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  1. When I rode Behemoth, I remembered that despite being stapled hard, I still felt the amazing B&M airtime. Because it was also my first hyper, I was still freaking out about what would happen if anything failed. (Then again, that was before I knew much about coasters) Not even sure if I should do a loose ride on Diamondback in July, especially if I ride back row.
  2. Or the park benches or the toilets for all I care! Here's the patent document for the B&M Flyers. http://epo.worldlingo.com/wl/epo/epo.html?ACTION=description-retrieval&OPS=ops.epo.org&LOCALE=en_V3&FORMAT=docdb&COUNTRY=CH&NUMBER=694800&KIND=A5&T=1
  3. Don't have any yet, but hopefully sometime this year after October (because I"m turning 18!). Don't think I would get a coaster related tattoo but one of my co-workers last year had one. He had a wooden coaster around his upper arm (like an armband tattoo). Apart from the Chinese name, I'm also thinking about getting these song lines (haven't decided where yet) that have meant a lot to me. Want to get that on my ankle likely. I want a Chinese dragon on the left side of it but I haven't found a picture that i want (or anyone to draw me one). If you know how these names work, the family name comes first. It's my real name, not one of those that artists make up.
  4. Parks: Playland Adventuredome (didn't ride any coasters) Dreamworld Bangkok (rode the 1 main coaster) Canada's Wonderland Six Flags over Texas Fun Forest Amusement Park California's Great America Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Carnivals: Rodgers Playdome (Run by West Coast Amusements)
  5. "Seriously, PARC, put a little bit of money into rides at this park that are NOT Zamperla!" I would have to say the same for Playland and Huss. What's with the net over the octopus ride? Is it closed for repairs or something? "Money can't buy you friends but it can get you a better class of enemies!" That is so true.
  6. Got any pictures of the "Malaria lake"? I'm surprized there's actually some areas of the park that are nicer. All I've heard about this park is how neglected and beat up it is!
  7. It would either be Rainbow Chaser at Fun Forest (now dismantled) or Wild Mouse at Vancouver Playland. Rainbow Chaser is a screeching metal death trap. Not to mention rusting away as well. The whole thing felt like it was going to break any second. I'm surprized so many parents let their kids ride that thing. Wild Mouse was dismantled at the end of the season two years ago because it was unsafe to operate. That thing just felt like it was going to fall apart any second as it was so rusty and rickety. They even had to put sandbags inside the car so it would make it all the way around the track. I miss that sign and those back-breaking turns... ~ Jess "I've only ridden that thing twice in my whole life" Chan
  8. Just got back last night from watching Canada win a gold medal in figure skating. Yup, I was at the event.
  9. I would definately travel to the Adventuredome to ride a Eurofighter. It would be closer than travelling to Minnesota for the one at MOA. As for themes, I think a canyon/desert theme would be nice, as long as it's not named "Canyonblaster 2" or something like that.
  10. A Gerstlauer Eurofighter would work well with the space restrictions. An Intamin ZacSpin/LSM 4D Coaster would work too. Or if they were to go with something less extreme, even a Zamperla/Mack/Gerstlauer Wild Mouse will do.
  11. A new coaster will do for me, not a kiddie one though. Something thrilling perhaps. Or even a new water ride. I don't know if they'll even bother putting in a new ride as that place is so beat up already and maintainence costs may be too much already. I remember back when I visited atleast that place was still decent as in no leaky roof etc.
  12. I'm kinda sad because Rim Runner was the only ride I rode and really enjoyed at the Adventuredome when I visited. I was only 8 at the time and hated roller coasters (so I didn't get the two credits). I'm kinda happy at the same time because I can't wait to see what will it be replaced with.
  13. There was a thread on here awhile ago about the Rim Runner leaving Las Vegas as well as on Screamscape.
  14. So the Rim Runner isn't being removed then if it's still standing right now. It was due to be removed in August last year if my memory serves me right.
  15. I play guitar, some bass, piano (for over 10 years), harmonica, and the Chinese Fiddle/Erhu (not very well though). Can anyone here shred on guitar? I've been trying for few years already and just can't seem to do it...
  16. Wow, that place definately looked so much better when I was there many years ago. So I guess the rumours about the Rim Runner being taken out for another coaster aren't true then. I remembered once a picture on screamscape of a Rim Runner boat sitting outside the park. Could just be taken out for rehab/repairs though.
  17. There was a thread about the Sky Roller (Gotterflug) awhile ago. It's not that dangerous, it's a proper amusement ride. And it's made by Gerstlauer too.
  18. Being only 17, I'm not legally allowed to smoke but that didn't stop me from trying. Only to realize how bad an idea that really was (very deep regret). I don't agree with underage smoking AT ALL (or underage anything for that matter), but I don't have a problem with anyone of legal age smoking. It's their choice, they have to live with it. My grandpa smoked pretty much until the day he died. Everytime when I went to visit him I could smell it, until he died from his own habits. I currently don't smoke and I don't think I ever will go back. I hate the smell or taste of smokes and what does to you. My (ex) girlfriend used to get mad at me for my habits. That's not why she's an "ex", it's a long story that isn't really important.
  19. Vancouver, BC. 14 degrees C most of the day, abit lower in the morning. It's the year of the Olympic Games here and there's not a flake of snow.
  20. My current one is me fooling around with my math homework. We're learning about Sin and Cos graphs. As I've mentioned in another thread before, I love drawing coaster trains cresting my graphs. I did it with negative parabola graphs (Top Hat like shape) before but Sin graphs are better for that!
  21. I remembered reading about something like that afew years ago in some science magazine. It was originally developed by NASA for astronauts, to help them with the high G and negative G environment. I would guess that it's not supposed to make you feel sleepy either, because astronauts need their full attention at all times. Good enough for NASA, good enough for me I guess. Hope I can get a prescription for it, although I still don't really like the idea of using any medication on rides. (But that's just from bad experiance) Anyways I'm just wondering, are Alaskan cruises usually rough? Or was it just a bad time of the year. From what I remember, it was in Feburary.
  22. Medicines make me sleep which I hate. I can't seem to enjoy anything if I'm drowsy, other than sleep of course. I can't stand the pressure of those pressure point things, find it so annoying and uncomfortable. Turns out that point it's pressing on is the point that you can push on to make an attacker let go of you, for self defence purposes (learned that from Tae Kwon Do class). I've even tried taking Chinese herbs for motion sickness and it didn't help either. Turns out it's actually an underlying condition of mine that's contributing alot to motion sickness, low blood pressure. Been told it's something I'll outgrow, don't know when though. I have never taken an Atlantic cruise before but thanks for the suggestion. I'll consider that sometime in the future, not sure where to yet.
  23. The last few cruises I've been on are all at least 3 years ago. Only cruised with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. I'm not a big fan of cruising, mainly because of motion sickness. I ended up pretty much sleeping or lying down for most of the days when I went on an Alaska cruise. Favourite part of any cruise...The food! Mmmmm.
  24. I have an itty bitty collection of 6 theme park/roller coaster pins. Only started it last year and willing to expand it anytime. I don't exactly "collect" on-ride photos but I have quite afew lying around. Going to put them on the wall as soon as I renovate my bedroom. I've been collecting stamps on and off for almost 5 years now (yeah I'm a nerd). My uncle in UK as well as my grandpa in Hong Kong who both travel a lot always send me more. Speaking of coaster parts, I only have 3. A track bolt and washer as well as a "Please keep hands and feet inside car" sign. Both from the PNE Coaster.
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