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  1. Worlds of Fun, I love how you can see it from miles away. When it first appeared in my vision, it was in the middle of a thunder storm and the park looked sooooo cool with lightning! I like how Kemah Boardwalk appeared from no where and Boardwalk Bullet just looks so beautiful against the water! Busch Gardens Africa also is kinda neat since it's pretty much in the middle of a neighborhood like Knott's.
  2. I thought they weren't announcing it until tomorrow..? Hmm... No surprise in the announcement but they never mentioned if it's keeping the standup trains or not.
  3. Thank you so much for posting this awesome PTR! I have to agree, Galaxi in the back seat is pretty intense, I actually grabbed the lap bar the first time I rode in the back! Glad to see LoCoSuMo is back open, I need to make it back to IB before the off-season!
  4. I really have no idea what to expect for the 2011 addition. I somewhat feel like it'll be another slide or expansion to Splashin' Safari, but since it's been a few years since something was added in Holiday World (Pilgrim's Plunge counts as a water ride), I hope a more major ride will make it's way to the park. No way is it going to be a coaster, but some type of thrill ride like a frisbee, top spin, windseeker (kidding...), or something would be nice!
  5. Haha, SFOG has called an inclined helix an inversion before- Mindbender's third loop...
  6. According to RCDB, Gravity Group is listed under designer (along with John A. Miller), and construction will be Martin & Vleminckx. Also the trains and some mechanical hardware will be used from Thunder Eagle (Race World).
  7. Mystery Mine & Son of Beast are the two that came to mind first.
  8. Lakeside reminds me of Indiana Beach only in the west. If I was to ever become a billionaire I would buy Lakeside and add to it. Not modernize it, but add maybe another woodie (GCI, but try to make it look as classic and old as possibly), and some classic flat rides, and even more of those awesome signs and lights! I'm pretty much a credit whore, but if I was in Colorado and for some reason couldn't visit both parks, I'd chose Lakeside for sure. Elitch looks pretty run down, I'm surprised it's still open.
  9. Small, but great news! Like I always, I always find something to complain about. I wish these Snoopy Light things would just be generic and not feature Snoopy. Why can't it just be a pretty display of lights without a beagle and a thousand kids? Oh well, glad to hear Carowinds will be open later, maybe next time I'll have enough time to get all my credits and be able to ride something more than once. I kinda wish they would of put something (weather it be part of the light show thing or a restaurant) in the huge spot by Intimidator.
  10. I305 Voyage Steel Hawg Montu TTD (The launch is incredible!) Mindbender (♥ those forceful loops and helices!) Batman clones Invertigos/Boomerangs/Deja Vus Georgia Cyclone in the back seat (I love it!)
  11. Since Kings Island is my home park, I guess I can't count those. So... -Intimidator 305 -Intimidator -Goliath (SFOG) -SheiKra -Flying Unicorn (IoA) -Greased Lightnin' (SFKK) -Dark Knight (SFGAm) -Maverick -TTD -Boardwalk Bullet -Wildebeest (HW) I believe that is all...
  12. 1. Kings Dominion 040210 2. Carowinds: 040310 3. Six Flags Over Georgia: 040410 4. Dollywood: 040510 5. Kings Island: 041710 050810 051410 052110 060310 060910 071510 6. Holiday World: 050110 052210 052610 060410 060510 070610 7. Cedar Point: 060910 061010 8. Michigan's Adventure: 062410 9. Indiana Beach: 070910 10. Worlds of Fun: 071610 071710 11. Six Flags Saint Louis: 072410
  13. KI will announce the 230'+ tall ride tomorrow at 2PM! http://www.journal-news.com/news/hamilton-news/kings-island-will-add-new-ride-in-2011-875609.html
  14. Indianapolis needs one extremely bad. Indianapolis has over 2 million people and the closest park is over an hour away (Indiana Beach). And really, I'd say Indianapolis's park would be Kings Island even though it's two hours away and in a different state. Everyone I know visits KI atleast once a summer (usually twice than again for Haunt), and I never hear of friends from school going to IB, and some go to HW. If Indianapolis had a major park (I'm thinking a park about Worlds of Fun size would be perfect) than it'd attract people from Indy (all of Indy's suburbs), and other cities like Terra Haute, Bloomington, Columbus IN, Kokomo, Lafayette, ect...
