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  1. Haha! Awesome! Landmark is in Carrbridge which is a small town not far out from Inverness. I reckon the Brit crew would have alot of fun there. It's quite a random wee place! I'll see if I can get out there at some point to see what's going on.
  2. I'm praying that random Inverness credit is powered. Codona's nearly killed me last time! If it is a proper coaster, I'll be well up for a road trip to go for it! Random Inverness credit? I must know more!
  3. I'm most definatly the worst player. I'm Monkeyoverlord on the chess and scrabble. Wes even beat me.
  4. ^ I don't think "has" is used correctly in that question. Young sire, I do believe the word you are looking for is "have".
  5. I'd judge it with you. I'm not the greatest builder but I heve helped a few people work out the problems in thierr tracks and would like to think of myself as a good judge.
  6. Happy 80th birthday oh wondrous, glorious and wondrous fairy of the titles. 80! More like 18!
  7. Awesome TR yet again Divv. I'm loving that the British parks are finally taking note hat there aren't enough fountains. They have responded well to my petitions. Also Rita looks pretty sexy in her rusty suit and Sonic is looking awesome, good to see the back of the faded spinball theming. Cheers Divv you delicious Dorito. I'm off to go play Sonic the Hedgehog on his Sega Megadive. Living the dream.
  8. ^ Well looking at the model picture I would say neither. The way there are people walking on it makes me think more of a maze or just a random walkthrough thing like the robinson crusoe tree. EDIT: Also welcome to TPR!
  9. I think the real question is, if they really exist, do they know what rides are like ON THE MOON?
  10. Oh wonderful Title Fairy of goodness and joy and wonder and beauty and wonderment and goodness and joyfulness! I seek saving from the evil grip of the Donkey Fairy!I have come to you as I believe you are the only fairy now powerful enough to undo the Donkey Fairy's evil works of wickedness and free my title from rancid testicles breakfasts. My current title does not reflect any truth about my person. Please consider my plea oh mighty fairy and I shall be forever in debt to you....until tuesday. Much love darling. x EDIT: IT'S ALL TRUE!!!!!! I LOVE THE RANCID TESTICLES!!!!! I can't hide it anymore!!!!
  11. Who doesn't? I imagine they will add more to Sonic Spinball in the way of theming during the closure between the half term opening and the main season opening. Or I hope at least.
  12. No, I would miss you. Honest. Would you like to give me money?
  13. I don't think there is one, not anything that will get in the way at least.
  14. ^ Alas! The Donkey Faerie! The Donkey Faerie is the Donkey Fairy's sibling (Genders unknown). The Donkey Faerie's name is Frances or Francis Faerie and the Donkey fairy's name is Taylor Fairy. They were separated at the age of ten Fairy years old (1 Fairy year=1Human year). A group of faeries took Francis/Frances to become one of them as they knew the Fairy's were an evil bunch. The Donkey Faerie was taught to live a life of love and to help the coaster enthusiasts. She was also taught how to stop the Fairy contingent and how to undo there wicked spells. Hopefully the Donkey Faerie shall come and save us all from the tragic attacks of the Donkey Fairy!!!
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmFO2I0c-ks&NR=1 This is freaking awesome! Friday Night with Jonathan Ross is a talk show in the UK. Tim Minchin is a piano playing aussie comedian and he duets with Jamie Cullum who is a brilliant Jazz musician.
  16. This thread needs another injection of happy! I'm going out with a girl I was good friends with. We ended up hanging about away from the bigger group of friends a few times totally randomly so it just sort of happened. Now we seem to end up watching crap on tv at her place and having fun (not like that). Things are going great!
  17. ^ Got it wrong! < Was in TPR chat at 6:00 pm (live in Scotland) v Is angry
  18. I don't know what time the things I'm watching happened. It's confusing. Watching the luge right now.
  19. ^ Is currently in TPR chat < Is also in TPR chat V Is a hardcore thesbian
  20. "The Funeral" - Band of Horses Go and listen to it, NOW!
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