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  1. At first I wasn't too excited about the idea of a dive machine, but assuming the proposal from the news paper is true, I definitely am very excited! Just for fun I drew up (on paint) a fake layout. Basically in my renderings the theater and both car rides are removed (Dorney Park gets the old car rides of course.) Calypso is relocated to make room for the coaster's queue and station. It is relocated to where the skyride plaza and marina entrance meet up. The area around the queue and station is remodeled in ordinary CF style, which includes lockers, gift shop, and a food stand. The coaster departs the station and makes a 180 degree turn to the right. It then climbs the 233' lift hill at as steep angle. Once to the top it then makes a turn to the right where a holding break teases rides looking straight down into a tunnel which travels under the marina entrance. The coaster reaches its top speed of 80mph right before flying through a large immelman loop. Next, the train soars back down towards the ground right before entering a 360 degree overbanked turn (similar to Sheikra.) From there you now enter the midcourse brakes. Next is a second 90 degree drop the dives under a splash pool which teases the riders into thinking they're going under water. After the tunnel you encounter a second inversion this time a diving loop. After that the track twists its way through an overbanked turn to the left which ends up flipping riders upside down and then through a downwards spiral to the right. The rides grand finale is speeding through a splash pond where onlookers get the chance to interact with the ride by getting soaked by the trains massive splash. After that the train heavily banks and turns to the left low to the ground. Next are a few airtime hills with slight banking right before entering the final brakerun.
  2. The POV video of Witches Wheel made me think of what the future of Cedar Point holds. I understand the season is only half over and we should all just enjoy Gatekeeper, but I like to speculate of what may be next. With Gatekeeper, CP refreshed the park entrance and the area surrounding GK. With Maverick/Skyhawk/Shoot The Raids, they updated the Frontier and Frontier Trail areas. One area of Cedar Point that it the most bland and outdated is the Gemini plaza. I think in the next few years we will see a new attraction or two be placed in the nearby area between Magnum-XL200 and Gemini. That area only features a few major rides. I could see the smaller rides such as the Frog Hop and Bumper Boats being relocated to the kids area, or just removing them entirely.
  3. The ride looks as if they just gave up during design. It should have gone on a little bit longer. Don't mind the horrible editing, but here is how I think they should have finished off the ride.
  4. Looks like everything is progressing very fast! A little selfish of me to say, but I am disappointed on the fact the grand re-opening is on June 8th. I will be in Orlando from the 2nd-8th. of June. Maybe there will be a soft opening, or I will have a little time before my flight back to IND.
  5. Silver Dollar City and Dollywood! They have some of the same rides, and the same management, but combined together would produce a great atmosphere with a big collection of amazing roller coasters! 1.Thunderhead 2.Mystery Mine 3.Wild Eagle 4.Tennesee Tornado 5.Blazing Fury 6.Thunderation 7.Wild Fire 8.Outlaw Run 9.Powder Keg 10. Grand Exposition Coaster 11. Veggie Tale's Coaster
  6. If Memphis and Nashville weren't so far apart (3 hours) a park could be built in the middle attracting both metros. I do agree that Nashville is a great city for a park (unlike Memphis which is not as thriving.) I still think Indianapolis is overdue for a theme park!
  7. S&S: Your Space Shots and other tower rides are very popular, but are there any plans to innovate them? Intamin recently changed the restraint system for it's drop towers, can we expect you to do the same?
  8. Intamin: Are Megalites just not ideal for American parks, or is there another reason as to why none have been built here yet?
  9. Just last Saturday Kings Island posted this on facebook: "The Vortex gave 1,120,052 rides during its 25th anniversary season in 2012, fourth-most in the park." The three rides at KI that had more riders were: Diamondback- 1.8m, Racer- 1.4m, and Beast- 1.4m. Vortex is a very popular ride. Eventually it will be removed from Kings Island, but not anytime soon. Anaconda on the other hand I could see leaving soon. I don't know the numbers, but I'd assume it was one of the lowest ridden major rides at Kings Dominion.
