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  1. 1. What are your initial thoughts? I'm in. 2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering? A free premium member exclusive T-shirt, patch, pin or something. 3. Is this something that interests you? I won't be allowed to go on a TPR trip for quite abit but still all the other benefits seem worth it to me. 4. Why would you NOT be interested in this? I am interested. 5. Any additional feedback you can give us based on the information you see here. Perhaps discounts on premium membership at various times of the year?
  2. I was hoping that Playland would step up and buy it when it was being listed for sale on Ital. It's a shame they didn't because it would have been a nice coaster for them that's close by too.
  3. From Screamscape: Sad to see Fun Forest go. Unfortunately their lease with the city of Seattle has ended. I'm happy for all of you including myself who have gotten the two coaster credits before that place closes for good. ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and fixed your spelling error in your thread title.
  4. Ugh riding while sick. I know definately how that feels. Canada's Wonderland 2007 Flight Deck (or Top Gun as it was known as). My cousins wanted to try riding it for the first time and I thought I was going to give it a go. I had a really bad cold already that week that I went to Ontario and it didn't get better much. Long story short, rode Flight Deck/Top Gun and ended up going home wrapped in a picnic blanket. Seems like most of my bad experiances at parks occur when I'm sick beforehand.
  5. School's out for winter starting today! And no snow here. I hate snow so much...
  6. Haven't really had that many terrible experiances but if I had to say I guess it would be either of these two. - When I got my very first "first aid room credit" at SFOT in March for some "ill effects" from Titan. Mom threw a big fit at me about it and was like "You should never go on such crazy rollercoasters ever again." But hey, it's not really my fault my health isn't good, and neither was it my fault that I was sick on that week we were going to Texas. I've had another first aid room credit too but that wasn't as bad. It was just for motion sickness. - SFDK in July. So disappointed that I had missed out on 3 whole credits. Tony Hawk's Big Spin due to motion sickness, Roar because it was broken and didn't open at all, and Roadrunner Express because I didn't even know it existed. Not to mention I dropped my camera so many times that the outer casing cracked open. It still works fine but it's looks really beat up.
  7. Looked like fun. Makes me wish we had holiday in the park here... Where I live, winter months/off season, is just exactly what it is.
  8. It's not a new site. I joined the site a few months ago after hearing some talk about it from when I was at CW. It just got too cheesy and riddiculous that I officialy gave up on it. TPR forever!
  9. I don't think age really matters that much. I'm 17 and Titan's blackout helix ended up getting me my the "first aid room credit". My dad's way over 50 and he's pretty well with forces too. He rode bascially every coaster at CGA and SFDK with me. At SFOT, there was like 8 year old kids (some with their parents) who were fine as ever even afterwards.
  10. I am going to Kings Island and Cedar Point in July for my family/graduation trip. And maybe CW if we have time. Em-Z, if you make it to PNE Playland this year, let me know because you may see me there on the day you go.
  11. Lucky me, I get to go to CP by Airplane: The Ride. I really want to be able to get in all the rides I want, so I am likely going to spread it out over 2 days, which means getting a 2 day pass. Also was there alot of bugs at that time? Did you get a "bug in the face" on MF?
  12. What month was this? It seems quite packed. I am going next year at the beginning of July and I really hope I get to go on all the major coasters atleast. How long were the lines approximately? No Demon Drop for me next year...
  13. Being launched facing downwards...Kinda reminds me of Deja Vu/Aftershock. Do you feel like you're being "folded" in half when being launched? Meaning that your nose tries to touch your knees due to the effect of gravity. I always look at my ride photos. Because that creates the chance that I may buy it, which helps keep the park in buisness. ~ Jess "Take the ride photo and keep the park in buisness" Chan
  14. That's too bad about your grandma... My condolences to her. Anyways back to the happy SFMM stuff (because big girls don't cry...NOT). Thank you for giving Scream! some love. Yep, that frozen lemonaid is really good alright. Did they have the strawberry flavour too? That's my favourite, frozen strawberry lemonaid. Best medicine for "post high acceleration exposure" symptoms too as I find it. As for Thrill Shot, how is the airtime on one of those things? I have never ridden one before, let alone your standard slingshot ride. By the way, about Batman's photobooth, the one at SFOT when I went this year was gone too. I personally am a big fan of on ride photos but I know alot of people don't even bother looking at theirs. The reason parks remove them is because it's just too costly to hire all the people to run them when not enough people buy them. Thanks for more nerd shots. I love the control pannel ones.
