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  1. ^ Somehow knows about my love of peanut butter. < Really does friggen love peanut butter. V Has a peanut allergy and so is a fool.
  2. No, I have little chance of any coaster riding this year. Scotland sucks. Do you like the feeling of sand between your toes?
  3. I just setup my Sega Megadrive again. Goodbye world, I'm off to play Sonic.
  4. ^ Yes, the bathroom. Do you want to join me in the bathroom?
  5. ^ Yor too dronk tooo drrrive.....Gi me yer keeyssss....I'll drrrrivve...
  6. Was the girl singing the Canadian national anthem lip syncing really badly? Or was that just me?
  7. I learned not to put my head into theoven when it's on.
  8. I believe the Donkey Fairy has now attacked me! I knew I shouldn't have posted about the legend! The Donkey Fairy has left bowls of rancid testicles all over my house this morning!
  9. Here are some random pictures I have taken/edited! My mate Adam! My Kitten Nyx (Greek godess of darkness or something...) Another friend... Steeple! A thing on a building...
  10. A legend foretells of a magical beast, All hairy, four legged and on ACErs it feeds, Who shall come and cause chaos on Theme Park Review, To throw the coaster enthusiasts into it's ACEr stew, A spell the beast casts on those who all see it, Changing the titles of those who try to beat it, Not even a Vekoma could bring an end to this beast, As a noise so horrific erupts through it's teeth, Attracted by an Intamin like every beast is, But the power of the coaster causes the beast to fizz. With the smoothness, excitement and awesome airtime, The beast explodes with the awesomeness and it's the end of it's time. A legend foretells of THE DONKEY FAIRY!!!!!!! Who with two tiny wings flies down all disgusting and hairy.
  11. Wow... A song I really have stuck in my head just now is "The Funeral" by Band of Horses. It's a really nice song. I have a ridiculously mixed taste in music, I'll listen and enjoy just about anything. Really into Biffy Clyro right now (and always am).
  12. I felt you needed a trophy, but they're expensive. I hope this shall do. Big Mike with his trophy!!!
  13. ^ Love the new album "Contra". There are a bunch of people over here who don't know who they are but they have heard some of there stuff like A-Punk. Cousins is an awesome song too!
  14. ^ I love Vampire Weekend!!! I've been getting into alot of Chiptune. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiptune http://8bitcollective.com/music/ It's basically people making music with classic games consoles, Gameboys..etc...
  15. I have been almost falling asleep in school all day from staying up to watch the Super Bowl live. It finished after 3am over here. It was a good game though!
  16. Go Mike!!! Really tired after watching the Super Bowl until after 3 am last night. It's the only American Football game they broadcast over here. Of course there was no doubt Mike would win, who could beat the Big man himself!
  17. ^ I MUST stay there! I'm loving the Sonic re-theme of Spinball. Spinball was looking pretty dilapidated last time I was there. It never had much theming anyway.
  18. I would say the seams are for when the rider would be pushed out by the forces from a turn (Centrifugal Force) so they don't ride over the connection. Edit: I actually agree with nannerdw. What I just said was ridiculous.
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