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  1. ^ What sort of price range are you looking for? Any specific features wanted?
  2. ^ I just love the soundtrack. Anamanaguchi!
  3. There should be more themed supermarkets. P.S. - I'M KICKING YO' A$$ AT SCRABBLE!!!!
  4. Big Mike, I would like to enter the contest because my favorite part of The Big Mike Road Show is how many great things Mike does to interact with posters (Like this!).
  5. I must send my agreements to the cat in the hat. They could even have kitty cat in rabbit hat themed trains and it could mew for the whole ride. Of course the tunnel entrance should be re-themed to the kitty cats head and the train could rush into it's mouth. At this point the audio would scream; "ENTER THE PUSSY!!!". This could spawn a whole range of new TPR t-shirts.
  6. This shall happen. Also, who wouldn't want a Corona lamp? The most tasteful lamp in the world.
  7. Damn Ninjas. How can we carry our purchased goods without a backpack?!
  8. I do believe it is a reference to "Serenity". This bag of rubbish is going to get pretty interesting.
  9. I hope so. I also hope they have t-shirts there that say "I ♥ Clearwater, FL", that would be SO COOL!
  10. Misty's t-shirt says, "in-ter-est-ing (Ĭn'trĬ-stĬng) adj. 1. capable of holding one's attention. 2. arousing a feeling of interest. 3. oh God, oh God, we're all going to die." I totally want to play mini-golf now...
  11. I'm pretty sure I know someone with that coffee table.
  12. ^ It probably won't travel through the element with much speed because it starts with a chain lift. My guess anyway. OFF TOPIC: Is your name from the books written by Jason Bradbury?
  13. There was me thinking all Larry did was obsess about the park index, turns out he reads dictionaries too.
  14. I rarely leave the double figures. Mainly because I actually go and physically talk to people. The most I've texted was about 500 one month because my girlfriend at the time was away for a month and I was texting her.
  15. It's not my usual scene but I'm loving the song "High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive" by Pulled Apart By Horses. It's got lots of tempo change within it which gives the genre they are playing another layer.
  16. Also if you come up to Inverness I will stock my fridge with lots of Asahi.
  17. I was going out with a girl but I didn't like her anymore so I dumped her. Seemingly, "to our friends" that's not a good enough reason. "Ahh, screw 'em! I have other friends" I thought to myself. A few days later I'm now going out with one of those other friends. I was looking forward to the single life.
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