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  1. ^ I think it looks like you after falling asleep on a sunbed.
  2. Sam Cassell and DJ Lance!!! Chris sucks Sam Cassell Chris sucks DJ Lance!!!
  3. cprocks22-- Off topic but I just so happen to be listening to Owl City right now. Did you see Unicorn Kid at the Owl City gig? On topic: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril at Disneyland Paris.
  4. Show Stoppers unite! Go Mike Go, Mr Bebe should know, Not to mess with the man, And his Show Stopper clan! Much luck in the playoffs Mike!
  5. I got "A Boy and His Blob" for christmas and I absolutely LOVE IT. My whole family were a bit confused by me wanting it as they didn't really understand what it was but now they all love it.
  6. Your going good Mke! He's the Big Man, Better not cross him, He'll kick you A$$, If you try to stop him! Good luck in the playoffs Big Mike!
  7. I'm pretty sure I still have a copy of one of the versions of this. From what I remember it was awesome!
  8. Bareges is a beautiful place! We stopped in Bareges on a school trip and aimlessly wandered around. It was really cool. We took a trip on the canal in a funky little boat and it was awesome. I would highly recommend stopping and looking at the buildings there if you are into that.
  9. Thorpe Park is marketing itself as a thrill orientated park. They are trying to appeal to the young adult generation as all the other U.K. parks are aimed at families. Thorpe have seen the gap in the market and instead of competing against other parks as a ''family park'' they have a clear run as the thrill park. It makes scence to me.
  10. Thanks for all the awesome work Robb. Hope everything starts working as it should.
  11. Go Big Mike, The guy no-one could dislike, If you think that you can beat him, You better take a hike! Sorry if I end up repeating myself in these cheers! I haven't been on here for too long!
  12. Surely Misty did not go into a competitor christmas shop!
  13. Twin Atlantic, a small-ish band from Glasgow. It was an awesome gig.
  14. Because the colour red is an advancing colour making it stand out from competitive brands. Also, if it were blue, people would get confused with Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola....... Why are people always excited about killing two birds with one stone? It's still murder, doesn't matter how little effort was involved.
  15. B-I-G-M-I-K-E He's so great, He's so hot, Against Big Mike, You will be rocked!!!!! It's been too long since I posted here...
  16. I don't like the "Mafia Wars" type games but I love Farmville.
  17. Go Mike, your the man, your gonna win, we know you can! Short cheer but I'm secretly posting from class....
  18. I don't understand the difference. Aren't they called trim brakes? And in the pictures I just looked at, it appears that Mumbo Jumbo's brakes cover the drop to the steepest part. I was saying that the brakes don't go down the whole of Mumbo's drop so it actually "drops". Afterburn and Sequoia are constantly braked down the drops so they don't actually "drop". Do you get what i'm saying?
  19. Sequoia Adventure and Afterburner are braked all the the way down whereas Mumbo Jumbo has only trims. That's probably something to do with it.
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