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  1. I Hate PT Cruisers they look like hearses But that burger car is Awsome
  2. yay yahoo answers!!! Who invented the spork?(spoon+fork=spork)
  3. I'm Not Even In America but hey! i think Obama Should be president but his name confuses me i keep getting Osama (Bin Laden) and Obama (Barack(is that how you spell it)) Not good
  4. ^ has 680 posts in the say something random thread (thats one random guy) V MAN FAN!!!
  5. yes well at least small sections of it Are you a crazy coaster riding robot monkey from the planet Disney
  6. i missed 5 and 6 but thought i saw a duck in another pic oh well it was fun trying to find them cheers big mike
  7. Hey Big Mike your photos are great now the duck well i saw him 8 times at first but was unsure about a picture but i've looked at it and i've seen the duck so i say 9 ducks! Quack
  8. hey hey was on the mack website and found this www.mack-rides.com/lang-en/c124/default.html so im guessing this is what there getting
  9. OMG! that fair looks crazy i would get lost in it! Kind of makes me jealous as when the fair comes to us we get 2-3 crap rides a burger van and a claw machine/penny pushers
  10. looks cool nice park i tried making a park like this i got bored your coasters are rock when i first saw salamander i thought it was a mine train but hey your mine train looks good a perfect ride for this park
  11. This is Awsome!!!! It Makes me laugh witch is a good thing I was bored until i read these!!!! Now go make more for man shall not survive without this comic
  12. cool pre-show the 3D simpsons are weird they look out of place in the pictures and it swaps from a bunch of 2D stuff to 3D stuff but a 2D simulator would be pretty crap
  13. hmm well uh i'm martin i'm a midget from the highlands of scotland inverness to be precise um my local park is ..... well i don't have one which sucks i've been to legoland windsor alton towers thorpe park chessington worlds of adventure drayton manor disneyland paris phantasialand and port aventura my favorite ride (that i've been on) is furius baco yay my first post lets party ps: I LOVE RCT3 and NO LIMITS
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