  15. Not me, like I said look at my avatar. I just have an occational interest in science/physics. Especially when it's related to something I like. Theme parks!
  16. I'm not sure if this also relates: "An object in motion has the tendency to stay in motion in the same speed and direction and objects at rest have a tendency to stay at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force." That is why when the train hits the brakes, you kind of get thrown forward abit. And to relate this to the conservation of momentum, the brakes kind of "take up" the kinetic energy from the train to bring it to a halt. The way you get thrown forward is because you still have that kinetic energy from going down the drop. I think it's like decceleration or something. Speaking of TTD and physics, I've been wondering about this for a while. How come on rides like TTD or KK with vertical drops, you are able to stay completely upright while going down the drop? While Dive Machines on the other hand, you tend to "fold over" meaning your head wants to touch your knees while being held on the brake before the drop facing downwards. I'm not really a math/science person, as you can tell from my avatar.
  17. No, I'm not talking about the Vekoma Corkscrew there. I'm talking about the old school woodie loaded with crazy drops. Speaking of Kong, I didn't find it that bad either. It was better than I expected to be both in the front and middle-near-back seats. Looks like a great day, and you got to meet some other TPR members too. Terminator is like perhaps the most themed ride there complete with staff costumes. Very Disney like I must admit.
  18. What about the Vancouver Playland Coaster? The 2nd seatbelt is added to pretty much every GIB that I know of. Not sure about Stunt Fall in Spain though. I have never ridden a GIB before but I really want to. Depends on if I visit SFMM or Silverwood first but either way I will ride one eventually. I thought they're not that rough compared to regular boomerangs. Would it be like say, SLC rough? And why no love for Scream? It's a clone of my number 1 coaster at the moment.
  19. Thanks for the nerd shots. I hope Firehawk doesn't do that to me on my Ohio trip next year. If I am ever riding anything intense again, I'm going to make sure I have alot of extra sugar beforehand as it helps to prevent fainting. I think that 2nd cup of frozen lemonaide before Medusa (west) saved me. Hopefully I'm also healthier by then too. Anyways most of SFMM's looping coasters + Goliath seem to be high G rides. I'll make sure I steer clear of Tatsu if I go to SFMM. Also, what do you think of DeJa Vu having Aftershock in your home park? Probably not anything special.
  20. The Scream Guards may not take away too much of the experiance for you but more fore me thanks to my claustrophobia. I hate not being able to feel the wind rush over my face. But again that's just me. I have only ridden 1 Giovanola and despite the temporary damage it did to me I still loved it. The intensity is really what puts the "G" in Giovanola. Mind the pun. How did you like Tatsu? Intense as Goliath?
  21. About DJ BoBo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DJ_BoBo Looks like a nice place to visit. That mini wild mouse is so cute! We have a Miniature World here in BC too. I've been there along time ago. They have a model of BC's only amusement park, Playland which also has moving rides.
  22. You and your family look like you've had a great time and a fun trip. Love the Maliboomer control panel nerd shot. More nerd shots please? Does Maliboomer still have those "Puke Guards"? If so, do they really take away from the whole experiance of the ride? How did you like Goliath? I have never ridden it but I've ridden it's brother Titan. Made me sick but still fun. Did you catch any air on that first drop? I didn't get any on Titan's for some reason. Agh...Can't resist...Some of those food pictures are making me hungry! ~ Jess "Going to grab a snack before I continue reading on TPR" Chan
  23. V2: "45 degree velocity". On the first time I rode it, that hangtime in the twist pretty much freaked me out! Second time I rode it, everything was expected. Guess I could also mention Time Warp/Tomb Raider at CW. When I rode it on the year that it first came out I thought it was the most amazing thing ever (but then again it was my first "flying" coaster). Because of that, I decided to line up for almost an hour again and re-ride. Wasn't anything too special anymore.
  24. ... Is this a Premier INVERTED COASTER? Will they be launched? Who will be the first park to buy one? So finally, SFOG's Deja Vu gets bought. Hope it does better in Brazil than it did at SFOG.
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