  10. For over a year now I have been sketching ideas for an amusement park planned in Indianapolis. I am wanting to design logos, but I can never think of a good name. There are multiple themes, but overall the park gives off a modern vibe. It is very innovative, green, and contemporary. There is a Cartoon Network themed kids area, an area themed to nearby Brown County (think Dollywood), a water park, and the main area which has no themes. I really want a name that is unique but fitting. No over-used roller coaster tycoon type names. And also not something completely random like "Westchester Hills."
  11. Son of Beast demolition started two days ago. Today Greg Scheid (GM of KI) tweeted a few photos of it being removed. http://twitter.com/KIGMGREG/status/249526218230226944/photo/1 2000-2012 RIP Son of Beast
  12. The reason everything is so far apart in Soak City is because power lines run straight through the middle. Bad planning on their part.
  13. Hmm... That is clearly a park map pre-2009 (That is where Prowler now stands.) I have only been to WoF once, therefore I am not too familiar with everything, but maybe those slides that were taken down for Prowler are re-opening in Oceans of Fun?
  14. My home park, Kings Island has many. -The path going from Kings Island Theater to Invertigo: Very hidden, shaded, and a great short cut to Invertigo. -Basically anywhere underneath/behind the Eiffle Tower (Starlight Experience area): Very pretty area, especially before Diamondback and Backlot were built. -Tower Gardens: Very tranquil area of the park, now it is a smoking section unfortunately... -Not very hidden, but Oktoberfest is always empty. Plus there are a ton of trees and a lake! At Six Flags Over Georgia I always loved the area near Acrophobia. It is usually not nearly as busy compare to the rest of the park. And of course there are the plant tunnels and beautiful landscaping! Also the path connection Cotton State and the Spanish Fort area is one of my favorites. Basically for the same reasons mentioned above.
  15. As seen in this video, the lights change to all types of colors! This looks great, more parks should do it!
  16. I think a smaller Starflyer (150' or less) would be ideal. SFMM could use a few more family rides, a small Starflyer would be perfect! And also, what if this isn't a Starflyer. When I saw the photos, I first thought it could be a slingshot? It would be a little odd place a slingshot in Thrillshot's place, with both being very similar, but who knows?
  17. Great report, it makes me miss this park. I visited two years ago and loved it. Yes its small, doesn't have the biggest collection of rides, and is far from anything, but Shivering Timbers alone is worth the drive! As you can see in my signature, it is my #2 woodie. Great amounts of airtime! Honestly if the ride were in a heavily wooded area and had some tunnels, I may like it more than Voyage! May...
  18. My guesses for 2013 additions: Cedar Point: B&M Wingrider California's Great America: GCI Worlds of Fun: Windseeker and Dinosaur's Alive Valley Fair: Dinosaur's Alive Canada's Wonderland: Soak City retheme Kings Dominion: Soak City retheme Carowinds: Soak City retheme Dorney Park: nothing major Kings Island: nothing major Michigan's Adventure: nothing major Knotts Berry Farm: nothing major
  19. Really, July 7th? That is the middle of the summer. Especially after last year with Green Lantern, why do they wait til' April to even start construction? Not trying to say CF > SF, but Cedar Fair always starts construction very early. And the pros of that is that ride almost always open the same day the park does for the year. By almost always I mean with the exception of Maverick, Windseekers, and Shoot the Rapids. Either Six Flags needs to hire a new company to construct their rides (Adena does CF's), or start construction much earlier like every other place does...
  20. Great PTR, I have yet to make it up there this year. As everyone else has said, it's sad to see how the park has gone so downhill. My first visit was in 08' and I loved it! Everything was running great, it was a vibrant place full of energy, and it had more of a nostalgic boardwalk feel to it rather than a ghetto carnival. To me it seems like everyone involved with the park stopped caring. I could have sworn Indiana Beach announced that the Yo-Yo was going to be relocated back to it's famous over-the-water spot? Yet it is still in the parking lot. And even worst, Falling Star is still in pieces like it was last year... I really hope this park gets it shit together, but if not I guess its only a better reason as to why Indianapolis should have it's own theme park.
  21. ^ Being a Thursday, crowds are moderate. You can easily ride just about everything (important) without a Fastpass. If you get the Fastpass, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You can ride anything in any order as much as you want. If you have time, check out the new Soak City! Especially with the high being 93ยบ!
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