at the super long lineup that we will soon get stuck in for almost 2 whole hours and after watching the train go down the gigantic 230ft 75 degree drop, my youngest cousin decides to chicken out. She still stayed with us in teh queueing line because there's nobody else to watch her. While waiting in line, I start freaking out about the intensity of Behemoth and held onto my older cousin's hand (he's been on behemoth twice). We also entertained ourselves by watching people sit in the test seat to see if tey can fit on the ride. But then...I just realized I kinda needed to use the washroom while we were HALFWAY THERE. I was torn...Should I give up riding behemoth and go pee? Or should I let the adrenaline take over and make me forget about it? I made a video with my camera about how nervous I was. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47V6LKlmKbw Ok so fast foreward about 2 hours later. I'm nervous as hell, shaking like a little girl... My youngest cousin leaves through the ride exit and waits for us by hte on ride photo store. The attendant tells me to hurry up and "sit down sit down!" before he stapled me. "Ow that hurt..." So after some painful stapling (although the seats were quite comfortable, typical B&M hypercoaster) we start heading up that lift hill. I put my arms up in the air and try to cross my legs (I couldn't) and told myself "its going to be ok...happythoughts happythoughs...." It actually went up faster than I expected. And then OMGTHEDROPAHHHHHH! But halfway through my screaming, i started giggling hysterically for some reason (probably from the airtime) and my whole body went numb! Throughout the entire thing I was just laughing my head off for every single drop! Then before i knew it, ride over, adrenaline rush kicks in! I even dont feel like I need to go pee anymore! I was hyper as helll and on an adrenaline high! After buying my on ride photo of me and 3 of my cousins on Behemoth and showing it to my youngest cousin. I take out hte camera and make another video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PVIdJpXZuw&feature=channel Behemoth has alot of good airtime especially on the drops. The helix has some pretty strong G's so watch out for blackouts. If you don't want to get stapled, I recommend you sit slightly foreward on the seat. On the way back to the parking lot where our uncle was going to pick us up to take us home...All my cousins were exausted but me, I was still giggling and walking all crooked! Good thing I don't have to drive home! That night I couldn't sleep untill 4 am almost because I wias still super hyper. Infact I was hyper for 2 whole days almost thanks to Post Behemoth Syndrome aka PBS. I'd say the trip was well worth it even though we only got to do 4 rides... There's a view of Behemoth's entrance sign. Looks like a knockoff of Goliath's. Me infront of behemoth...LOOK AT THAT DROP!
  9. Yeah especially not for an E rated game. I actually find RCT abit educational as it teaches you about finances and running buisness and managing money. Perhaps they made peeps unkillable as they thought killing staff/peeps was not suitable for an educational game like that?
  10. Do you like to kill and/or torture peeps on RCT games? I love doing it! The thing is, with RCT3, i was kinda disapointed when I found out you can't kill or hurt peeps, staff etc. I kinda wanted to watch them die with 3d graphic detail! Good ol' RCT classic... Put little peep in water and they drown! ADMIN EDIT: Signatures - Please keep your signature to 3 or 4 lines of text, and no "GIANT TEXT" please. Images in signatures are fine, but no bigger than 50 pixels high by 400 pixels wide. I have removed your signature. You need to read the posting rules before you post again. Two locked threads, and two that are against the rules. A ban is almost imminent.
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