  15. This was very random, I haven't even heard rumors of a new 11' coaster for Heide and all the sudden out of no where theres track! I'm kinda upset it's a dive machine, I was hoping for a flyer even though I'm not a big fan of them. This is still really exciting news, I can't wait to see what the layout is like! I hope some theme is involved too!
  16. Best: Mindbender- Loop into tunnel into turn into brakes! Flight of Fear- Awesome hangtime Cornball Express- Best moment of airtime ever into lateral filled turn! Beast- Only good part of the ride... Whizzer- Low to the ground helix of death!!! Patriot- The transition from the helix to the brakes provides amazing airtime! Prowler- Triple down until crazy turns! Dahlonega Mine Train/Carolina Goldrush- Scary airtime drop! Montu- Trenches! Nighthawk/Firehawk- Zero-gravity roll Tony Hawk's Big Spin/Spinning Dragons- Airtime into tight helix Legend- Four corners! Mystery Mine- HANGTIME! Worst: Adventure Express- You will pay... Racer- Lets waste a couple hundred feet of track that could be used for airtime and make it a mile long brake run.. Magnum- The random high turns after the brakes make me lol Gemini- Ouch GASM(SFOG)- SLAM into the brakes SheiKra/Diamondback- Oooooo water!!! Voyage- Best coaster ever but the ending kinda hurts Mad Mouse(MA)- WTF Galaxi(IB)-WTF Boss- Hills with no airtime All I can think of as of now...
  17. Wow, thank you so much for posting these amazing photos! I especially loved the 92' KD ones! Those Drachen Fire ones are extremely rare too! Do you have more photos?
  18. I'd say it's better than like 90% of coasters! Seriously, if I could put it in my top 10 coasters, it'd be in there for sure!
  19. You sure? I've only been to KD once and that was I305's opening day, but as of then Hypersonic was sitting in the field behind Grizzly.
  20. Hey if someone could, could someone post the schedule of what parks TPR will be at on each day? If they come to one near me, I may try to visit the same day. Anyways, I ♥♥♥♥♥ Prowler!!!! I still have yet to go to Adventure Land, that'll probably be part of when I visit MoA and Valley Fair!.
  21. EVERY drop on Cornball Express The triple part of the triple down on Voyage Raven's 5th. drop in the back seat Maverick's 95º in the backseat Almost any drop on Evel Knievel in the back seat Boss's double down EVERY drop on Shivering Timbers Back seat on Georgia Cyclone... wow Back row of Mystery Mine, the drop with the flames The drops on Deja Vu The transition (it includes a small drop) on Patriot from the last helix to the brake run, sit in the left side of any row... It's awesome The double down on Viper (SFGAm) First drop in the back seat on just about any Arrow looper (especially Vortex) SheiKra in the back seat Any drop tower (even frog hoppers, those things are fun!) Thats the ones that come to mind
  22. I haven't experiences it in it's new form (new trims and new OTSRs) but I rode it 5 times on it's opening day and greyed out each time. Pretty much what it feels like is everything is a blur and you lose your vision and all you see is black. Than once you would feel yourself fly out of your seat from the airtime on the second hill, you all the sudden got your vision back. Even with the old restraints I didn't hit my head once and it ranks as my #1 steel coaster!
  23. When I saw it on Travel Channel I wanted to ride it really bad! If the ride does re-open I will still ride it when ever I go to the Dells. I just hope that girl is okay, the fact that she was bleeding from her eyes makes it seem really bad... And thanks to the moderator who edited the post to include a quote, I forgot to do that!
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