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  1. B-I-G-M-I-K-E Big Mike's gonna show you how it's done, Don't come crawling back to him when he has won, He is the best at Fantasy Football, He isn't phased by you at all! I shouldn't be doing this at ten to twelve in the morning when I have school tommorow...
  2. 1277 on my iPhone. I have loads more songs though, so I rotate it. One sync I'll have some bands then the next sync I'll put others on. It's a good mix though, from Beethoven through Linkin Park then through Dragonforce and System of a Down to Avenue Q, Hairspray and Wicked. Also got some Motorhead, Toto, Bell Biv Devoe, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, Flight of the Conchords, Green Day and Glen Miller.
  3. Who's got a Lucky Dog and is really cool, Mike, Big Mike, Go Mike, If think you can beat him you should go back to school, Mike, Big Mike, Go Mike, Who is the best at Fantasy Football, Mike, Big Mike, Go Mike, Someone this cool couldn't be called small, Mike, Big Mike, Go Mike,
  4. Can I be a cheerleader Big Mike? Here is a cheer for the Big one: Go Bike Mike go, King of the roadshow, He knows his football and it shows, Go Go! Good luck Mike (as if you would need it!)
  5. I've been to Diggerland and Dickens World! They were both pretty awesome.
  6. LOL!!! Tyler, did you try to pay for the porn with a photocopy of the picture on your shirt???!!!! LOL!!! I just noticed that too! That guy is a legend. I can't wait for more from this trip, looking at other trip reports it has been awesome. I can only dream about going on a TPR trip...
  7. I was in Ikea the other daybuying lot of meatballs. I heard the average Ikea customer takes three pencils.......I took seven.
  8. I go from the second top button down but do not go back for the top button. He prefers just to hang and do his own thing.
  9. ^The plans are released because of strict planning applications in the U.K. especially for Alton Towers. ^^What makes you think they have put all their money in Thorpe Park? Did you miss the whole re-do of Merry England to Mutiny Bay? There has been lots of investment into the park.
  10. I loved it. It was smooth. It had a nice and unique layout. Unique and cool first drop. It had a nice setting....I liked the monkey in the station. A couple of bits seemed a bit wonky though. 9/10 Also my kitten enjoyed watching it.
  11. ^^ Koningin Juliana Toren. Don't post out of turn though. As for Disney, no idea.
  12. New posters for SW6. From Twitter. I would have uploaded the picture but I'm on my iPhone.
  13. The food at the buffet at the Port Aventura hotel was great! There was plenty to choose from. As for entertainment, their was some at the hotel every night but it was cheesy and I didn't really watch it but there were Brittish T.V channels that I watched at night and we had a portable DVD player. As for in-park entertainment I can't say as we went at Halloween so there was lots of awesome Halloween stuff like scare walks and stuff. Don't worry about Templo Del Fuego it wasn't great. You'll spend your time between Furius Baco, Hurkan Condor and Dragon Khan. It's a great place though! Have fun.
  14. Looks awesome. Can't wait for the release. Hope it rides as good as it looks. Any idea of a release date?
  15. Thanks Erik, Awesome update as always. That was an awesome mini-golf course.
  16. ^ It does look very Soundwave but I reckon they just based it off him. Starscream would be crazy but I don't think it would work in with the happy, happy eighties theme. Starscream is scary.
  17. ^ I'm not sure if it's supposed to be Soundwave as it lacks several Soundwave components. It's probably just a generic transformer and not an actual character. Reflex looks awesome! coaster_dude2002 post the video, post the video.
  18. Even more than Coke Zero? I hate that stuff. I would love to go somewhere even half as awesome as Cowabunga Bay! If only we had the weather in Scotland for it. I did the one at Alton Towers and it was sweet but was tiny compared to Cowabunga Bay. I wish you success for many years to come!
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